TheLotter Review

TheLotter is undoubtedly the best place to play online lottery. $87 million reasons why!

Established in February 2002, The Lotter has been around for over a decade and is one of the most successful online lottery platforms on the web. TheLotter offers ticket purchasing services (a.k.a. a lottery agent) and its website is considered one of the first to make significant waves in the industry – and today, is one of the leading online lottery websites. They have over 20 local offices scattered across the globe, which makes it easy for them to purchase tickets for a wide variety of international lotteries.

To date, $87,000,000 (and counting) has been paid out in winning jackpots all over the world! Players looking for variety can pick from any of the 49 games they offer and can choose between solo play, group play, or a combination of both via bundles.

Depositing and withdrawing money is extremely convenient, thanks to the various options available. TheLotter also employs 128-bit SSL security, spam monitoring and filtering, and a money-back guarantee. And for players who are constantly on-the-go, free mobile apps ensure you get the same lottery experience wherever you are.

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: September 19, 2018

49 Lottery Games Offered

theLotter gives players a fantastic array of game choices.

Many websites offer between 1 to 20 games but none of them can compete with theLotter’s long list of lottery game choices. TheLotter offers an astounding 49 lottery games hailing from all over the world. That’s more than double than what other lottery sites have in their repertoire of lottery games.

If variety rocks your boat, this is your best bet. Take note, however, that theLotter tacks on a handling fee to ticket prices – so expect them to fetch a slightly higher price compared to their actual store value. It’s a small price to pay for convenience, unless you have the time and money to drive or fly to another country to buy a lottery ticket. Try explaining that trip to your boss or spouse! In addition to that, they don’t take a commission from your winnings, so the fee is definitely worth it if you win.

Regular Lotteries

thelotter lotteries

A great selection of regular lottery games awaits you.

The 49 games offered by theLotter include the most popular and lucrative lotteries out there – such as the US Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, 3 country-specific iterations of the EuroMillions (one for Austria, one for Spain, and one for France), Italy’s SuperEnalotto, and more. On the other hand, if you want to go where the player pool is less dense, popular lotteries should be last on your list. Huge jackpot = more players = less chances to win. Thanks to theLotter’s research, it also offers less popular games, like Switzerland Lotto, New York Cash4Life, Hungary’s Hatoslotto, Spain’s BonoLotto, Colombia’s Baloto, Mexico’s Melate Retro, and more.


thelotter syndicates

theLotter also offers a variety of syndicate games.

Solo play isn’t the only way to win money in theLotter; they also offer group play, also known as syndicates. A syndicate comprises a group of players who pool their money together and buy a large amount of tickets, increasing the odds of winning. Typically, most lottery sites offer less syndicate games and some don’t even have that option. theLotter has 23 games which is double what many sites offer. Some of theLotter’s syndicate games include: the US Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, US Powerball, SuperEnaLotto, Viking Lotto and more.


thelotter bundles

Bundles make it much easier for those who want the best of both worlds.

If you can’t decide whether to go solo or go with a group, theLotter’s bundle options help you cover all your bases. One purchase entitles you to both personal and group entries. Some of the bundles you can purchase include: 256 lines + a personal entry, 45 lines + a personal entry (3 lines), 40 lines + a personal entry (2 lines), and more.

Millionaire Raffles

As if the wealth of single and group play games weren’t enough, theLotter also throws in millionaire raffles for good measure.

Millionaire raffles are special draws that offer millions in prizes. Unlike lotteries, raffles don’t allow the freedom to choose your own numbers. In theLotter, the only offering you’d usually see is Loteria Nacional Extra, but during the middle of the year, ticket sales for the Christmas raffle, the Loteria de Navidad, open up. The latter is one of the biggest raffles in the lottery industry, with billions of Euros at stake.

theLotter’s Mobile Apps

TheLotter Mobile App

Mobile apps can help you keep up with your lottery games—anytime and anywhere.

If your active lifestyle prevents you from constant access to a computer or laptop, theLotter’s handy mobile apps should definitely be a win-win in your book! Just download their app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. All versions of their app offer full functionality too, meaning all the essential features found in the website are also present here. Here are all the things the app allows you to do:

  • Access all available lottery games
  • Purchase tickets
  • View your ticket
  • Check lottery results
  • See instant results for all lotteries
  • Join syndicates
  • Receive jackpot alerts straight to your mobile device

Deposit and Withdrawal with theLotter

theLotter receives two thumbs up 👍👍 for the wide array of payment methods they accept.

