Fantasy 5 – California Lottery

By Kate Loyola
Last Updated: December 9, 2018

The Fantasy 5 offers better odds and daily draws, perfect for avid lottery players. You only need to choose 5 numbers, each from 1 to 39. If all your numbers match the ones selected during the draw, you win the jackpot.

Quick California Fantasy 5 Facts

  • Daily Draws: The California Fantasy 5 lottery is played daily—which means you have more chances to win per week.
  • Easy Mechanics: California Fantasy 5’s mechanics are dead simple, even lottery neophytes will find it easy to learn.
  • Very Good Odds: Compared to other lottery games, California Fantasy 5’s odds are quite favorable.
  • Small Prizes: Don’t expect astronomical prizes here. That said, jackpots do carry over to the next when no one wins a drawing.

California Fantasy 5 Odds of Winning

Numbers MatchedOdds of Winning
51 in 575,757
41 in 3,387
31 in 103
21 in 10


Odds of Winning1 in 9

California Fantasy 5 Drawing Schedule

Fantasy 5 draws are held every day at 6:30 PM PST. The draw comes immediately after ticket sales close, so you have until 6:29 PM PST to buy eligible entries.

California Fantasy 5 Payout

Fantasy 5 games start with a minimum jackpot of $50,000. The amount grows every time nobody wins the jackpot. Other prize tiers depend on ticket sales for the draw, so the amount you could win varies from day to day.

California Fantasy 5 Numbers and Results

You can find the latest Fantasy 5 results and past winning numbers at:

California Lottery – Fantasy 5

California Fantasy 5 Second Chance

The California Lottery runs weekly second chance draws for non-winning Fantasy 5 tickets. Each draw offers:

  • 3 prizes worth $15,000 each
  • 12 prizes worth $1,000 each

You’ll get a Second Chance code printed onto your Fantasy 5 ticket if you spend $5 or more for the transaction. You can submit this code online through the California Lottery website to enter the draw.