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Lottery Results Updated On:13 Jul 2020 (GMT)
Australia Lottery Results and Winning Numbers
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Saturday Lotto
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We have more than just results and winning numbers for you. Learn more about all the major Australian lotteries in the sections below.

About the Lottery in Australia

Australian Lotteries

There are two main lottery operators Australia:

  • Lotterywest, which is government-owned and operates lotteries exclusively in Western Australia.
  • Tatts Group Limited, which is privately owned and has different operators for each region. Collectively, the following fall under one mega brand called The Lott.
    • Tatts Lottery, which operates lotteries in Victoria, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory.
    • Golden Casket, which operates lotteries exclusively in Queensland.
    • NSW Lotteries, which operates lotteries in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.
    • SA Lotteries, which operates lotteries exclusively in South Australia.

The above are all members of the Australian Lottery Bloc, an interstate lottery organization that promotes, conducts, and regulates various lottery games for national syndication. These Australian lotteries include: Powerball Australia, Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto, and so on.

As far as official draws and winning numbers, they are the same across each region. Additionally, each operator has other games of chance unique to their assigned jurisdiction, including smaller lotto draws and instant win games.

List of Games

Powerball Australia

Australia's version of Powerball was launched in 1996 and started off as having a similar set of rules to its American counterpart. In April 2018, however, the game introduced a seventh regular ball, which resulted in better overall odds, but a longer shot at winning the jackpot.

The jackpot, called the first division prize, starts at A$3 million and grows every week until it's won. Just match all 7 of your regular numbers (1 to 35) plus the Powerball (1 to 20) with the official draw to take home the grand prize.

Powerball Australia has draws every Thursday evening.

Oz Lotto

With a minimum rolling jackpot of A$2 million, Oz Lotto is another weekly game that's worth checking out. It features a traditional 7/45 matrix, so the rules are super simple. All you have to do is choose 7 numbers from 1 to 45, and if you match all of your picks with the official draw, you take home the jackpot!

Oz Lotto has draws every Tuesday evening.

Saturday Lotto with Superdraw

Marketed under different names – Tattslotto, Gold Lotto, X Lotto, or simply, Saturday Lotto – depending on the region, Australia's Lotto is one game you shouldn't miss out on.

To play the base game, just pick 6 numbers from 1 to 45. Every draw, 6 winning numbers are drawn, plus 2 supplementary numbers. If your picks match all 6 of the draw's winning numbers, you win the grand prize. The 2 supplementary numbers are used to determine secondary prize winners.

The first division prize starts at A$4 million shared between multiple winners. Jackpots can rollover, but rarely do so. A few times a year, the jackpot shoots to A$20 million, which is called a Superdraw.

Saturday Lotto draws take place every Saturday evening.

Monday and Wednesday Lotto

Also known as X Lotto in South Australia, Monday and Wednesday Lotto gives players the chance to become a millionaire two times every week!

The rules are practically identical to Saturday Lotto's, except the first division prize is a fixed A$1 million for four winners maximum.

Monday and Wednesday Lotto has draws every Monday and Wednesday evening.

Set for Life Australia

The most recent additional to Australia's national lineup of lotteries, Set for Life was introduced back in August 2015 and gives players the chance to win up to A$20,000 every week for 20 years!

To play, just pick 8 numbers from 1 to 37. Every draw, 8 winning numbers are drawn, plus two additional bonus numbers. To win the jackpot, your 8 numbers have to match first 8 numbers. Matching fewer winning numbers and the bonus numbers can earn you secondary prizes.

Set for Life has draws every evening.

Australia Lotto Games and Schedule

Powerball Thursday
Oz Lotto Tuesday
Saturday Lotto Saturday
Monday and Wednesday Lotto Monday and Wednesday
Set for Life Every day

Draw closing schedules can vary per game for every region. Check with your local lottery operator to find specific cut-off times.

Instant Win Games,  Scratch'n'Win and Scratch-It Tickets

Australia Scratchies

Both Lotterywest and Tatts offer instant win tickets at various price points. These tickets cost between A$1 to A$20 for both operators. The top prize for some Tatts instant games reach A$1 million, while it maximum is A$300,000 for Lotterywest's selection.

However, Lotterywest does also have cars, travel packages, and other awesome prizes up for grabs.

Second Chances

Similarly, both lottery operators also let players submit their non-winning Scratch'n'Win or Scratch-It tickets in promotional second chance drawings.