Currently, there are 25 deposit options, and 7 withdrawal options available – which is more than what other online lottery websites usually offer. Deposit options include Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, giropay, Maestro, entropay, CAIXA, and more. Withdrawal options include Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, Skrill, Neteller, and bank transfers. Below is a rundown and comparison of the payment options:

Deposit Options

VisaUS$ / € / £ / AUD / руб / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR5,000
MasterCardUS$ / € / £ / AUD / руб / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR 5,000
SkrillUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR
NetellerUS$ / € / £ / руб / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR5,000
Diners ClubUS$ / € / £ / AUD / руб / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR5,000
DiscoverUS$ / € / £ / руб / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR5,000
PaysafecardUS$ / € / £  / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR
TrustlyUS$ / € / £  / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR
SofortUS$ / € / £
GiropayUS$ / € / £  / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR
MaestroUS$ / € / £  / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR5,000
NordeaUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR
EntropayUS$ / € / £ / AUD / руб / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR5,000
EpsUS$ / € / £  / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR
BleueUS$ / € / £
CartaSiUS$ / € / £
PostepayUS$ / € / £
ePay.bgUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR
RAPIDUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR
ItauUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR10
Banco Do BrasilUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR10
CAIXAUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR10
PSEUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR10
Boleto BancárioUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR10
EfectyUS$ / € / £ / CAD / CHF / SEK / ZAR10

Withdrawal Options

FeeMinimumMaximumProcessing Days
Diners ClubNoneUS$1US$2,0001-3
Bank TransfersVariesVariesUS$50,000Varies

Is theLotter Safe to Play?

theLotter takes customer security seriously. And that’s awesome!

All transactions on their site are secured with 128-bit GeoTrust SSL encryption. theLotter is also transparent about their policies and each detail of your ticket purchase is spelled out and easy to understand. Beyond that, theLotter also adheres to strict mailing guidelines and utilizes Return Path to curb spam mail. And, according to the customer support representative I spoke with, they are PCI DSS compliant as well, which basically ensures security for your payment data.

theLotter Customer Service

theLotter provides an exhaustive amount of informational material scattered throughout their website.

How-to guides, videos, and articles can be found on almost all of their pages, and not just on the dedicated support sections. Their FAQ is quite comprehensive and manages to address the most common concerns and queries about their website. Live help options are similarly impressive, as phone, fax, live chat and email options are all present. There’s even support via WhatsApp! Beyond that, email and live chat agents provide assistance in 13 languages, while dedicated phone lines are provided for the UK, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, South Africa and France.

theLotter’s Additional Features

Ease of Use

theLotter owes part of its success to its simple, easy-to-use website.

Isn’t this a no-brainer? After all, any website worth its salt should take pride in its user-friendliness. Thankfully, theLotter stays ahead of the curve by avoiding many of the mistakes that some lottery websites often make. It’s refreshing to see a lottery website that isn’t saddled by poor or outdated website design; even more so when it isn’t littered with distracting and annoying ads. Though theLotter isn’t unique in this regard, it is one of the better sites that puts a premium on user experience.


thelotter website

Their website is concise and uncluttered, and despite all the content being presented to visitors on the home page, navigation remains a breeze and never overwhelming. The latest lottery jackpots, results, news, and even a quick “How-to” video immediately greet site visitors, further cementing the user-friendly nature of their service. If you dig a little deeper, you can access in-depth information on each lottery game they offer. theLotter’s focus is kept squarely on giving players a fun, hassle-free, yet informational, experience. Kudos to the web designers!


theLotter’s satisfaction guarantee assures customers a full refund, with a few caveats.

If you ever find yourself dissatisfied with theLotter’s service, the company guarantees a full refund of your first purchase. Just contact their support team and provide the full details of your purchase. After providing a short explanation of why you’re dissatisfied, they claim to give you a full refund.

But, take note that the refund only applies to your first purchase, and not on any future ones. But, at least you have up to six months after your first ticket purchase to submit a refund claim.

How theLotter Works

Setting Up an Account

Signing up for an account at theLotter is an absolute breeze – it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Here is how you create a free account:

  1. Click on the Sign Up button located at the top of theLotter’s website.
  2. Provide your email and password.
  3. Submit form.
  4. Start playing!

Easy peasy, right? If you want an even more simpler approach to creating an account, you can simply link your Facebook account for quick social logins. Seriously, how many times a day do you log on to FB anyway?

