2by2 — Daily Lottery Draw

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: September 13, 2021
In addition to many US lottery games, players living in certain states also have a chance to take part in 2by2 lottery games which offer daily draws. This lottery is organized by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) and is currently available in Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho. Although 2by2 won’t produce massive million-dollar-worth prizes like some other lotteries, its winning odds are pretty good in comparison. Also, the draws take place daily, meaning every morning brings a new opportunity. 

How to Play

It’s important to note that you must be at least 18 to participate in the 2by2 lottery if you’re located in Idaho, Kansas, North Dakota, and Wyoming. If you’re located in Nebraska, you’ll need to be 19 or older to play.

For each 2by2 play, you’ll have to spend $1, which provides eight different ways to win. But before you play, you need to:

  • Visit any licensed 2by2 retail shop and ask for a 2by2 ticket.
  • Create a custom payslip by picking two red numbers between 1 and 26 and two white numbers from the same range.
  • You can either pick your own combination or have the lottery terminal choose random numbers on your behalf.
  • Get your ticket printed and put your signature at the back of it.
  • Keep your fingers crossed and wait for the daily draw.

You also have an option to buy a multi-draw ticket for seven consecutive days. If you go for this option, you’ll automatically unlock the 2by2 Tuesday feature that doubles all potential prizes.

Drawing Schedule

2by2 is a lottery game that features a daily draw from Monday through Sunday. However, as the 2by2 game is only available in Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming, the drawing schedule may differ depending on the state. Before you start playing, check the time of 2by2 draws in your jurisdiction.

Payouts, Odds, and Rules

To win the biggest 2by2 prize – worth $22,000 – you’ll have to match two red and two white numbers correctly. If you match any three numbers, regardless of color, you’ll win $100. For any two numbers, you’ll win $3, while one correct number match will get you a 2by2 ticket for free.

The maximum budget for allocating the Grand Prize on any day from Sunday to Monday is $220,000 (the amount equivalent to ten Grand Prize-winning tickets), while on Tuesdays, the budget is $440,000. 

If more than ten players win the Grand Prize on the same day, prizes are given out on a pari-mutuel basis. In simple terms, the total worth of the Grand Prize may be less than advertised.

Multi-draw selections that can’t be divided by seven aren’t eligible for the 2by2 Tuesday feature. If you win a free ticket, you’ll get a 2by2 quick pick play once you validate your prize.

In general, the odds of winning any 2by2 prize are 1:3.59. If you’re interested in odds for winning each of the prizes based on a $1 play, check out the table below:

Numbers Matched Prize 2by2 Tuesday prize Odds of Winning
2 red balls + 2 white balls $22,000 Grand Prize* $44,000 Grand Prize* 1:105,625
2 red balls + 1 white ball $100 $200 1:2,200.5
1 red ball + 2 white balls $100 $200 1:2,200.5
2 red balls $3 $6 1:382.7
2 white balls $3 $6 1:382.7
1 red ball + 1 white ball $3 $6 1 in 45.8
1 red ball Free ticket 2 free tickets 1:8
1 white ball Free ticket 2 free tickets 1:8

How to Claim 2by2 Prizes

If you win a prize by playing the 2by2 game, you’ll have to claim it in same the jurisdiction that you purchased the ticket. To claim a prize of up to $600, you can visit any lottery retailer licensed to sell 2by2 tickets in the correct jurisdiction. 

You can also claim prizes over $600 at some lottery offices, but this option will depend on your prize amount and the office in question. For bigger prizes, you may have to visit the lottery headquarters, however, this can differ from one state to another, so make sure to double-check this information beforehand.

The expiration date can vary from 90 days to one year, as every jurisdiction determines this individually — you’ll usually find the information on the back of your ticket. If there’s no expiration date listed on your ticket, check the timeframe with your lottery retailer.

Biggest 2by2 Winners

Although 2by2 won’t impress you with mind-blowing prizes, people have regularly won the Grand Prize worth $22,000. You can read about Charles Kalkowski, Robert Schwartz, Lee McNorton, and many other lucky winners on the lottery’s official website.

History and Facts

  • The Multi-State Lottery Association offered a similar game as 2by2 from 1996 to 1998. The game was called Daily Millions with a daily prize of $1 million, and to win the top prize, players had to match two numbers of three different colors red, white, and blue.
  • The 2by2 game first appeared in 2002 in Kansas and Nebraska. North Dakota followed and started selling 2by2 tickets in 2006, with Wyoming and Idaho joining the crowd in 2021. 
  • Similar versions of the 2by2 game were offered to players in Iowa and Minnesota in the past but were discontinued. 2by2 also existed in Arizona, lasting from 2009 to 2014. Instead of 2by2, Arizona now features the All or Nothing game, as do Iowa and Minnesota.
  • Lottery scams are still happening, so don’t reply to anyone who randomly contacts you about winning a 2by2 prize and asks for sensitive information. The drawing results can easily be checked online or at your lottery retail shop.

Other US Lotteries

Apart from 2by2, there are many lotteries you can play in the US, and the most popular ones include Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, and more.


How do you win at 2By2?

To win the Grand Prize worth $22,000, you need to match two red numbers between 1 to 26 and two white numbers from the same range. You can also win a $100 prize by matching any three numbers or $3 for matching any two. If you guess one number correctly, you’ll get a free 2by2 ticket.

What’s more, if you play 2by2 for seven consecutive days, you'll unlock the 2by2 Tuesday feature where all prizes are doubled.

When is the 2By2 draw?

The 2By2 draw takes place every day, which means you have a daily chance to win cash and double prizes on Tuesdays.

How late can you buy a 2By2 ticket?

Different jurisdictions may have different rules regarding the cut-off times of 2by2 ticket sales. You can get accurate information by checking the respective lottery website or asking a clerk at your local retail shop.

How much tax do players need to pay on their 2By2 winnings?

All lottery winnings are subject to both federal and state taxes. The federal tax is most often capped at 24%, while state tax may differ from one jurisdiction to another.