2by2 – Nebraska Lottery

By Kate Loyola
Last Updated: March 12, 2019

How to Play the Nebraska 2by2 Lottery

The Nebraska Lottery runs 2by2, a multi-state draw game also offered in states such as Kansas. The game has a fixed jackpot of $22,000 for each draw, and prizes are paid out in lump sums by default.

Players must pick two numbers from 1-26 in their playslip’s Red area. Then, they must do the same in their playslip’s White area.

If you purchase a ticket for consecutive draws in multiples of 7 (e.g., 7 draws, 14 draws, and so on), you automatically qualify for 2by2 Tuesday, which doubles any prizes you win on Tuesdays.

Nebraska 2by2 Drawing Schedule

2by2 draws are held daily, with results announced on the 10 PM news. Players can buy tickets anytime from 5 AM to 3 AM Central Time, except for the period between 9 PM and 9:03 PM every evening.

Nebraska 2by2 Payouts and Odds of Winning

MatchPrize2by2 Tuesday PrizeOdds
2 Red + 2 White$22,000$44,0001 in 105,625
1 Red + 2 White$100$2001 in 2,200
2 Red + 1 White$100$2001 in 2,200
2 White$3$61 in 383
2 Red$3$61 in 383
1 Red + 1 White$3$61 in 46
1 WhiteFree Ticket2 Free Tickets1:8
1 RedFree Ticket2 Free Tickets1:8

Nebraska 2by2 Numbers and Results

You can find the latest Nebraska 2by2 results and past winning numbers at:

Nebraska Lottery – 2by2