Fantasy 5 – Florida Lottery

By Kate Loyola
Last Updated: December 2, 2018

Florida’s Fantasy 5 distinguishes itself from other big lottery games by having a jackpot that rolls down when nobody wins. The Fantasy 5 has a fixed jackpot of around $200,000 (to be divided if there are multiple winners). Instead of rolling over and adding to the next draw’s jackpot, the top prize gets divided among the lower prize tiers if nobody matches all the winning numbers.

To play Fantasy 5, you have to pick 5 numbers from 1-36. You can also opt for EZmatch for a shot at winning instant prizes.

How Fantasy 5 EZmatch Works

You can also pay an extra $1 to add EZmatch to your Fantasy 5 ticket. When you do this, a random set of 5 EZmatch numbers and an instant prize amount are printed on your ticket. If any of your chosen numbers match the EZmatch numbers, you’ll win the printed prize amount. You can claim EZmatch winnings right after purchase — the retailer will just issue a continuation ticket that you can use for the official Fantasy 5 drawing.

Florida Fantasy 5 Drawing Schedule

The Fantasy 5 has draws every day at 11:15 PM Eastern Time. You can buy tickets until 10:40 PM on the day of the draw.

Florida Fantasy 5 Payout and Odds of Winning

Prize amounts for the Fantasy 5 depend on ticket sales for each draw. If you match 2 numbers, you get a free ticket for the next draw.

Here are the odds of winning for each prize tier:

5 numbers1:376,992
4 numbers1:2,432.21
3 numbers1:81.07
2 numbers1:8.39

Florida Fantasy 5 EZmatch Prizes and Odds


Florida Fantasy 5 Numbers and Results

You can find the latest Florida Fantasy 5 results and past winning numbers at:

Florida Lottery – Fantasy 5