Worlds Luckiest People

By keith
Last Updated: April 16, 2024
Luck is something that every person wishes they have but only a lucky few are truly lucky. Some things on earth have very slim chances of happening and sometimes the luck is in your favour and it happens and sometimes this is good and sometimes it is awful. Some examples of luck are people being struck by lightning or winning the lottery.

Edwin E. Robinson

For the normal person, getting struck by lightning is a 1 in 12,000 chance, so the odds are very very small but for Robinson, these chances were 100% when the deaf and blind 62-year-old got struck by lightning. The story starts when Robinson walks outside with his symbol cane to go looking for his chicken. After looking for a while he decided to hide under a tree to shelter himself from the rain, this proved to be ineffective because he was struck by lightning and lay on the ground, unconscious for 20 minutes.    After this, he stumbled into his home and took a very well-deserved nap. After waking up later in the night he discovered that he could see and hear again. After frantically checking to make sure he wasn't dreaming, he called the doctor and the doctor discovered that he did indeed get his sight and hearing back. He also explained that the only reason he survived was because of his rubber-soled shoes that he had on. When we mention luck we won't get a better story than this. 

Joan R. Ginther

Winning the jackpot of a lottery is known for being one of the most difficult things you can do. The chances of winning the grand prize are that slim and that's why people enjoy it so much. With only a few people ever winning it once let alone twice, Joan R. Ginther did not find it much of a challenge to win the lottery as she won an incredible four times over her life.    This first started when she won $5.4 million only to win another $2 million a decade later, but she didn't stop there, over the next few years she won another $3 million and in 2008 won a whopping $10 million solidifying her incredible luck. Joan Ginther won a total of 20.4 million dollars and will be remembered as one of the luckiest people ever, as millions of people check the lotto and the 49s results every day and sometimes still don’t get a win, but if you were to take on thing from Joan’s story, it is that you should keep trying because you do not know what could happen. 

Terri Preece

Oysters are a delicacy in food and are one of the most popular bits of seafood to eat. Whether at home or in restaurants, people love to eat oysters. A lot of people love them because they are an aphrodisiac but Terri Preece loves them for more than that reason as she found a pearl herself.    Preece was doing a shop in Tesco where she found some oysters she wanted but to her shock, she beat a one in one million chance and found a pearl inside the oyster. Since this Terri has recently moved to Spain and the people she worked with made the ring into a ring as a goodbye gift and a token so she can always remember her good luck.

Maarten De Jonge

A lot of people's greatest fear is flying in planes and although it is very safe and the chances of a crash are very slim, there still is a chance that the plane could crash. A lot of lucky people around the world often miss things that would put them in danger by accident.    A cyclist in the Netherlands, Maarten De Jonge, is one of the lucky people who avoid accidents but he did it twice with two flights. The first time he booked a seat in a flight and was set to go on it but canceled his seat as he found a cheaper flight. The original flight he was meant to be on crashed and the plane went down midair. The second time he cheated death was in 2014 when he rescheduled his flight for a later date only for this plane to go down and never be found, proving he is one of the luckiest people on Earth.