To play, the easiest way is to go to the operator's official website, create a player account if you don't already have one, and just look for the second chance promotions page. You can also check out our article about second chance drawings if you'd like to learn more.

Australian Lotto Winners

Australian lotteries have handed out billions in prizes over the years. In 2018 alone, The Lott awarded more than A$2.7 billion in prizes to its players.

Here are a few stories of some notable wins from Australian lottery history:

  • A$110 million, the current record for Australia's biggest lottery jackpot. Split between three winning tickets, amounting to about A$36.6 million each. This was for Powerball draw 1209, which took place last July 18, 2019. The winning tickets were purchased in Adelaide, Victoria, and New South Wales.
  • A$107 million, currently the largest prize taken home by a single winner. This was won by anonymous Sydney woman in her 40s. When asked about what she would do with the money, she said she planned to give a good chunk of it to family and loved ones, as well as some charitable organizations of her choice.
  • Melbourne blue-collar worker won the jackpot twice. He won 2/3 of the A$70 million jackpot, or A$46 million, for Oz Lotto draw 1310 on March 26, 2019. Apparently, the lucky man purchased two tickets with the same winning numbers. The other third of the jackpot was won by another mystery winner from Hobart.
  • Bill Morgan, the luckiest man alive. And to round out this list of notable winners, we think the story of the man who died and came back to life to win the lottery two times deserves a mention. Read our story on Bill Morgan and the twist of fate that lead him to winning the lottery live on Australian television.

Can lottery winners stay anonymous in Australia?

Yes. Australian lottery winners have the option to keep their anonymity even after claiming their prize.

Lottery Information

Odds of Winning Australian Lotto

Take a look at the table below to see which Australian lottery has the best odds.

Odds of Winning First Division Overall Odds of Winning
Powerball 1 in 134,490,400 1 in 44
Oz Lotto 1 in 45,379,620 1 in 55
Lotto 1 in 8,145,060 1 in 85
Set for Life 1 in 38,608,020 1 in 59

Lottery Tickets and Age Restrictions

The minimum playing age in Western Australia is 16. For other regions, the minimum is 18.

Tickets can be purchased from any authorized lottery retailer or agent. Online tickets are also available for purchase. Proceed to the respective operator's website to start playing online.

Can international players play Australian lotteries online?

Players need a verified Australian address to create an online player account. If you are from Australia, but currently overseas, you might not be able to play online.

However, you can use the services of a third-party agent like theLotter to get around this restriction. They'll help you purchase lottery tickets from Australia and other parts of the world.

Lottery Taxes

Lottery winnings are not taxable in Australia. However, winners from overseas may have to pay taxes when claiming their prize.

Prize Claiming

For Tatts/The Lott

  • Smaller prizes can be claimed from any Tatts retail outlet or head office. Web and app players will automatically receive their winnings through their player's account.
  • Larger prizes including first division prizes are subject to a 2-week verification period.
  • Prizes can also be claimed by post or mail.

Prize claiming periods vary for each territory in The Lott's jurisdiction:

Territory Prize Claim Period
Queensland 7 years
New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory 6 years
Victoria 6 months
Tasmania 6 months
Northern Territory 3 years
South Australia 12 months

For Lotterywest

  • Prizes up to A$500: Can be claimed from any Lotterywest store. Online, self-serve kiosk or app players will have their winnings paid directly into their e-wallet or nominated financial account.
  • Prizes over A$500: Can be claimed from the Lotterywest head office or their payout center in Perth. Online, self-serve kiosk or app players will have their winnings paid directly into their e-wallet or nominated financial account.
  • First division prizes: Can be claimed from the Lotterywest head office. There is a 14 day validation period.

Lotterywest prizes must be claimed within 12 months after the relevant draw, or for instant games, 12 months after the last ticket has been sold.

Prizes can only be claimed within the jurisdiction the ticket was originally purchased.

And as always, if you won with a physical ticket, remember to sign the back right away!

Contact Details

Customer Support


  • Telephone: 133 777
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Post: Locked Bag 66, Subiaco WA 6904
  • Head Office: 38 Station Street, Subiaco WA 6008

The Lott

  • Telephone: 131 868
  • Online Email Form
  • Post: The Lott, Locked Bag 7, Coorparoo DC QLD 4151
  • Head Offices:
    • Tatts: 5 Bowen Crescent, Melbourne VIC
    • Golded Casket: 87 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba QLD
    • NSW Lotteries: 1 Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park NSW
    • SA Lotteries: 188 Richmond Road, Marleston SA

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