Can You Predict Lottery Winning Numbers?

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Every lottery player has had the same thought: is it possible to predict the next winning numbers?

Common sense says no. Wishful thinking says yes. And if you really do believe that you’ve found that possibility, here are some great sites to play the lottery online.

After all, if it were possible, everybody would already be swimming in piles of money and lotteries would probably cease to exist altogether. But since lottery numbers are drawn randomly, there’s no way to accurately predict the exact numbers.

Hold on. What if you could predict which numbers are most likely to be drawn and which aren’t? It’s one step closer to winning!

Two mathematicians have studied this and both have come to two different conclusions. Meet Renato Gianella and Dr. John Haigh.


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The Geometry of Chance

In Brazilian mathematician Renato Gianella’s studies, The Geometry of Chance: Lotto Numbers Follow a Predicted Pattern, he finds that not every number combination has an equal chance of being drawn. That is, some combinations are more likely to be drawn than others—and that it is entirely possible to see what those patterns are. This is huge.


Geometry of Chance
Renato Gianella built a website where you could see the number combinations likely to win.

Gianella’s theory posits that winning numbers from previous draws hold discernible patterns that can inform what number combinations are most likely to be drawn next.

So, why doesn’t everybody do this? You need to have some understanding of probability theories and complex math before you can take full advantage of it. Not many of us do!

Avoiding Low Figures

Sussex University’s emeritus reader in math Dr. John Haigh has a slightly different idea—though it still draws on probabilities.

He claims that if you choose a number combination that gives off a total of 200, your chances of winning can increase significantly. It may sound like a pitch from a snake oil salesman, but there’s actually a logic behind it.

Unlike Renato Gianella, Dr. Haigh believes that each number combination is equally likely to be drawn. He does, however, suggest that what people need to be doing is to figure out which number combinations people are more likely to choose—and then choose something entirely different.

Dr. John Haigh

How does this help you win? Technically it doesn’t—but if your numbers do end up being drawn, it helps you win bigger. Because you chose numbers that most people don’t choose, there’s a good chance that you won’t have to share the pot with anyone else.

Dr. Haigh advises against choosing birthday numbers, lucky numbers (which are mostly in the single digits), and other possible number combinations that most people go for. He also advises not to choose a row of numbers, like 1-6, as well as the previous week’s numbers. In other words, choose numbers that don’t form an obvious pattern.

Can Machine Learning Predict the Lottery?

With all the rapid advancements in machine learning, couldn’t a machine—or a supercomputer—accurately predict the upcoming numbers?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible, according to UCLA’s Professor Emeritus of statistics Donald Ylvisaker. There is no machine capable of doing that—not today, not tomorrow.

Donald Ylvisaker
According to Donald Ylvisaker, building a machine capable of predicting lottery numbers is impossible.

Lotteries rely heavily on randomness, and the random number generators that lotteries use have become more sophisticated over time. Ylvisaker, who monitors lottery drawings to ensure their fairness, says that lotteries use different number generating machines for each draw.

So, because the machines are different each time, it’s too difficult to gather enough usable data for building a device capable of predicting lotto numbers. The professor also points out that the amount of data needed for such an endeavor is quite prohibitive.

To put it simply, you are looking at trillions of possible combinations. It’s an impossible task.


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Lottery Remains a Game of Chance

Luck has always been the most crucial ingredient when it comes to winning lotteries. If you don’t have it, you don’t win. It’s that simple.

Many people have won big at the lottery without having to turn to complex equations or probabilities. They just picked whatever numbers they thought would win.

Heck, some people won by picking the numbers in a fortune cookie! Next time you eat takeout Chinese food and crack open a fortune cookie, don’t immediately dismiss the numbers it recommends. You never know!

Sure, there’s no harm in trying out different ways of narrowing down your choices. You do, however, have to understand that there is no guarantee of winning if you follow the suggestions of Renato Gianella or Dr. John Haigh.

In the end, there is no way to “cheat” randomness.


  1. I am developing an app that will accurately predict lotto result. Systematically I have study how this machine work for 25 years now. Every lotto result was putten into account and this research have cost me. At last evidently it is working

  2. There are certain rules that random number generation follows. Randomness ultimately gives order. For example, the random field of gravity creates spherical-shaped planets, moons, and stars. There are no box-shaped or pyramid-shaped objects in space. Quantum theory is based on uncertainty and probability. It’s the height of arrogance to say there are no patterns. There are, if you look hard enough.

    1. @David: ‘Random’ is the total absence of (natural) laws describing a phenomenon. I guess that you’re, kind of, referring to entropy, which is: always going for the optimal energy equalization between multiple systems. There’s is no ‘random field of gravity’. There are Newtonian Laws perfectly describing the interaction between mass and gravity. Quantum physics also follows physics laws, but they’re of a different ‘nature’ than the classic laws. Once again… When you have a law, then no more ‘chance’. Although random is a very real thing, it’s very hard to recreate, precisely due to it being lawless.

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  4. I don’t even fkin know what to say…

    I just wish I had a time machine or I could speak to god so I can find out the numbers.

  5. Here’s something I found that works. Get out your calculator and multiply the pick 3 draw result by 123456789. The next draw they will pull 1 to 2 numbers of what you got. It’s not gonna make you rich but it’s something u can do to increase your odds a b little bit. Oh yea and it doesn’t work for three of a kind draws for some strange reason.

  6. The best way to beat the lottery is to develop winning strategies:

    1). Spend more money
    2). Choose lottery games with the best risk/reward ratio
    3). Use computerized lottery software
    4). Seek expert analysis
    5). Join lottery pool
    6). Use wheeling tables
    7). Elimination of unlikely combinations
    8). Plus, much, much more

    It’s unfortunate, nevertheless, that some people still hold onto dogmatic views (random selection) about the lottery; but, I suspect they have an ulterior motive in spreading the propaganda against lottery systems and strategies. It’s no wonder U.S. lottery officials are prompt to push the random selection process (Quick Picks)!

    *Note: According to a 1992 study ‘Introduction to Lottery Strategies & Systems’ by Lotto Systems Group the random selection (Quick Pick) process ranked 6th overall @ 52% success rate for lottery selection methods. Hot/Cold number selection process (lotto strategy) did better than the random selection process at @ 57% success rate!

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  8. Power Rankings increased chance of having the right 5 numbers by 20 fold. (Look at site irt last night numbers)
    It also hit other filters (not on site) that set the range for the pick (another 4 fold). Although Powerball was not in the top 7 this time…

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