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By Milo Cruz
Last Updated: June 18, 2019

Lotto Results and Winning Numbers - Missouri Lottery (MO)

Lotto Results

Draw Date: 26 Jun 2019

Lotto Results

Draw Date: 22 Jun 2019

Lotto Results

Draw Date: 19 Jun 2019

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The original in-state draw game of the Missouri Lottery, Lotto gives players a shot at becoming an instant millionaire. Jackpots start at $1 million and grow until someone wins. With the EZ Match and Doubler features, your chances at winning become even better!

Missouri Lotto Drawing Schedule

Lotto drawings are held every twice a week – Wednesday and Saturday evenings, at 8:59 PM CST.

Draw break is between 8:59 PM and 9:15 PM on draw nights, and 2 AM to 5 AM every day.

Missouri Lotto Payout and Mechanics

To play Lotto America, players must pick 2 sets of 6 numbers from 1 to 44. The Quick Pick option lets the computer choose numbers randomly. Multi-Draw allows the same set of numbers to be played for up to 15 draws.

Tickets cost $1 for 2 sets of numbers played per draw.

EZ Match

For an additional $1 per play, you can add the EZ Match feature for a chance to win instant prizes of up to $500. EZ Match prints a random set of 6 numbers on your ticket. If you match the any of the EZ Match numbers with the numbers you played, you instantly win the cash prize printed to the corresponding EZ Match number.

Lotto Doubler

The computer will randomly select certain Lotto tickets as Doubler tickets. These tickets are identified with the message: “This is a Doubler Ticket!” If your ticket is a Doubler ticket, and it wins any non-jackpot prize, the prize is automatically doubled.

Doubler comes at no extra cost.

Missouri Lotto Payouts and Odds

Numbers MatchedPrizeOdds
6 of 6Jackpot1 in 3,529,526
5 of 6$715 (average amount)1 in 15,480
4 of 6$29 (average amount)1 in 335
3 of 6Free Lotto ticket1 in 21

Overall odds of winning a prize: approximately 1 in 20.

Missouri Lotto Prize Claiming

You can claim prizes up to $600 at any authorized Missouri Lottery retailer or district office, or by mail. Prizes between $600 and $35,000 can be claimed within the same day at any Missouri Lottery office. Prizes $35,000 and above may take up to two weeks to process.

Jackpot prizes can be awarded as a single lump sum or in 25 annual payments; and are split equally among multiple winners. Winners have 60 days after the claiming date to decide between the the lump sum or annuity option. If no option is chosen, payment automatically defaults to the annuity option.