theLotter vs. Lotto Agent: David vs. Goliath

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: May 6, 2021

theLotter vs Lotto Agent Ultimate Battle

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Industry veteran theLotter has long been the go-to lottery site of many players from all over the world, so it’s hard to imagine it being dethroned by a relative newcomer. And yet, that is exactly what Lotto Agent seems to be doing—or at least, trying to do. Since launching, the fledgling lottery site has been constantly adding new lotteries to its repertoire and making other key improvements under the hood. Have they finally caught up with theLotter? Which is the better of the two? Let’s find out!

A Look at Both Companies

theLotter has been in operation since 2002 and is regarded as one of the pioneers in the online lottery industry. Today, it is the leader among a sea of lottery sites, with 20 offices around the world under its belt. The company has also paid out $87,000,000 (and counting!) to winners, making them one of the most trusted when it comes to payouts.

Lotto Agent, on the other hand, has only been in the online lottery game since 2012 (although the company was already being conceptualized as early as 2010). That hasn’t stopped them from slowly inching their way to the top though! Today, they have agents across Australia, Germany, Italy, Latin America, Spain, the UK and the US. And, they are continuously beefing up their offerings in their bid to become the best in the biz.

As to which lottery site comes out on top in the future, we can only speculate. Right now, the most important thing is which of the two currently offers the best value to lottery players. Let’s take a quick peek at both their pros and cons:


theLotter Lotto Agent


They offer a wide array of international lottery games. They offer a decent number of lotteries which include some of the most popular ones today.
They are a legitimate global operation, with offices in around 20 countries and with more than a decade of experience under their belt. Lotto Agent is a legitimate global operation as well. They have agents in 8 countries including Australia, Germany, Italy, Latin America, Spain, the UK and the US.
SSL encryption keeps data going to and from theLotter secured. Plus, they are PCI DSS compliant. On top of being secured by SSL encryption, Lotto Agent also has PCI DSS certification.
You can take home all your winnings without having to worry about extra charges. Lotto Agent does not take any commissions which means you get to take home more of your winnings.
theLotter offers quality, round-the-clock customer support. Offers tons of How-To guides and various support channels.
They accept a ton of payment methods. Accepts over 100 payment methods.
You can play on-the-go via app. Offers a fully functional mobile app.
Unique livestream feature allows you to view draws in real time.
Cons Extra handling fees cause tickets to be more expensive than others. Currently does not offer syndicates.
Website comes in only 6 languages.


Winner: theLotter


Number of Games Offered

When it comes to features, none are as important as the games on offer. They are, after all, the reason people come! You can have the most affordable or secured lottery site around, but without the games to back it up, it’s pretty much a sure bet that players will look elsewhere for more choices.

theLotter is currently the king when it comes to offering a vast library of official lottery games. You have 50 international games to choose from—ranging from the biggest and most popular to the relatively obscure. They also offer 25 syndicates and occasional raffles.

On the other hand, Lotto Agent only has 21 games in its repertoire so far. These include popular games, like US Powerball, Mega Millions, Australian Powerball, Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto, and more. Syndicate lovers will be disappointed here though. Lotto Agent does not offer group play games. They do have one raffle on offer though.

Check out the quick comparison table below:

Australia – Powerball
Australia – Monday Lotto
Australia – Saturday Lotto
Australia – Wednesday Lotto
Brazil – Mega-Sena
California – SuperLotto Plus
Canada – Lotto 649
Europe – EuroJackpot
France – EuroMillions
France – Loto
Germany – Lotto
Hungary – Hatoslotto
Italy – SuperEnalotto
New Zealand – Powerball
Spain – BonoLoto
Spain – EuroMillions
Spain – La Primitiva
U.S. – Mega Millions
U.S. – New York Lotto
U.S. – Powerball
UK – Euromillions

As for syndicates, here is a quick comparison:

Australia – Powerball
Australia – Monday Lotto
Australia – Wednesday Lotto
Australia – Oz Lotto
Austria – EuroMillions
Canada – Lotto 649
California – SuperLotto Plus
Europe – EuroJackpot
France – Loto
U.S. – Powerball
U.S. – Mega Millions

 Winner: theLotter


Ticket Prices

While theLotter clobbers Lotto Agent as far as offered games go, this is where the latter comes out swinging. Due to agent handling fees, tickets at theLotter are generally more expensive than the norm. To make matters worse, they don’t allow players to purchase only 1 ticket line, which adds on to the price. On the other hand, not only does Lotto Agent offer some of the lowest ticket prices around, they also allow players to purchase only 1 ticket line if they want.

Check out a quick comparison below to see what I mean:

Australia – Powerball $11.08 $7.82
Italy – SuperEnalotto $15.39 $3.33
Spain – La Primitiva $12.31 $3.45
U.S. – Powerball $14.95 $5.29
U.S. – Mega Millions $14.95 $5.29
UK – EuroMillions $20.68 $7.02

Winner: Lotto Agent


Bonuses and Perks

As far as bonuses and perks go, theLotter keeps things simple. Multi-draw discounts, which slashes off ticket prices the more consecutive draws you choose to enter, are woven into all their lottery game offerings. For example, if you chose to enter 5 consecutive draws in their Powerball game, you can get a a pretty decent 15% discount. Or, you can get a sizeable 25% discount if you enter 52 consecutive draws.

theLotter Multi-draw discounts

And then there’s the VIP club. Anyone who purchases a ticket worth at least $1 is entitled to a spot on the VIP roster. A $1 purchase translates to 1 VIP point, and you need at least 51 VIP points to become eligible for the perks—ranging from a measly 2.5% discount to a decent 20% discount. However, to become eligible for the 20% discount, you’d have to accumulate at least 5,000 VIP points.

