Quick Bucks – Kentucky Lottery

By Milo Cruz
Last Updated: June 18, 2019

Quick Bucks Results and Winning Numbers - Kentucky Lottery (KY)

Quick Bucks Results

Bonus: 01
Draw Date: 18 Jun 2019

Quick Bucks Results

Bonus: 02
Draw Date: 17 Jun 2019

Quick Bucks Results

Bonus: 01
Draw Date: 16 Jun 2019

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Quick Bucks is another game that can only be played in Kentucky. It features a top prize of $50,000 and with the Wheel Bet feature, guarantees you a minimum prize of $2 every time.

Quick Bucks Drawing Schedule

Quick Bucks has drawings every evening at approximately 11:00 PM ET.

Quick Bucks Payout and Mechanics

To play, choose 4 numbers from 1 to 31, and a Kentucky Ball number from 1 to 5. After picking your numbers, the computer will assign the order of your chosen numbers and print your ticket.

You can win by matching the draw in exact order or in any order. The Wheel Bet feature lets you play your numbers 5 times, while playing all 5 possible Kentucky Ball numbers for you.

Single bets cost $1, while a Wheel Bet costs $5.

Quick Bucks Payouts and Odds

Numbers MatchedPrize without KY BallOddsPrize with KY BallOdds
4 of 4 (exact order)$1,0001 in 943,950$50,000*1 in 3,775,800
4 of 4 (any order)$501 in 41,041$1001 in 164,165
3 of 4 (exact order)$401 in 8,740$801 in 34,961
3 of 4 (any order)$71 in 380$141 in 1,520
2 of 4 (exact order)$61 in 224$121 in 896
2 of 4 (any order)$21 in 20$31 in 81
Kentucky Ball$21 in 5

Overall odds of winning a prize: approximately 1 in 3.9

Quick Bucks Prize Claiming

Prizes up to $600 can be claimed from any Kentucky Lottery retailer, and will not require a claim form.

All prizes over $600 will require a completed claim form to redeem. Prizes more than $600 up to $25,000 can be claimed from authorized Cashing Agents, the Lexington Regional Office, or the Kentucky Lottery Headquarters in Louisville. Prizes more than $25,000 up to $99,999 must be claimed from either the Lexington or Louisville office. Prizes of $100,000 and greater can only be claimed from the Lottery Headquarters.

You can also claim prizes under $50,000 by mail.

*There is a $270,000 maximum top prize payout liability for the top prize for each drawing.

All winners have 180 days after the winning draw to claim their prize.