WinTrillions vs. LottoKings: The Battle of Lottery Sites

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: May 6, 2021

WinTrillions vs LottoKings

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WinTrillions and LottoKings are among some of the better lottery sites in the industry, but which of the two offers better value to players? Both are hybrid lottery sites (i.e. they are both lottery agents and lotto betting sites), and the features on offer are quite similar to one another. Reaching to a decision might just be easier said than done when it comes to these two!

A Look at Both Companies

WinTrillions has been in the online lottery industry since its founding in 2005. Owned by Triangulum N.V., they currently serve more than 480,000 lotto players in over 118 countries worldwide. They used to be primarily a lottery agent but has recently transitioned to a hybrid lottery site. That is, in addition to purchasing tickets, they also offer lotto betting services.

Back in 2007, LottoKings was known by another name: CongaLotto. At the time, it was among one of the most popular sites around, paying out at least $1,000,000 to more than 260,000 winners worldwide. In 2016, they slapped on a new coat of paint and rebranded as LottoKings. While the rebranding took some of the features they offered a few steps back, they still managed to remain a quality lottery agent. Today, like WinTrillions, LottoKings has transitioned into a hybrid lottery site.

WinTrillions LottoKings
Pros Lots of different games to choose from. LottoKings has quite a decent selection of lottery games.
Security is taken seriously. They are serious when it comes to player security.
A wide array of payment methods is accepted here. You can purchase entries for single or multiple draws.
They offer a money-back guarantee. You can get a refund if you are unsatisfied with their service, no questions asked.
You can take home more of your prize because Wintrillions does not charge commissions. LottoKings does not charge a percentage of your winnings.
A full-featured mobile app can be downloaded for free so you can play wherever you go. LottoKings’ website is fully optimized for mobile, so you can play the lottery even on-the-go.
WinTrillions offer various bonuses and perks to help you save.
Cons You can only purchase entries for multiple draws and never single draws, which causes prices to go up. They offer less syndicates and raffles than WinTrillions.
WinTrillions auto-renews your entries even if you chose the minimum number of draws. They accept less payment methods than WinTrillions.

Winner: WinTrillions


Number of Games Offered

Both WinTrillions and LottoKings offers nearly the same number of lottery games. The former currently offers 20 games, while the latter currently offers 19 games. I say “currently” because both lottery sites sometimes add or remove one or two games (depending on availability, I guess?). In any case, what’s great about both is that popular lotteries like Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions and the like are all mainstays, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to play!

Check out a small sampling of their lottery games below:

Lottery Game WinTrillions LottoKings
Australia – Powerball
Brazil – Mega-Sena
California – SuperLotto Plus
Canada – Lotto 649
Europe – EuroJackpot
Europe – EuroMillions
France – Loto
Germany – Lotto
Italy – SuperEnalotto
Spain – La Primitiva
U.S. – Mega Millions
U.S. – New York Lotto
U.S. – Powerball
UK – Euromillions

When it comes to syndicates, WinTrillions’ repertoire contains 12 offerings, while LottoKings only offers 4 group play games.

Syndicates WinTrillions LottoKings
Australia – Lotto
Europe – Euro Club
Europe – Euro Combo
Europe – EuroJackpot
Europe – EuroMillions
Europe – EuroMillions 50
Europe – EuroMillions Max
Italy – SuperEnaLotto
Power Combo
Spain – La Primitva
U.S – Florida Lotto
U.S. – Powerball
U.S. – Mega Millions

As for raffles, both lottery sites usually have identical offerings. However, take note that raffles usually come and go throughout the year because most are only held during certain dates. As of this writing, these are the raffles offered by both WinTrillions and LottoKings:

Millionaire Raffles WinTrillions LottoKings
April’s Special Draw
Super Summer Draw
Loteria Nacional Thursday Draw

Finally, WinTrillions also offers raffle syndicates. LottoKings, unfortunately, does not. Currently, WinTrillions only offers the Super Summer draw raffle syndicate, but they also offer other games during specific times of the year.

As far as game offerings go, it’s clear that WinTrillions has a much better repertoire. LottoKings comes close though!

Winner: WinTrillions


Ticket Prices

WinTrillions vs LottoKings WinTrillions prices
WinTrillions does not allow single draw entries, which contributes to the high prices.

While WinTrillions has better offerings, LottoKings certainly has better prices. The reason why WinTrillions prices are more expensive is due to the fact that they don’t allow players to enter one draw at a time. For example, you can only participate in at least 4 consecutive Powerball draws—which will set you back $39.90 for just one line! LottoKings, on the other hand, allows you to enter at least 1 draw.