Another thing that I really liked about the account creation process is that the system tells you if the password you are currently typing is either weak, strong, or something in between. It’s a small detail, but it helps you secure your account better.


theLotter’s process is pretty straightforward and hassle-free.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. First, choose from any of the 51 lottery games.
  2. Next, choose how many lines you want to play.
  3. Pick your numbers the traditional way – or pick from any of these other options:
    1. Quick Pick: Your numbers are randomly chosen for you by theLotter.
    2. Lucky Numbers: You can save your favorite numbers in your account and choose to play them at any time with the click of a button.
    3. Systematic Forms: You can also opt to go with The Lotter’s systematic forms, which allows you to cover every possible combination of the numbers you pick. This option is more expensive but can improve your chances significantly.
  4. Now, decide whether you wish to enter only one draw or multiple draws. Or you can opt for a subscription which will enter you in every consecutive draw until you cancel.
  5. Click on Play and choose your payment method of choice.

After confirming your entry, one of TheLotter’s local offices around the world will purchase the actual ticket/s for you. Yes, somebody will march into a local Payzone store, or head to the hot lotto spot in Australia’s Craigiburn neighborhood and buy for you!

They will then scan it and upload the copy to your account. And that’s it! All you have to do now is wait for the results. Hopefully you will get that SMS or email notifying you that you are a winner!


It’s easy to claim prizes at theLotter, but, like most lottery sites, it comes with a few caveats.

Picture this: what happens if your numbers win, but you forget to check the results, or are simply too busy at the moment? Here’s where theLotter’s automated notification system kicks in. When you win, the system automatically notifies you via email. Your account is also updated to show your draw and winning details. If you don’t regularly check your email or your account, but have a mobile phone, then you can always opt in to theLotter’s free SMS Alert system.

Hey, lucky winner! Do your happy dance, buy your friends a pint at the pub but now it’s time to collect your prize! Currently, there are 3 ways:

  1. If your prize is classified as a “secondary winning,” then the money will be automatically transferred to your account within 24 hours of results publication.
  2. If your winning is considered “locally taxed,” then your money will be transferred to your account within 15 days upon receipt of prizes from the official lottery operator. You may be required to appear in person and collect your winnings locally. This is at the discretion of the local lottery operators.
  3. If you win the jackpot, most lotteries will expect you to appear in person and collect the prize locally. If you joined an international lottery, this means you would have to travel to another country.

Wait, here are more tidbits to take into consideration after your big win:

  • If your winnings are deposited to your account, you can also leave it there for future ticket purchases. Meanwhile, non-cash prizes are converted to the equivalent monetary value before being awarded to you.
  • If you win the jackpot, you may have the option to either receive your prize in installments over a predetermined number of years, or as a lump sum.

Game Rules

theLotter does a pretty good job explaining all the different rules for each of their games.

Below are a few samplings:

  • EuroJackpot: Players must choose 5 main numbers from a selection range of 1-50, plus 2 additional numbers, between 1-10, from a separate pool.
  • EuroMillions: This works almost the same as EuroJackpot, but instead of choosing additional numbers from a range of 1-10, players choose their Lucky Stars numbers from 1-12.
  • US Powerball: Unlike EuroJackpot or EuroMillions, players choose their 5 main numbers from a pool that consists of the numbers 1-69, and 1 additional PowerBall number from a range of 1-26.

The website also fills each game page with tons of informational content – from several how-to’s to the latest news, and more.

VIP Club

Anyone can be considered a VIP at theLotter.

Typically, VIP Clubs are exclusive to a select few. theLotter’s VIP Club, however, is available to anyone that purchases a ticket at least at US$1 worth. That translates to 1 VIP point, and the more points you rack up, the higher you climb up the VIP level hierarchy – which, in turn, gives you deeper discounts.

Understand that 1 VIP point does not entitle you to discounts just yet – just a spot on the VIP club. You need at least 51 VIP points to be eligible for a Bronze-tier VIP level, which entitles you to a 2.5% discount for every purchase. You also get special promotions, and round-the-clock account management and assistance from their team. Here is a quick breakdown:

VIP LevelVIP Points NeededDiscounts Offered

theLotter’s Big Winners

There have been numerous winners produced by theLotter over the years — and they just keep on coming! Here are the biggest winners so far:

