SuperLotto Plus – California Lottery

By Kate Loyola
Last Updated: June 18, 2019

SuperLotto Plus Results and Winning Numbers - California Lottery (CA)

SuperLotto Plus Results

Mega Ball: 13
Draw Date: 26 Jun 2019

SuperLotto Plus Results

Mega Ball: 13
Draw Date: 26 Jun 2019

SuperLotto Plus Results

Mega Ball: 24
Draw Date: 22 Jun 2019

SuperLotto Plus is California’s biggest state lottery game. Players must pick 5 numbers from 1 to 47 as well as a MEGA number from 1 to 27. To win the jackpot, you have to match all 6 winning numbers drawn — a 1 in 42 million chance. Your chances of winning any kind of prize, though, are considerably better at around 1 in 23.

You can also enter non-winning tickets into the weekly SuplerLotto Plus Second Chance draw.

SuperLotto Plus Quick Facts

  • Bi-Weekly Draws: SuperLotto Plus gives you more chances to win weekly as draws are held twice—every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Rollover Lottery: SuperLotto Plus jackpots grow and rolls over to the next drawing when no one wins in the current draw.
  • Big Minimum Jackpot: Jackpots start at $7,000,000.
  • Odds of Winning: The odds of winning a SuperLotto Plus jackpot are pretty good—especially when compared to bigger lottery games.
  • More Chances of Winning: The SuperLotto Plus’ unique 2nd Chance feature offers every player the chance to win more prizes.

California SuperLotto Plus Odds of Winning

Numbers MatchedOdds of Winning
5 + 11 in 41,416,353
5 + 01 in 1,592,937
4 + 11 in 197,221
4 + 01 in 7,585
3 + 11 in 4,810
3 + 01 in 185
2 + 11 in 361
1 + 11 in 74
0 + 11 in 49


Odds of Winning any Prize1 in 23

California SuperLotto Plus Drawing Schedule

SuperLotto Plus draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:57 PM PST. You have until 7:45 PM on the day of the draw to buy eligible tickets.

California SuperLotto Plus Payout

The SuperLotto Plus starts with a jackpot of $7 million, which rolls over when nobody wins. The rest of the prize tiers vary depending on ticket sales.

The Biggest SuperLotto Plus Winners

Here are some of the most notable SuperLotto Plus winners so far:

  • $315 million: On November 2005, one winning ticket won the $315,000,000 jackpot. The ticket, however, was purchased by seven people, so they had to split the jackpot among them.
  • $193 million: On February 16, 2002, three people won the $193,000,000 jackpot—which was the result of 11 rollovers—and walked home with approximately $32.1 million each (after taxes).
  • $141 million: On June 23, 2001, Alcario Castellano, won the $141,000,000 jackpot—making him the current SuperLotto Plus record holder for the biggest individual win. After taxes, he walked home with $42.3 million.
  • $118.8 million: In April 17, 1991, 54 individual winners won the $118,800,000 jackpot. After taxes, they each took home approximately $2.2 million.

California SuperLotto Plus Second Chance

The California Lottery runs weekly second chance draws for non-winning SuperLotto Plus tickets. Each draw offers 5 prizes worth $15,000 each.

Every SuperLotto Plus ticket comes with a Second Chance code. You can submit this code online through the California Lottery website to enter the draw. You get 1 entry for every $1 you spent on SuperLotto Plus tickets.

California SuperLotto Plus App

The California Lottery offers convenient iOS and Android apps. While you can’t buy lottery tickets through your mobile phone, you can still use the app to keep up with your SuperLotto Plus games.

You can:

  • Scan your tickets to check if you’ve won
  • Scan non-winning tickets to enter second chance games
  • Track your second chance game codes
  • Check winning numbers and jackpots for SuperLotto Plus
  • Search for your closest retailers through an interactive map