Check out the quick comparison below:

Lottery Games WinTrillions LottoKings
Europe – EuroMillions $37.00 1 line, 4 draws $6.00  1 line, 1 draw
Italy – SuperEnalotto $39.90 1 line, 6 draws $3.50 1 line, 1 draw
U.S. – Mega Millions $10.00 1 line, 2 draws $3.50 1 line, 1 draw
U.S. – Powerball $39.90 1 line, 4 draws $7.00 1 line, 1 draw



Bonuses and Perks

When it comes to bonuses, discounts and other perks, WinTrillions trumps LottoKings by a mile. For starters, you can get various discounts via their daily limited-time deals. You can also get a free entry to Mega Millions for successfully referring people. Plus, your referrals get a free entry upon signing up, too!

WinTrillions vs LottoKings Wintrillions bonuses

Finally, WinTrillions also offers a VIP loyalty program that grants you discounts and/or free entries, if you meet the requirements. For every $2 spent, you get 1 VIP point—and once you reach a certain number of points, you can trade them in for the equivalent perks.

WinTrillions vs LottoKings Lottokings bonuses

LottoKings, on the other hand, doesn’t have much in the way of bonuses. They do offer pre-bundled quick pick tickets at slightly discounted prices, but that’s about it. They don’t have daily deals, multi-draw discounts, referral bonuses or VIP loyalty programs.

Winner: WinTrillions


Ease of Use

It’s a close match between WinTrillions and LottoKings, because both offer similarly user-friendly websites. Both are easy to navigate and offer dollops of useful information throughout their sites to help you understand their services better. And if you lead a very on-the-go lifestyle, both sites can be accessed pretty easily via your mobile device. WinTrillions has a slight edge in this aspect because they offer a mobile app in addition to a mobile-optimized website, but LottoKings’ website is perfectly usable on mobile as well.

As far as accessibility goes, WinTrillions allows you to switch between 9 different languages. In addition to English, they also offer Spanish, Portuguese, French, Deutsch, Russian, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Polish. LottoKings, on the other hand, only allows you to switch between 7 languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Deutsch, Russian, Polish and, of course, English.

Winner: WinTrillions


Claiming Prizes

When it comes to prize claiming, both offer easy processes. With WinTrillions, small prizes are automatically deposited to your account. For large prizes, their agents will call you personally to guide you in receiving your winnings.

LottoKings’ process is quite similar, with some minute differences. Small prizes are either deposited to your account or, if you prefer, sent to you via check or wire transfer (at your expense). For larger prizes, tickets will be delivered to you and it will be your responsibility to get in touch with the lottery operator and claim your winnings.

So, which offers a better prize claiming process? It’s a close call because both processes are pretty standard as far as lottery sites go. But LottoKings does offer a bit more options so they win in this round, if only by a hair.

Winner: LottoKings



WinTrillions bests LottoKings when it comes to banking methods. The former accepts at least 30 payment methods, while the latter only accepts 9. Check out the quick comparison below:

Payment Mehods WinTrillions LottoKings
Visa Debit
Visa Electron
American Express
Bank Transfer
Mail Check / Money Order

The Winner is: WinTrillions



WinTrillions and LottoKings keep a tight ship when it comes to security. Both utilize 256-bit SSL from GoDaddy, and both are also scanned and tested daily. WinTrillions’ site is tested by McAffee Secure, while LottoKings’ site seem to be tested in-house. Both are also duly licensed and registered lottery sites so you can be sure that they are not fly-by-night operations.

WinTrillions vs LottoKings security

The Winner is: Both. WinTrillions and LottoKings are serious when it comes to security.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, both WinTrillions and LottoKings are on equal footing. Both offer comprehensive self-help options and both of their support teams can be contacted via phone, email, live chat and online contact form. Beyond that, they also offer in-depth information on the lottery games they offer, which is especially helpful if you’re a newcomer.

The Winner is: Both. WinTrillions and LottoKings both offer great customer support.

The Ultimate Winner: WinTrillions

While there are a lot of similarities between the two, WinTrillions offers the better deal. Not only do they offer more game choices, they also offer more bonuses, languages and banking methods. That’s not to say that LottoKings is a terrible lottery site—they’re not. In fact, they came pretty close to beating the competition in a lot of aspects! They even offer better overall prices. Make no mistake, both lottery sites are fantastic, and you won’t be disappointed with either. However, it’s clear that WinTrillions is the overall winner, even if by just a smidge.