Louisiana Lottery (LA): Results, Winning Numbers, & Fun Facts!

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Results Updated On:12 Aug 2020 (GMT)
Louisiana (LA) Latest Lottery Results and Winning Numbers
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About the Louisiana Lottery

The Louisiana Lottery started in 1991, with state legislators deciding on a corporate structure to suit the lottery’s operations. The Louisiana Lottery Corporation sold its first scratch-off ticket in 1991.

In accordance with a constitutional amendment passed in 2003, proceeds from the Louisiana Lottery now fund public education in the state. To date, it has contributed over $3.5 billion to the state government’s programs.

Louisiana Lottery Tickets

You can buy Louisiana Lottery tickets at any of the thousands of authorized retailers all over the state.

Can I buy LA Lottery tickets online?

No, you can’t. Like most state lotteries, the Louisiana Lottery forbids the sale of tickets over the web, through phone, by fax or mail, and so on. Valid ticket purchases can only be made at physical retailer locations across the state.

LA Lottery Tickets Payment Methods

State lottery regulations allow various payment methods — including credit cards. However, retailers have final say over which payment methods they’ll accept. It’s best to ask your local retailer if they’ll accept methods other than cash.

Louisiana Lottery Games and Drawing Schedules


The Louisiana Lottery’s flagship draw game offers a jackpot that starts at $250,000 and rolls over whenever nobody wins.

You play by picking 6 numbers from 1-40. Matching all 6 winning numbers snags you the jackpot, while matching 5 or 4 will give you a pari-mutuel prize (meaning the prize money depends on ticket sales and is split equally among each prize tier’s winners).

Lotto draws are aired every Wednesday and Saturday.

Easy 5

The Louisiana Lottery’s Easy 5 claims to have some of the best odds of any draw game. The jackpot starts at $50,000 and grows for every draw without a winner.

To play, you have to select 5 numbers from 1-37. You win the jackpot when your chosen numbers match all 5 winning numbers for the draw. For an extra $1 per ticket, you can add ezmatch, which lets you win up to $250 in additional instant cash prizes.

Easy 5 draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

Pick 4

The Louisiana Lottery Pick 4 game runs daily. Each draw has a jackpot of $5,000. However, your wager and chosen playstyle will determine how much you can win.

To play, you must pick 4 numbers, each from 0-9, and choose from the following playstyles:

  • Straight: You must match the winning numbers in the exact order.
  • Box: You can match the winning numbers in any order.
  • Straight / Box: You can match the winning numbers in any order or in exact order.
  • Combo: You get to play Straight bets for all possible combinations of your chosen numbers, boosting your chance of winning.

Pick 4 draws are held every evening.

Pick 3

The Louisiana Lottery’s Pick 3 game takes place daily. Each draw has a fixed jackpot of $500. Like the Pick 4 game, though, your maximum prize depends on your chosen playstyle and wager.

To play, you must pick a number from 000 to 999, a playstyle, and a bet value. You win the jackpot when your combination matches the winning draw numbers in exact order.

You can choose from the following playstyles:

  • Straight: You must match the winning numbers in the exact order.
  • Box: You can match the winning numbers in any order.
  • Straight / Box: You can match the winning numbers in any order or in exact order.
  • Combo: You get to play Straight bets for all possible combinations of your chosen numbers, boosting your chance of winning.

Pick 3 draws run every evening.

Louisiana Lottery Game Schedules

Lotto Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 PM
Easy 5 Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 PM
Pick 4 Every day 10 PM
Pick 3 Every day 10 PM

Notable Winners of Louisiana Lotteries

Here are some of the Louisiana Lottery’s notable winners for 2018 and 2019:

  • Harold and Tina Ehrenberg won $1,794,807 playing the Lotto
  • Saleh Atallah of Terrytown won the $800,000 jackpot for the January 30 Lotto
  • Johnnie Wilson of Lake Charles won $25,000 playing Pick 4
  • Denson Stasher of Halter City, TX won $404,305 with an Easy 5 ticket he bought while passing through Rayville, LA

Scratch-off games have also seen many big wins:

  • Carolyn Fregia of Orange, TX won $100,000 with a Jumbo Bucks ticket she bought along the highway in Vinton, LA
  • Harold Gosdin, Jr. of Monroe won $200,000 playing 50X
  • Heather Moore of Anacoco won $200,000 playing Hit $200,000
  • Dwayne Pullen of Bossier City won $100,000 playing In the Money
  • Theresa Robinson won $100,000 playing Jumbo Bucks

Louisiana Lottery Instant Games

Louisiana Lottery Scratch-Off Games

The Louisiana Lottery runs multiple simultaneous scratch-off games at a variety of prices:

  • $1
  • $2
  • $3
  • $5
  • $10

Prizes run up to $200,000 depending on the game you play.

Louisiana Lottery Second Chances

What is Second Chance?

Second chance games offer another chance to win with your non-winning draw game tickets or scratch cards. All you need to do is enter your non-winning tickets and wait for the draw outcomes. Which tickets are eligible, the frequency of second-chance draws and the prizes on offer all depend on the lottery operator.

To learn more, check out our article on second chance games.

How does Second Chance work for the LA Lottery?

The Louisiana Lottery runs limited-time second-chance promotions, though these aren’t as frequent as other state lotteries’ games. To enter second-chance games, you typically enter tickets through mail or online. Full details are released with every second-chance game announcement, so it’s best to keep an eye out for these.

Information on the Louisiana Lottery

Louisiana Lottery Claims Center

You can find both the Louisiana Lottery Headquarters and the Baton Rouge Regional Office at 555 Laurel St., Baton Rouge, LA 70801.

You can also claim your winnings at the following regional offices:


Area Address Contact Details
New Orleans Clearview Palms Shopping Center

2222 Clearview Parkway

Suite B-3

Metairie, LA 70001

(504) 889-0031
Lafayette Centerpiece Shopping Center

5520-L Johnston Street

Lafayette, LA 70503

(337) 262-5413
Alexandria Emerald Square Shopping Center

1325 MacArthur Drive

Alexandria, LA 71301

(318) 487-5005
Monroe 1128 Pecanland Mall Drive

Monroe, LA 71203

(318) 362-5460
Shreveport Old River Marketplace

Shopping Center

767 Shreveport-Barksdale Highway

Shreveport, LA  71105

(318) 869-6550


Louisiana Lottery Customer Support

You can contact the Louisiana Lottery through:

Louisiana Lottery HQ: (225) 297-2000

Winning Numbers: (225) 297-2350

Email: [email protected]

Louisiana Lottery Social Accounts

You can get news and information through the Louisiana Lottery’s official social media accounts:

Louisiana Lottery Apps and Technology

The Louisiana Lottery doesn’t offer apps for mobile phones. The official website, however, is mobile-responsive, so you can check it out through your phone’s browser.

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