On the other hand, while Lotto Agent does not offer a VIP loyalty program, they do have several bonuses that can help you save even more money. For starters, players can enjoy discounts for purchasing more than 1 ticket line. Even better, the more lines you purchase, the deeper the discounts go. Depending on the game, you can get up to 15% off!

Lotto Agent discounts

Like theLotter, Lotto Agent also offers multi-draw discounts where you can get as much as 10% off—which means, if you purchase multiple lines and enter multiple draws, you can get as much as 25% off on a single transaction. Finally, if you subscribe to a lottery game, Lotto Agent provides your 10th ticket for free!

So, who wins this round? That’s a tough one. theLotter offers pretty sizeable multi-draw discounts, but the VIP program may not be for everyone—especially when it requires you to reach 5,000 VIP points (or $5,000 worth of tickets) just to become eligible for the 20% discount. That said, these bonuses definitely help bring down the ticket price. So, that’s something.

Lotto Agent’s bonuses are a bit more accessible though, and you can get some pretty good deals out of it—that is, if you play your cards right. Plus, the subscription freebie is certainly a nice touch.

Winner: Both. While the bonuses aren't perfect, both theLotter and Lotto Agent still offer great deals.

Ease of Use

Both theLotter’s and Lotto Agent’s sites are quite easy to use, a breeze to navigate and are devoid of any unsightly ads. Likewise, registering an account with them are both quick and painless. And, they also provide several features that can make your lottery experience easier (and more exciting!), such as automatic notifications, quick pick, mobile apps, and systematic forms. There are some differences though.

theLotter Languages ease of use

For starters, theLotter excels in in catering to a much wider audience than Lotto Agent. They offer their website in 13 different languages, which includes English, Russian, Deutsch, Svenska, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Polski, Romanian, and Magyar.

Lotto Agent Languages ease of use

Meanwhile, Lotto Agent only offers its website in 6 languages. You can switch between English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian on their primary website, while 2 websites on different domains are presented in different languages each.

It’s a close match between the two, but theLotter clearly proves to be the more easily accessible of the two sites.

Winner: theLotter


Claiming Prizes

Claiming prizes from theLotter and Lotto Agent are both painless processes. First off, both websites automatically notify you in case of a win—whether that be the jackpot or a smaller prize. theLotter offers free SMS and email notifications, while Lotto Agent only offers email notifications. In the event of jackpot wins, both sites will contact you immediately to guide you through the process.

As far as claiming jackpots, theLotter has a slight edge in that they may choose to pay for your travel expenses, so you can travel to the country where your ticket was purchased and collect your winnings. Lotto Agent, meanwhile, can only help you arrange your trip and give you legal and financial advice.

As for secondary wins, both sites automatically deposit smaller prizes to player accounts, but take note that with theLotter, there are some caveats. These are:

  • If your prize is deemed as a “secondary winning,” then expect your prize to be deposited to your account within 24 hours.
  • If, on the other hand, your prize is considered “locally taxed,” the prize will be deposited to your account within 15 days. Officials lotteries may require you to appear in person to claim your prize as well.

With Lotto Agent, all non-jackpot wins are automatically deposited to your account within 3 hours after the draw. While this gives Lotto Agent a slight advantage over their competition, theLotter does make it up in other areas.

Winner: Both. theLotter and Lotto Agent offers easy-peasy prize claiming processes.


Both theLotter and Lotto Agent offers a wide array of payment methods. theLotter offers 32 deposit options, and 7 withdrawal methods, ranging from popular credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, to online wallets like Skrill, Neteller and more.

Meanwhile, Lotto Agent claims to accept over 100 payment methods, though it’s not readily apparent as the website only advertises 22 deposit options and 5 withdrawal options. Take note that, on both lottery sites, players will only be able to access payment options that are available in their location.

Check out a quick comparison of both sites’ payment methods below:

American Express
Diners Club

Winner: Lotto Agent



Lotto Agent SecuritytheLotter Security

When it comes to site security, it’s a close match between theLotter and Lotto Agent. theLotter utilizes 128-bit GeoTrust SSL to secure its site, while Lotto Agent uses 256-bit Comodo SSL. Both lottery sites are PCI DSS compliant as well, so you can be sure your payment data will be secure. Both websites also scan tickets and send the copies to players, which proves that you are the owner of said tickets.

Winner: Both. As far as security goes, theLotter and Lotto Agent stand on equal footing.

Customer Support

On top of exhaustive self-help and educational materials, theLotter’s agents can also be easily reached via various help channels. They offer 8 different phone lines, email, fax, live chat, and support via WhatsApp—and their agents respond fairly quickly and are quite knowledgeable.

On the other hand, Lotto Agent offers several how-to guides, a meaty self-help section, and some educational materials. They can be contacted via phone, live chat, email, and online contact form. As far as support goes, theLotter comes out on top—but only by a hair.

Winner: theLotter


The Ultimate Winner: theLotter

It was a pretty close match all throughout, but theLotter still comes out on top as the ultimate lottery site. While Lotto Agent trumps theLotter’s offerings as far as banking methods, bonuses and ticket prices are concerned, theLotter still proves it offers the better deal when it comes to other aspects. They offer more games, a more accessible site, and more support options. They may be the more expensive option of the two, but you are getting a service that’s been honed for more than a decade.