About Us

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: February 6, 2023

Thanks for coming to learn more about the team behind Lottery Critic. And we actually mean that. This site is nothing without you, our amazing partners in crime! Who else would we have to write for, to learn with, and speak to?

Honestly, calling us a “team” may be a bit of a stretch. We're more of a small family of passionate and avid players and hobbyists of lottery games. We understand the lottery odds, math and statistics behind the game and we understand that while there is no point in playing the lottery as a means of financial security (outside of the lucky or even lottery winners), that doesn't matter. We love playing the lottery nonetheless.

We initially started Lottery Critic in order to help people find the best sites to buy lottery tickets online. However, at some point we realized that there was a huge need for articles about the lottery in general. From interesting stories about winners (or losers) to informative articles about second chance lotteries and the financial and legal aspects of lottery in the US. We've even had one of our lottery enthusiasts pick up coding so that we could build some really fun tools like lottery calculators and lottery number generators.

It's been an absolute blast building this site the last few years and we hope that enthusiasm shows. Winning the lottery is more of a dream than anything else, but it's fun (and we believe healthy) to dream and we're a group of dreamers! So dream on my lottery friends, that big win may just be around the corner. 🙂