Chile Loto Results, Jackpots, & Fun Facts!

By Milo Cruz
Lottery Results Updated On:13 Jul 2020 (GMT)

Chile Loto Results

For the official results of all lottery games in Chile, please proceed to the official Polla Chilena website.

About Polla Chilena

Polla Chilena

Pollo Chilena is the national lottery operator in the Republic of Chile.

With its origins dating all the way back to June 6, 1934, Polla Chilena de Beneficencia is one of the oldest modern lotteries that exist today. The company was incorporated in 1990, and is currently owned by CORFO, a government-owned organization responsible for promoting economic growth, and the country's national treasury.

On top of providing the public with number draw games and cash prizes, Pollo Chilena also raises money to help a number of beneficiaries in different areas of society. Some of these areas include public healthcare, security and infrastructure, social welfare, and sports – just to name a few.

Every year, the company is able to make over $100 million in sales, and contributes about half of that amount toward good causes that benefit all citizens of Chile.

List of Chilean Lotteries

Below are a list of the different draw games available in Chile. You won't find astoundingly large jackpots here, but the games are all pretty rewarding and have a decent odds of winning.

  • Chile Loto: Uses a traditional 6/41 matrix, and lets players enter optional bonus draws for multiple chances of winning. The top prize is $3000.
  • Racha: To play Racha, you must pick 10 numbers from 1 to 20. If you match all 10 or none, you can win up to $6 million.
  • Boleto: Chilean sweepstakes raffle with millions in prizes for the taking.

Chile Lotto Draw Times and Schedule

Loto Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 9:00 PM
Racha Two Times Daily 3:00 PM and 10:00 PM
Boleto Every Other Monday 2:00 PM

Lottery Information

Tickets and Age Restrictions

You can play Chile Classic Loto, Racha, and other games at any authorized sales agent in the country. Online play is also an option. Go to to buy tickets for any of their draw games. You can also participate in sports betting or win instant prizes with virtual cash games.

Like in most countries, the minimum gambling age in Chile is 18.

Can lottery winners in Chile stay anonymous?

Yes. Lottery wins in Chile are not publicized and winners' identities are not normally revealed.


Lottery winnings are not considered taxable in Chile.

Prize Claiming and Deadline

The deadline for claiming all prizes is 60 days after the publication of results. Failure to collect your prize within this period effectively forfeits your right to claim it.

Prizes can be split between multiple owners of the same ticket with a notarized document listing all winners and their respective portion of the money.

To claim prizes, just go to any official Polla Chilena sales agent and present your winning ticket. If the outlet is unable to pay out your prize, you may also go directly to the Polla Chilena main office with address Compañía 1085, Santiago, Chile.

Contact Details

Customer Support

You can reach Polla Chilena customer representatives through the following channels:

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