This Week in Lottery: Winner Gets Busted, Aussie Wins Big, and More

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: July 1, 2018
[h2 display=”Mystery Aussie Wins AU$50M” menu=”Aussie Wins AU$50M”] It’s confirmed that only two ticket holders came out as winners of the September 21, 2017 draw of the Australia Powerball. One winner—a Melbourne grandmother—has already been verified by lottery officials, while the other still remains a mystery. If you’re from New South Wales, better check your tickets! You might just be the second winner of the AU$50 million jackpot—which means you might be taking home AU$25 million. The winning numbers were 26-17-2-10-25-23 and 5 as the Powerball. [h2 display=”Grand Junction Resident Becomes Biggest State Winner” menu=”Colorado Resident Wins Big”] For the past 30 years, Judy Finchum, a resident of Grand Junction, Colorado, would religiously play the same numbers in the US Powerball lottery, week after week. However, it wasn’t until the September 16, 2017 draw that her efforts had paid off. Mrs. Finchum is now the sole winner of a $133.2 million US Powerball jackpot, making her the biggest winner in the history of Colorado. Judy and her husband, Mac, have decided to go for the lump sum payout option, which means she will take home $66 million, after taxes. On top of planning to retire with her husband, Judy also wants to use the money for repairing—or replacing—her husband’s pickup truck. More notably, she is also looking to donate a portion of her winnings to victims of the recent hurricanes and wildfires. [h2 display=”US Powerball Jackpot Resets” menu=”Powerball Jackpot Resets”] After Saturday’s big win, the US Powerball jackpot has been reset. The pot for last Wednesday’s drawing? $40 million. That means, for this Saturday’s drawing, the current top prize will be $53 million—with the lump sum option going for $33.7 million. [h2 display=”Results for Wednesday’s Powerball Draw” menu=”Powerball Results”] Speaking of the US Powerball draw last Wednesday, the winning numbers were 39-48-53-67-68, with 26 as the Powerball, and 3 as the Power Play number. No one won the jackpot, but several players won lower-tier prizes:
  • An Indiana resident matched all 5 numbers during the draw, which netted him the $1 million second-tier prize. Had the player activate the Power Play, they would have walked away with $2 million, instead.
  • Two Michigan players won $300, the biggest among the 13,319 to win in the state.
  • In total, the Wednesday draw produced 448,911 winners of at least $4 each.
[h2 display=”Powerball Winner Busted for Sexual Assault” menu=”Powerball Winner Busted”] Pedro Quezada, the $338 million Powerball winner back in 2013, was recently charged Wednesday for sexually assault and endangering a minor. The child was between 11 and 14 at the time. If convicted, the 49-year old could face up to two decades—or 20 years—in prison. His first court appearance was scheduled last Wednesday. At the time of his big win some four years ago, Quezada said that his “life has changed,” but that the money will “not change my heart.” However, soon after his big win, Quezada was accused by his neighbors of reneging on his promise to pay their rent should he win the jackpot. Also, soon after buying a home in Clifton, a contractor sued him for not paying for the renovations he had done. [h2 display=”St. Louis Man Latest Mega Millionaire” menu=”St. Louis Man Wins $1M”] Gregory Green, a resident of St. Louis, Missouri, is the confirmed winner of the second-tier prize from the September 1 draw of Mega Millions. The winning numbers were 4-13-31-50-64 with 12 as the Mega Ball and 5 as the Megaplier. Green matched five of the main numbers—making him the seventh in the state to win $1 million from a Match 5 since 2013. [h2 display=”Latest Mega Millions Winning Numbers” menu=”Mega Millions Results”] Speaking of winning Mega Millions, YOU might just be the next millionaire. Better check your tickets because the latest numbers have been drawn last Tuesday evening. The winning numbers were: 09-28-31-50-61, with 10 as the Mega Ball and 2 as the Megaplier. The estimated jackpot is $94 million. [h2 display=”Tiny Island Resident Wins Big” menu=”Bere Islander Wins Big”] While the September 19, 2017 Euromillions Plus draw—a game played only in Ireland as a companion game of sorts to the main Euromillions lottery—didn’t produce any jackpot winners, a Quick Pick ticket did win big. The winning ticket has been traced to Bere Island, a tiny island in west Cork. While no one has yet to come forward to make a claim, the small isle is nevertheless celebrating the win. According to Mary Murphy, owner of the post office where the winning ticket was purchased, nothing of this sort had ever happened on their tiny community before—so spirits are at an all-time high. If you live on Bere Island and purchased a Quick Pick ticket for the Euromillions Plus, you might want to check your numbers again. The winning numbers were: 5-10-41-43-44. Awaiting the winner is €500,000.

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