Hot Spot – California Lottery

By Nick C
Lottery Results Updated On: 12 Aug 2020 (GMT)

California Hot Spot Latest Results

Given California Hot Spot results are drawn every 4 minutes, it's best to check them on the CA lottery official site.

How to Play the California Hot Spot Lottery

The California Hot Spot has a refreshing system. Here, you pick the set of numbers, or Spot, that you’d like to play per draw. A set can be 1-10 numbers. Then, you fill out each set with numbers from 1-80. You win prizes by matching the winning numbers — and the bigger your Spot or set (meaning, the more numbers you have to match), the bigger your prize.

You can also opt to pay extra to play a Bulls-eye, which is an extra number from 1 to 80. This works like the multipliers in Powerball or Mega Millions: if you match Hot Spot numbers and your chosen Bulls-eye, you win more than if you’d just played Hot Spot numbers.

California Hot Spot Drawing Schedule

Draws are held every 4 minutes from 6 AM to 2 AM every day.

California Hot Spot Payout

Hot Spot payouts can be Typical Prize Pools or Typical Prize Amounts. Here’s the difference:

  • Typical Prize Pools (TPPs): These are split equally among the winners for each tier. The top prizes for Spots 8-10 are TPPs.
  • Typical Prize Amounts (TPAs): These are awarded to each winner, as allowed by the available prize funds.