2by2 – North Dakota Lottery

By Kate Loyola
Last Updated: March 15, 2019

How to Play the North Dakota 2by2 Lottery

North Dakota runs the multi-state 2by2 game alongside Kansas and Nebraska. 2by2 draws take place every day, and each draw carries a fixed jackpot of $22,000. Prizes are awarded as lump sums.

2by2 players must select two numbers from 1-26 in their playslip’s Red area and another two numbers from 1-26 in their playslip’s White area.

Players can also double any prizes they win on Tuesday draws by purchasing a ticket for consecutive draws in multiples of 7 (e.g., 7 consecutive draws, 14 consecutive draws, and so on).

North Dakota 2by2 Drawing Schedule

2by2 draws are held every day at 9:30 PM. Players must buy their tickets before 8:58 PM to be eligible for that day’s draw.

North Dakota 2by2 Payouts and Odds of Winning

MatchPrize2by2 Tuesday PrizeOdds
2 Red + 2 White$22,000$44,0001 in 105,625
1 Red + 2 White$100$2001 in 2,200
2 Red + 1 White$100$2001 in 2,200
2 White$3$61 in 383
2 Red$3$61 in 383
1 Red + 1 White$3$61 in 46
1 WhiteFree Ticket2 Free Tickets1:8
1 RedFree Ticket2 Free Tickets1:8

North Dakota 2by2 Numbers and Results

You can find the latest North Dakota 2by2 results and past winning numbers at:

North Dakota Lottery – 2by2