Lucky Seven – Indiana Hoosier Lottery

By Nick C
Lottery Results Updated On: 23 Jan 2020 (GMT)

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Lucky Seven is one of two “Now & Later” games run by the Indiana Hoosier Lottery. It combines instant play and draw games. You can win up to $7,777 in instant play and $77,777 in the draw game.

To join, you only need to buy a Lucky Seven ticket, valued at $5 each.

One portion of the ticket has a scratch-off section that lets you score prizes instantly. The ticket will indicate how much you stand to win for each match.

The other portion of the ticket carries your draw game numbers, which you can enter into any one draw of your choice while the Lucky Seven game is ongoing. You must match all 7 winning draw numbers to win the jackpot.

You don’t need to pick any numbers for the draw game. All ticket numbers are generated at random. Just check your instant play numbers, enter your ticket in a draw game, and check to see if you’ve won.

Indiana Lucky Seven Drawing Schedule

Indiana Lucky Seven draws are held every day at 11 PM EST. Ticket sales close at 10:39 PM.

Indiana Lucky Seven Instant Play Prizes and Odds of Winning

$7,7771 in 468,000
$7771 in 93,600
$771 in 20,000
$351 in 6667
$211 in 1044
$141 in 779
$101 in 100
$71 in 14
$51 in 8

Indiana Lucky Seven Draw Game Payout and Odds of Winning

7 out of 7$77,7771 in 132,100
6 out of 7$2501 in 3,323
5 out of 7$251 in 210
4 out of 7$101 in 27
3 out of 7$51 in 6