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2by2 is a daily lottery game offered by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) in several states, including Idaho.  This lottery doesn’t have multi-million-dollar prizes, but it’s still easy and exciting to play. You get to pick two numbers from two fields, hence the name.  The biggest prize is $22,000, or $44,000 on Tuesdays if – and only if – you buy tickets for seven consecutive days. Since it’s played every day, this 2by2 offers a better chance of winning large amounts than bigger lotteries.

How to Play

Playing 2by2 is simple, just like most lottery games. Every play costs you $1, and all you need to do is pick two sets of two numbers from each field. You also need to be at least 18 years old to play in Idaho. 

Here’s what you need to do if you want to get a 2by2 ticket and participate in a draw:

  1. Visit your local official Lottery retailer and ask for a 2by2 ticket. If you don’t know where a retail shop is, you can easily find the one closest to you on the Idaho Lottery official website
  2. Pick two numbers from the red field and two numbers from the white field. If you want more than one chance to win, mark numbers in additional fields on the ticket. There are five fieldsets, so you can play five combinations on a single ticket, each costing you $1.
  3. If you don’t want to pick the numbers, just ask the retail employee for the Quick Pick option. This creates a random combination for you.
  4. Wait for that day’s draw to see if you’ve won. We wish you the best of luck!

Tuesday Double Prize Feature

As we’ve mentioned, the biggest prize is $22,000, but with the Tuesday Double Prize Feature, you can win double that amount, $44,000. The Tuesday feature doubles every prize you receive. To enter this particular draw, you need to mark the number of consecutive days you want to play on the Multi-Draw section of the ticket. You can mark 7, 14, 21, 28, or 35 days. 

You can also play for two or three consecutive days if you want, but this doesn’t make you eligible for the Tuesday Double Prize. 

Drawing Schedule

Draws are held every day at 8:15 pm MT. So, to participate in that day’s draw, you have to buy the ticket by 7:55 pm MT on the same day, tickets bought after the cut-off point will count for the next day.

You can check if you’ve won in several ways:

Payouts, Odds, and Rules

To participate, you need to mark your chosen numbers on the ticket correctly. In other words, you need to mark two numbers in the red set and two numbers in the white set. 

If you don’t want to choose and want to play a random combination instead, go for the Quick Pick option by asking the shop clerk. 

If you make a mistake, don’t try to erase the mark, just mark the VOID option. 

To participate in the Tuesday Double Prize draw, you must mark your desired number of consecutive days on the ticket. You need to mark seven or more days to become eligible for a double prize. 

The odds of winning a prize in the 2by2 Idaho Lottery are 1:3.59, but the odds differ greatly depending on the prize. Here’s an overview of all the prize odds:

Numbers Matched Prize 2By2 Tuesday Prize Odds of Winning
2 red balls + 2 white balls $22,000 Grand Prize $44,000 Grand Prize 1:105,625
2 red balls + 1 white ball $100 $200 1:2,201
1 red ball + 2 white balls $100 $200 1:2,201
2 red balls $3 $6 1:383
2 white balls $3 $6 1:383
1 red ball + 1 white ball $3 $6 1:46
1 red ball Free ticket 2 free tickets 1:8
1 white ball Free ticket 2 free tickets 1:8

How to Claim Prizes

You can claim your prize in several ways, depending on the amount you have won:

  • You can claim prizes under $599 at any official Idaho Lottery retail shop. However, you need to sign your ticket before you claim the prize. 
  • If you’ve won $600 or more, you can claim the prize by sending your ticket via mail to Idaho Lottery, P.O. Box 8687, Boise, ID 83707, or by visiting the Idaho Lottery Headquarters at 1199 Shoreline Ln., Ste 100, Boise. Remember that all the prizes of $600 or above require you to present a valid ID, the ticket, and the completed Idaho Lottery Claim form.

You must collect your prize within 180 days of the draw or it will become void. This goes for all prizes in the 2by2 Idaho Lottery.  

Idaho 2by2's Biggest Winners

The 2by2 Lottery doesn’t offer massive prizes, but it is relatively common for people to win the biggest $22,000 prize or even the double $44,000 prize. Naturally, this doesn’t happen every day, but it is still a fairly regular occurrence.

History and Facts

  • 2by2 was introduced in Idaho on April 18, 2021.
  • 2by2 was first introduced by the Multi-State Lottery Association in Nebraska and Kansas in 2002. North Dakota joined the fun in 2006, while Wyoming and Idaho both came on board in 2021. 
  • You cannot claim your prize without your ticket, so make sure you keep hold of it! 
  • 62.5% of dividend funds go to public schools of Idaho, while the rest goes to the state-run Permanent Building Fund. 
  • Idaho has around 1,200 official Lottery retail shops scattered throughout the state. 


How do you win in 2by2?

You win 2by2 by selecting the correct numbers. The biggest prize of $22,000 requires you to guess all four numbers (two red and two white). You can win $100 if you guess three numbers correctly – two of one color, and one of the other. 

The smallest cash prize is $3, which you win if you guess either two red numbers or two white numbers or if you guess correctly one of each. 

To win a free ticket, you only need to guess one number correctly, no matter the color. 

When is the 2by2 Idaho Lottery draw?

The draw is held daily, at 8:15 pm MT. You can participate in every day’s draw – and the Double Prize draw on Tuesdays if you play for seven consecutive days. 

How late can you buy a 2by2 ticket in Idaho?

The cut-off time for buying your 2b2 ticket in Idaho is 7:55 pm on the day of the draw. If you buy the ticket after that time, you’ll automatically participate in the next day’s draw. 

How much tax do you pay on Idaho Lottery winnings?

The Idaho state tax rate on lottery winnings is 6.925%, while the federal tax rate is 24%. The Lottery always automatically deducts both the federal and state income taxes from your lottery winnings if they are over $5,000. 

Whenever you win from the Idaho Lottery, you’ll also receive three copies of W-2 G forms with detailed taxed amounts so that you can file your taxes the following year. One copy is for Idaho state taxes, the other for federal taxes, and the remaining one for your own records.

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