  1. $30 million jackpot: Panama-based Aura Dominguez Canto won the July 19 2017 draw for the Florida Lottery. The 60-year old pensioner won a whopping $30 million prize–which she opted to take home as a lump sum amounting to $20,948,543.98.
  2. $6.4 million jackpot: M. from Iraq (who wished to remain anonymous for security reasons) won the August 24, 2015 drawing for the Oregon Megabucks lottery. This was the very first time that a player outside the US won in that particular lottery. M.M. decided to be paid in an annuity, which meant that he would receive $256,000 (before taxes), for 25 years. The winning numbers were 15, 27, 32, 39, 44, and 45, which M.M. all matched and became the sole winner.
  3. $1 million wins: To date, a total of four people have won $1,000,000 via theLotter. All of the wins were for second-tier Powerball prizes (i.e. match 5+0).
    • April 2012 – UK resident B.U. won one of the second-place prizes on the April 21, 2012 Powerball draw. The winning numbers were 6, 8, 20, 42, 51 and 16.
    • January 2016 – V. from El Salvador took part in the historic Powerball drawing last January 13, 2016 which promised close to a 2 billion-dollar jackpot. The winning numbers were 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and 10. He went home with a cool million.
    • February 2016 – P. from Quebec, Canada, won on the February 27, 2016 drawing. He matched five of the 22, 11, 53, 21, 10 and 18 winning numbers.
    • October 2016 – G. from Australia was the sole winner of the second-tier Powerball drawing on October 19, 2016. He matched five of the winning numbers 10, 16, 38, 43, 63 and 16.

Alternatives to theLotter

Though theLotter is my top pick, there are other lottery sites that are worth checking out.


Players can choose from a wide array of lottery games.

As far as game offerings go, theLotter’s 49 games still take the lead – though WinTrillions’ collection impresses as well. They have 20 regular lotto games, 13 syndicates, 4 syndicate raffles, and even several millionaire raffles.

WinTrillions accepts a lot of different payment methods.

They accept over 32 payment methods – including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, DinerMail, Entropay, BitCoin, and more.

WinTrillions lacks single draw options, though.

They don’t offer any way for you to purchase tickets for single draws. This, in turn, makes the cost of entry at WinTrillions slightly more expensive than other lottery sites.

Check our battle of theLotter vs WinTrillions


LottoKings’ ticket prices are a bit more affordable than theLotter’s.

Compared to theLotter’s $2.53 Mega Millions ticket price for a single line, it would only cost you $2.50 at LottoKings. It’s not a huge difference, but considering LottoKings allows you to purchase a single line only–whereas theLotter requires you to play at least 5 lines in a Mega Millions draw–you end up paying less.

They make it pretty easy for winners to claim their prizes (including jackpots).

Apart from automatically depositing smaller prizes to your account, LottoKings also allows you to claim your prize via check, at the nearest LottoKings office, or at the lottery commission in person.

LottoKings lacks in some key areas.

LottoKings doesn’t scan tickets and the 10 payment methods they accept pale in comparison to theLotter’s.

LottoKings Review

Lotto Agent

Check our battle of theLotter vs Lotto Agent

Bottom Line – Should You Use theLotter?

Absolutely. They offer a wide array of games and user-friendly features.

Sure – theLotter isn’t perfect. The tickets cost slightly more than the actual retail prices; players from certain countries may not be able to join; and claiming a jackpot may be a bit of a hassle for some. All things considered, however, these are minor issues and don’t really have a significant impact on the overall gaming experience.

I enjoyed browsing through their user-friendly and secure website and absorbing as much lottery knowledge as I can from all the educational material scattered throughout. Plus, they also offer the site in 13 languages – you can switch between English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Deutsch, and more.

With a premium offering of 51 games, group play, bundles, VIP points, money-back guarantee, web security and privacy, proven jackpot winners, etc. – what’s not to like about theLotter?


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    1. Hi Oleksandr,

      That means they just missed the cutoff for the week. The good news is that our giveaway is a weekly thing, so they can try to re-enter again once the new giveaway starts (which is right now, actually!).

  2. I’m super excited to play with theLotter credits I won from Lottery Critic’s giveaway! And hope my good luck continues when I play the lottery! Thank you again LOTTERY CRITIC!

  3. gostaria de saber,que se depois de a pessoa ganhar ela tem que pagar taxa de abertura de conta.e se tiver que pagar taxa de abertura de conta,o que é feito se a pessoa nao tem condiçoes de pagar a abertura de conta (quero participar)

    1. Hi Douglas,

      Creating an account at theLotter is completely free. You don’t have to pay for anything other than the tickets your purchase. They don’t take commissions either. Take note that taxes may be deducted from your winnings, but this depends on the game and where you live (and is out of theLotter’s hands).

  4. Yes. I can attest to the awesome services and games provided by Lotter. I have been having games with them for months now, and my winnings have been amazing. their easy-to-use app and easy withdrawal rock my mind always. Only Lotter and Lottery master, which is another great lottery site has these kinds of features and I must say the two sites deserve more than 5-stars anywhere and anytime.
    This review is indeed completely true and sincere! Keep it up, guys.

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