Richard Lustig: His Secrets, His Book, and His Story Revealed

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: September 7, 2021
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If you’re a big fan of the lottery, then you’ve probably heard of the guy who won it a total of seven times – Richard Lustig. Yes, you read that right – Richard Lustig had 7 jackpot wins while most of us struggle to win even once!

We all know how tiny the chances of winning are, so how did he manage to pull it off? According to Lustig himself, those wins happened because he followed his own strategy – one that he claims to have developed over many years of playing the lottery.

Before Richard Lustig passed away (RIP, Mr. Lustig), he created a lottery number prediction software aptly named ‘Lottery Maximizer'. His software claims to leverage all of the past winning lottery numbers, combined with Lustig's proprietary formula (aka ‘secret sauce'), to generate the best number combinations for any lottery game in the USA and rest of the world.

If you are interested in learning more about Lottery Maximizer,  you can this video where Richard Lustig explains his winning strategy, reasons as to why he created his software and why he's subsidizing it heavily for a limited time.

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Who is Richard Lustig?

Richard Lustig, 7 Time Lottery Winner

Richard Lustig is a Florida native who made headlines as the man who won the lottery seven times, earning more than $1 million in jackpots. In fact, he won the lottery 23 times but not all were jackpots. $6000 here. $13,000 there.

He eventually wrote a best-selling book on lottery-winning strategies and published number prediction software, which you can purchase today (Link below).

Unlike some other lottery winners, Lustig wasn’t the type to keep a low profile. Instead, he made a business out of his success – specifically by heavily promoting his work on media by appearing on Good Morning America, Rachael Ray Show, 20/20, and also in numerous lottery-related events and programs.

Richard Lustig on Rachael Ray Show
Richard Lustig on Rachael Ray Show

Richard Lustig's Net Worth and Total Winnings

All in all, the seven wins Richard Lustig snagged amounted to $1,052,205.58 before taxes. Here they are, from first to last:

Jan 1993 $10,000 Scratch-off Ticket
Aug 1997 $13,696.03 Florida Fantasy Five
Jun 2000 “Wheel of Fortune” trip to Los Angeles, valued at $3,594.66 Scratch-off Ticket 2nd Chance Redrawing
Oct 2001 “Elvis Holiday” trip to Memphis, valued at $4,966 Scratch-off Ticket 2nd Chance Redrawing
Jan 2002 $842,152.91 Florida Mega Money
Nov 2008 $73,658.06 Florida Fantasy 5
Aug 2010 $98,992.92 Florida Fantasy 5
Richard Lustig Fantasy 5
Richard Lustig after winning Florida Fantasy 5

Lottery Maximizer Software: Should you buy?

As lottery experts, we get asked this question a lot. Is Lustig's software worth your money? Before we answer that, let us tackle some other related questions that will help you decide.

  • Did Richard Lustig indeed win the lottery 7 times? Yes. Besides us, other media publications and also Ripley's Believe It or Not have validated his claim and concluded that he indeed won the jackpot 7 times.
  • Did anybody else win the lottery using Lottery Maximizer Software? Yes, quite a few. Some of the winners also provided notarized documents that we have reviewed for authenticity. Below is a picture of the winning ticket and an email from Lisa, personally thanking Mr. Lustig after winning the Florida Fantasy 5 using his strategy.

Lotto Profits - Florida Fantasy 5 winner - Lisa

  • Is my win guaranteed if I use his software? Absolutely not. Just think about it, if that was the case we would have a lot more lottery millionaires walking on our streets than we do currently!
  • So then, should I buy the software? We already know that Richard Lustig is not a fraud. We also know that others have won big jackpots using his software. So, the real question is can you afford the $'s to try it out and are you desperate enough to win? Others have won using this software but can you afford to try his software So, let's try and answer that question.

Last we checked, the limited-time promotional price for Lottery Maximizer was under $100 – a huge discount over the regular price of around about $200. Plus, there's a 60-day money-back guarantee.

LotteryMaximizer 60 day money back
LotteryMaximizer 60 day money-back guarantee backed by ClickBank

So, taking that into consideration you can use the following logic when deciding to purchase Lottery Maximizer.

  • Do you play the lottery once in a blue moon, spending under $5 every month?

If so, NO. You're playing for fun without much desire to win, so maybe you should not invest $100 on the software and just continue playing for fun!

Then of course, if you are blessed and can afford to spend $100 easily feel free to buy & try it and let other LotteryCritic readers know if you indeed make it big!

  • Do you play lottery frequently, spending say $10-$25 every month?

If so, MAYBE. You are already spending over $100 every couple of months on trying to win the lottery. So why not ‘gamble' on Lustig's software and try the strategy that worked for him? It's a couple of months of lottery money and if you win even a small prize, you recoup that money instantly.

  • Are you a serious lottery player? Do you spend say $25 or more every month buying the lottery? Do you have your own strategy for picking numbers? Are you desperate enough to win because you have not won a big jackpot yet?

