This Week in Lottery: Mix-Ups, Mystery Winners and More

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: July 1, 2018
[h2 display=”Mix-up Leads to Big Powerball Win” menu=”Lotto Mix-up Leads to Win”] Michael Doyle, a 58-year old Michigan man, won the second-tier prize of the September 2, 2017 Powerball draw—believe it or not—due to a mix-up at a lottery retailer. Doyle, who had bought his weekly lottery tickets at Belleville Fuel Mart on a Friday, didn’t realize the store had made a mistake. It was only until the next day, when his tickets fell out of his wallet at a gas station, that he realized that the store gave him Lotto 47 tickets instead of Powerball. So, he immediately bought Powerball tickets at the gas station—which ultimately lead to him matching 5 numbers and winning $1M. Talk about luck! [h2 display=”Mystery Missouri Millionaire” menu=”Mystery Missouri Millionaire”] Did you purchase a Mega Millions ticket last week at a QuikTrip store in St. Louis County, Missouri? If you did, then you might want to check your ticket again if you won. Missouri Lottery officials are saying that someone is holding a $1M winning ticket—which means the ticket matched 5 of the winning numbers (4, 13, 31, 50 & 64). May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery, advises the winner to keep the ticket in a secure place until such time he/she decides to come forward and claim the prize. Reardon also advises the winner to sign the back. The winner has a total of 180 days to claim his/her prize. [h2 display=”Another Mega Millions Win Unclaimed” menu=”Mega Millions Prize Still Unclaimed”] Yet another Mega Millions winning ticket has gone unclaimed. The $3M ticket was purchased at a Giant grocery store in Sterling, Virginia, and so far, a winner has yet to come forward. The winning ticket matched 5 of the main numbers drawn, which means that it is a second prize win worth $1M. However, because the unidentified player added the Megaplier to his purchase, his prize is now worth 3x! So, if you ever bought a Mega Millions ticket in a Giant store in Sterling, you might want to double check your numbers. [h2 display=”Lucky Lottery Player Wins Twice” menu=”Racetrax Winners Wins Twice”] Over the Labor Day weekend, a 61-year old man from Maryland won $16,742.50 at the Racetrax lottery game. What’s interesting about the man’s win is that it’s actually his second time to win at the same game! Two years prior, he had purchased tickets for the same Pick 4 game—which lead him to bagging $19,000 at the time. Talk about history repeating itself! [h2 display=”Small Bet Wins Big” menu=”Small Bet Wins Big”] A man from Northern Ireland matched four of his numbers—6, 9, 18, and 28—on September 5, 2017’s Euromillions draw—which meant he won £33,000. So, what makes this win interesting? It’s safe to say that most players buy multiple lottery tickets to maximize their chances of winning, but the Northern Ireland man won by placing only a £1 bet! [h2 display=”Northumberland Retiree Wins a Million” menu=”Retiree Wins £1M”] 63-year old Violet Grahamslaw of Norham, a retired care worker, knew of her big win when her husband John came home from the local store, looking as if he had seen a ghost, and told her to call the Camelot number. This was after she had discovered several tickets that were left unchecked and had sent John out to have the numbers looked at. Camelot confirmed that one of her tickets had won £1 million. So, yes, always check your lottery tickets! [h2 display=”Mystery Winner from Babergh District” menu=”Mystery Babergh Winner”] If you purchased a Euromillions ticket in the Babergh District in Suffolk, England for the August 15 draw, you might want to double check the Millionaire Maker code on your tickets! The National Lottery is looking for the winner, and if you happen to have the winning numbers, you stand to win £1 million. Take note that the winning code is XRPQ 93305. Winners have until February 11 of next year to claim their prize. If you have the winning code, don’t wait too long!

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