This Week in Lottery: Old Timers Win Big, Plus Other Notable Wins

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: July 1, 2018
[h2 display=”No Winners for Latest Powerball Draw” menu=”No Jackpot Wins in Latest Powerball”] During Powerball’s Wednesday evening draw, the following numbers were picked: 22-23-62-63-66, with 24 for the Powerball, and 2 for the Power Play. Unfortunately, no one won the $95 million jackpot, which means that on the next draw, the jackpot is expected to go beyond the $100 million mark. While no one won the jackpot—nor the second-tier prize—there were a total of 478,213 winners of at least $4 each. Meanwhile, in Michigan, four players won $200 each. Not really comparable to millions of dollars, but it’s certainly better than nothing! [h2 display=”Navy Veteran Wins in Powerball” menu=”Navy Vet Wins in Powerball”] Thomas Woodard, a Navy veteran from Jackson, Michigan, tried to kept his composure when he realized he had just won $150,000 during last Saturday’s draw—simply because the 81-year-old feared that getting too excited might do more harm than good due to his age. Nevertheless, Woodard was ecstatic—especially because he initially thought he had only won $50,000. The clerk made a mistake, it seemed. Good thing somebody at his bank pointed out that he had actually won more than that! Woodard plans to use some of the money to pay off bills, while saving the rest. [h2 display=”No Winner in Latest Mega Millions Draw” menu=”No Mega Millions Winner”] Last Tuesday, the latest Mega Millions winning numbers drawn were 12-18-19-25-67, with 7 for the Mega Ball, and 5 for the Megaplier. The estimated jackpot was $25 million—however, it’s confirmed that no one won the top prize. This means that, the jackpot will roll to $30 million for this Friday’s draw. [h2 display=”Four Wins $5,000 in Mega Millions” menu=”4 Wins $5,000″] While no one won the $25 million Mega Millions jackpot during last Tuesday’s draw, that doesn’t mean no one won in the lower prize tiers. In fact, four players have been confirmed to have won $5,000 each. The tickets were purchased at:
  • Shoprite, Bergen County
  • Branchburg All Tire & SRVC Inc, Somerset County
  • Leland Liquors & Deli, Union County
  • Mountain Variety, Union County
Did you buy your Mega Millions tickets at any of these places? If so, better double check your numbers again! [h2 display=”Newcastle United Fan Wins £785K in Euromillions” menu=”Fan Wins Big”] 37-year old Bobby Robson, a Newcastle United fan, recently won £785,561.40 during Tuesday evening’s Euromillions draw and was promptly invited to St. James’ Park. There, he popped a bottle of champagne and posed with an Alan Shearer mask on—while holding his giant cheque—for a photo op. The first thing he says he’ll purchase is (quite unsurprisingly) a season ticket so he can catch all his favorite team’s games live. Talk about dedication!   [h2 display=”Small Village Buzzing After Big Win” menu=”Small Village, Big Win”] Residents of Kilmaine—a small, rural village in County Mayo, Ireland—have been flocking to their local store to check if their lottery tickets match the recent winning numbers. The commotion was prompted by confirmation from lottery officials that someone purchased a €500,000 winning ticket at Eugene Walsh’s Centra store. It was the store’s first ever big lottery win—despite having been in business since 1978. The winning numbers were 3-11-12-17-47. So, if you are among the 200 residents of Kilmaine and recently bought a Euromillions ticket, then you might want to check your numbers again!   [h2 display=”Old Timer Set for Life After Iowa Lottery Win” menu=”Iowan Set for Life”] 92-year-old Charles “Chuck” Svatos recently won $25,000 a year, for life, after winning in the Iowa Lottery. Due to his age, Svatos understandably took the lump sum option—which meant that he would receive $390,000. After some federal tax deductions worth almost $100,000 and state taxes worth almost $20,000, Svatos took home $273,000. More interestingly, Svatos kept two fortune cookie messages in his wallet before his big win. One of the messages promised him that he would find some “unexpected treasure,” while the other one predicted that he would soon ride an airplane. Seeing as how the first one actually came to pass, Svatos intends to turn the second one into reality now that he has the means to do so. He plans on visiting only two places: Hawaii and Switzerland.

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