Black Pearl – Indiana Hoosier Lottery

By Nick C
Lottery Results Updated On: 21 Feb 2020 (GMT)

Black Pearl is the Indiana Hoosier Lottery’s other “Now & Later” game that combines instant play and draw games. Top prizes are fixed at $20,000 for instant play and $500,000 for the draw game.

To join, you only need to buy a Black Pearl ticket, valued at $5 each. Half of the ticket is your instant play card. This will indicate what numbers you need to match (Black Pearl Numbers) and how much you stand to win. You only need to check if your assigned numbers match any of the Black Pearl Numbers.

The rest of the ticket carries your 8 draw game numbers, one of which will be in a Black Pearl symbol. Each draw, a single random number is called. To win the jackpot, all 8 of your ticket numbers must match the winning draw number. If the ticket number in the Black Pearl symbol is one of your matches, you’ll win additional prizes.

For each ticket, you can enter any one draw of your choice while the Black Pearl game is ongoing.

Indiana Black Pearl Drawing Schedule

Indiana Black Pearl draws are held every day at 11 PM EST. Ticket sales close at 10:39 PM.

Indiana Black Pearl Instant Play Prizes and Odds of Winning

$20,0001 in 1,560,000
$5001 in 78,000
$1001 in 1,412
$401 in 350
$151 in 80
$101 in 20
$51 in 7

Indiana Black Pearl Draw Game Payout and Odds of Winning

MatchWith Black Pearl NumberWithout Black Pearl NumberOdds
8 out of 8$500,0001 in 5,764,801
7 out of 8$5000$25001 in 120,100
6 out of 8$500$2501 in 5719
5 out of 8$100$501 in 477
4 out of 8$25$151 in 64
3 out of 8$101 in 35
2 out of 8$71 in 18
1 out of 8$51 in 21