Rolling Cash 5 – Ohio Lottery

By Kate Loyola
Last Updated: December 9, 2018

Ohio’s Rolling Cash 5 holds daily draws, with a starting jackpot of $100,000. The prize rolls over every day until somebody wins, though the rollover amount depends on ticket sales for the day.

To play Rolling Cash 5, pick 5 numbers from 1-39. You need to match all 5 draw numbers to hit the jackpot.

Ohio Rolling Cash 5 Drawing Schedule

Rolling Cash 5 draws are held every day at 7:05 PM Eastern Time.. You can buy eligible tickets up until 7 PM of the day of the drawing.

Ohio Rolling Cash 5 Payout and Odds of Winning

The Ohio Rolling Cash 5 prize starts at $100,000 and increases by at least $10,000 each rollover. Prizes are paid out in lump sums, even the jackpot.

5 out of 5Jackpot1 in 575,757
4 out of 5$3001 in 3,387
3 out of 5$101 in 103
2 out of 5$11 in 10

Ohio Rolling Cash 5 Numbers and Results

You can find the latest Rolling Cash 5 results and past winning numbers at:

Ohio Lottery – Rolling Cash 5