You have 3 choices in this case.

    • Choice #1: Quit playing the lottery – Give up and don't spend any more dollars trying to win.
    • Choice #2: Continue playing using your current strategy – Keep trying and maybe you will get lucky one day.
    • Choice #3: Leverage strategies like Richard Lustig's to try and increase your odds of winning. You're spending the money anyway but not winning. So why not spend a fraction on Lustig's software which has helped quite a few players win large prizes? It costs under $100, plus there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. We just don't see the downside in at least trying it out. At the very least watch the video which is absolutely free and decide for yourself.

Ultimately, it's your own decision. But if you do have 15-20 minutes, we recommend you watch this video where Lustig explains his strategy before you buy any more lottery tickets.

>> Click To Watch Lustig's Winning Strategy <<

Richard Lustig's Book

After logging his final win in 2010, Lustig changed course and started capitalizing on his fame instead. By then, he’d become a legend – or, to some folks, notorious – in the lottery industry.

He funneled the allure of that reputation into a product: a 40-page booklet called Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery, retailing at $40 per copy.

Richard Lustig Book Cover

Predictably, Lustig’s book was an instant hit. It captured the #3 spot on Amazon’s list of best-selling self-help books at the time. The book became so popular that Richard Lustig’s story got featured by media outlets like CNBC, ABC News and CNN Money.

You can purchase a copy of Lustig's book through the following links:

Book Review – Should You Buy His Book?

Let’s put it this way: you might want to think twice about dropping $40 on a 40-page booklet. Maybe you should consider adding another $60 to get access to both Lustig's software which generates potentially winning numbers using his strategy along with the booklet.

Richard Lustig does have an impressive winning record, but that doesn’t mean he’s a lottery expert. Sure, his extensive lottery experience means he’s far from a fraud, but a close reading of his booklet will show that he shouldn’t be the last word on how you buy your lottery tickets. You should try his strategy but also use your own judgment.

Richard Lustig and Lotto Dominator

Lotto Dominator is another book and software that has Richard Lustig's name attached to it. Like the first book, Lotto Dominator claims to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Lotto Dominator

However, it would appear that this particular book might not even be Lustig's work, after all. Instead, we recommend checking Lottery Maximizer if you're evaluating whether to buy Lotto Dominator or not.

Understanding Richard Lustig's Formula

Lottery Formula and Method

Richard Lustig's “secret” was a strategy he developed himself.  His strategy can be summarized into three basic points:

  1. Pick your own numbers. Never buy quick-pick tickets.
  2. Keep using the same number combinations until you win. Stop using a combination after it wins.
  3. Reinvest your winnings back into the lottery. Lustig recommends at least 33% of your winnings.

Criticism about his method

How Lustig came to these conclusions is beyond us – especially when so many people have won the lottery with quick-pick tickets. More importantly, whether your numbers are picked by you or by an automated system, your odds of winning will still be the same.

Lustig also advises people to always play the same numbers but to stop playing these once you win. His reason? The same numbers never win twice.

It sounds reasonable, but it’s still wrong. There have been many cases where the same winning numbers came up during separate draws. It’s unlikely, but not impossible.

Having said this we would add that we don't know everything about the lottery nor have we won the lottery for 7 times as Mr. Lustig did! To that end, we definitely recommend sparing 15-20 minutes to watch his free video and making the decision for yourself.

Lottery Expert or Fraud or Just Lucky?

Richard Lustig may have seven lottery wins under his belt, but you should still take his advice with a grain of salt.

The lottery is random, and you don’t need a special skill to win. Likewise, no special “strategy” can guarantee an eventual win, either.

Lustig might seem like he knows how to defy the odds, but the fact is, he simply kept buying tickets until he got lucky.

If Lustig’s “universal strategy” worked as well as he claims it does, everybody who bought his book would have winning streaks of their own by now. While not everyone has won the lottery as many times, there are quite a few winners who have used his strategies and have come forward. Besides Lisa (listed above), there's also Susan T who won the Massachusetts Cash lottery taking home a whopping $68,000!

There are many more winner emails we have reviewed. If you want more information please reach out to us from our Contact page.

So should you try to replicate Richard Lustig's strategy?

As we outlined above, it really depends. If you are spending $25-$50 every month buying lotteries but are struggling to win, we believe you should consider plopping $100 to try his software. Additionally, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which really de-risks the purchase.

Again, you can watch it here and decide for yourself.

If you are more of a DIY person instead, wanting to formulate your own winning strategy, you can refer our exhaustive list of other lottery-winning strategies here.

Richard Lustig Dies at 67

Richard Lustig passed away last July 30, 2018 at the age of 67. His media representative, Mr. Burke Allen, confirmed the news when we reached out after hearing rumors of Mr. Lustig's death.

Richard Lustig leaves behind his wife of 32 years and their two children.

RIP, Mr. Lustig!


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