Lottery Prediction Tools: Do They Work?

Last Update: July 11, 2018
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Written by Nicholas Christensen

One quick Google search for lottery tools and you’ll be showered with a myriad of lottery tools – some offering analysis and strategies, while others claim that they can help you win this game of chance through a proven system that can spell out the winning numbers with a few clicks. Do these lottery prediction tools actually work? Let’s find out!

Before we delve deeper into lottery prediction tools, let’s have a quick review on how exactly the lottery determines its winning numbers. While different lotto games have a variety on their format- like how many numbers you will chose and the range of numbers available (i.e. 6/42, 6/59), most of them have the same drawing procedure, where they make use of draw machines and numbered balls. The balls are shuffled inside the machine, then a small opening allows for one ball to pass through, making it the drawn number. Some lotteries have multiple draw machines for the game, and use a random generator program to pick which machine will be used for the specific draw.

Multiple lottery machines are sometimes used to draw winning numbers

Multiple lottery machines are sometimes used to draw winning numbers.

To ensure the fairness and randomness of the draws, strict guidelines and procedures are followed. The draw room is usually under heavy security at all times, where only official representatives are allowed to enter. The equipment used are tested and certified prior to use; the balls are weighed before and after each draw to ensure that no form of tampering takes place. Last but not the least, a representative from a regulating body is present during the draw to ensure that all standard procedures are followed to the letter.

With all these check and balance processes in place to prevent any game rigging within the game, and more importantly, to uphold randomness in drawing each number, is there really a pattern that can be identified, or a code that can be cracked by a software? Let’s look at some of these tools one by one and see how they supposedly come up with their predictions.

Lotto Logic Pro is a prediction software that should work with all kinds of lottery games, no matter what the format is – it can be configured to fit over 95% of lotteries worldwide. The software basically works by generating “smart numbers” from the range finder, which picks the numbers based on the statistics from the entire database of the previous draws.

Lotto Pro works the same way- by analyzing previous drawings and giving a recommendation based on the statistics. They classify numbers into 4 groups- hot, which are recurrent numbers; prior, which are the numbers from the latest draw; cold, which are less recurring numbers; and due, which are numbers that rarely appear.

Lottery Picker claims to use a Smart Picker technology to generate numbers exclusively for Powerball and Mega Millions. This software also uses statistical information from past lottery drawings, and claims that while the numbers are randomly drawn, repeating patterns can be recognized from the past.

While having the same system – analyzing past winnings to predict the next draw, Lot Win gives users more control with filters to help narrow down the combinations. By doing so, the software mixes their prediction system with a player’s intuition on the numbers that they feel are lucky.

Smart Lottery Wheel is similar to Lot Win, but adds hot numbers, previously drawn numbers, cold numbers, and overdue numbers into the mix. They also factor in other important figures like budget and number of tickets in their recommendation.

On the other hand, Lottery Numbers Pro is like a hot pot of all the previously mentioned tools, generating all possible combinations, best number combinations, and custom combinations for lottery games. Their prices also depend on the type of combination chosen, so they are cheaper than most lottery system software.

Offering a mix of different prediction tools, Beat Lottery offers different predictions based on hot numbers, high probability combinations, and other winning patterns. They claim that their system can be used for Euromillions, Thunderball, Health Lottery, and Irish Lotto.

Lotto Prediction offers a variety of prediction tools – advanced predictions, user predictions, wisdom of crowd predictions, and algorithm predictions. Advanced lottery predictions uses the past winning numbers mixed with a certain algorithm to generate numbers; User predictions tracks the numbers chosen by the community and identifies which users are accurate; wisdom of crowd is similar to the previous tool, except that it identifies the most picked numbers by the group; and lastly, algorithm predictions do not factor any human data into the computation, relying solely on Bayesian Network and Neural Network algorithms.

Despite having luck in its name, Smart Luck does away with the concept, claiming that one mistake players make is choosing numbers related to birth dates, anniversaries, and ages. Their computation works by identifying the lowest and highest possible total from the combination format. They then factor in the frequency from previous draws to determine which sum range the winning numbers usually fall into.

Lotto Guy claims that its system was developed from a major class project from a popular university. The analysis supposedly increases your chances of winning by 30% through an analysis of winning number combination for 5 years. It only works with games where you pick 5 to 7 numbers.

Doing away with software downloads, Win Slips is available online as a web application, and uses two of their systems to predict numbers- the One Ticket and Inverted Lottery Systems. They don’t really give a lot of explanation as to how the former works; as for the latter, it utilizes a number reduction system that minimizes the pool of numbers for a game, increasing the chances that the winning combination is picked.

Lucky Days takes your birthdate into consideration and uses astrology to determine the days where you are most lucky; therefore, playing on these dates increases the chances of your numbers being drawn, as they claim. Their process is a little hard to grasp, especially since the presentation of data is difficult to understand.

There are also numerous lottery prediction software that tries to explain their process, but falls short; or plainly does not offer any explanation at all. One example of the former is Lotto Trix – they make use of a wheeling system, which is easy to understand. But their explanation is based on the assumption that the first and second number drawn will match the numbers that you have chosen, which doesn’t make much sense since any number within the range can be drawn.

Meanwhile, Formula 1 Lotto, Lottery Destroyer, Lottery Dominator, Lotto Master Formula, and Lazy Jet Cat are a few lottery prediction tools that do not give any sort of explanation on how their system works. You will be showered with testimonials from users attesting to the tool’s effectiveness, success stories from users that supposedly won the lottery after using the system, and other enticing statements prompting you to buy or subscribe to their software. But if you look deeper into their website, you won’t find any effort to make you understand how their process presumably works.

When you take into consideration the steps that each lottery organization take to ensure the randomness of the numbers drawn, it is highly unlikely that any software can predict the winning numbers of the lottery – unless they can predict the future, and accurately at that. Aside from the lottery’s own standards, there are regulating bodies that ensure that the numbers are drawn randomly, so it is really quite impossible for one software, let alone multiple systems, predict the draw.

Without a concrete process and proof of these tools, it is hard to put your faith- and your money- into a software which cannot guarantee any advantage. Besides, if someone has cracked the code of the lottery, it wouldn’t make sense for them to share the knowledge to anyone else – it is more likely that they would use the system to gain their own advantage and win millions.

For now, a software that can generate the numbers which can change your life is simply wishful thinking.

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