LottoPalace Review

I’m not 100% sold on LottoPalace—but they do hold promise.

LottoPalace is a lotto betting site, which means you only bet on the outcome of lotteries.

Despite this, I found the variety of their offerings quite impressive. Not only do you get more than 10 single play games, they also offer syndicates, scratch cards, and instant win games.

Plus, they also offer bundles. They also don’t take commissions and they take security quite seriously. Still, there’s more about their service that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Find out what those are below!

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: September 20, 2018

13 Lottery Games Offered

Regular Lottery Games

LottoPalace offers a good mix of games that hail from various countries.

The 13 games include US games like Powerball and Mega Millions; European lotteries like EuroJackpot, UK Lotto, and Euromillions; and even Australian lotteries like the Australian Powerball and OZ Lotto. The ticket prices, meanwhile, are quite affordable, too (eg. US Powerball tickets cost €3.00 or $3.53). Check out all the games they offer below:

Lottery Games
US PowerballMega Millions
UK EuromillionsEuroJackpot
OZ LottoLotto 6aus49
UK LottoIrish Lottery
El Gordo de la PrimitivaAustralia Powerball
Lotto AustriaSweden Lotto 1
Bono Lotto



LottoPalace doesn’t skimp on syndicates like other sites; they currently have 12 on tap.

Their syndicates include almost all of the lotteries found in their single play selection, plus one that is exclusive to group play: Lotto France. Beyond that, they also offer 4 syndicate bundles. Check them out below:

Combo Games IncludedTotal Lines
US ComboUS Powerball + Mega Millions66
US Mega Kombo Group GameUS Powerball + Mega Millions100
Lotto 6aus49 – Euromillions – EuroJackpot WeekendLotto 6aus49 + Euromillions + EuroJackpot174
6aus49 EuroJackpot Powerball Combo Weekend6aus49 + EuroJackpot + Powerball257

Scratch Cards

LottoPalace also offers 11 virtual scratch cards.

LottoPalace Scratch Cards
One of the scratch cards they offer.

These aren’t the usual games offered by other lottery sites—which is good—but the concept is the same. The prices aren’t bad, either. The cheapest game you can enter costs €0.05 per game, for instance.

Meanwhile, the highest prize you can get is €100,000. Not bad for scratch cards.

Instant Win Games

If virtual scratch cards aren’t your thing, LottoPalace also offers 8 instant win games.

These games function more like video games.

One, for example, looks like a retro video game in the vein of Space Invaders, but works a little differently. You click on each enemy spaceship to reveal an icon, which you collect 3 of to get a prize.

Meanwhile, SkullDiggery is a pirate themed game wherein the player must choose where to dig for treasure. Again, if you match several of the same treasure, you win the corresponding prize.

LottoPalace Instant Win Game
Instant win games offer a more interactive approach.

As you can see, these games offer a bit more interactivity than scratch cards, but what’s more enticing about these instant win games is the fact that they offer bigger prizes.

LottoPalace’s virtual scratch cards only lets you win up to €100,000, whereas you can win as much as €250,000 when you play the Bingo game.

Deposit and Withdrawal with LottoPalace


LottoPalace’s banking methods aren’t as robust as other lottery sites.

They only accept 4 payment methods, namely: Visa, MasterCard, SoFort, and giropay. Below are more details:

Payment MethodFeeProcessing TimeCurrency


LottoPalace only offers one withdrawal method.

Currently, they only offer bank transfers and nothing else. It’s also important to note that they may require ID and other documents from players before a withdrawal is granted.

Also, high withdrawal requests may take up to five working days to push through. The minimum withdrawal is €5.

Is LottoPalace Safe?

As far as security goes, LottoPalace has the goods.

To secure data that goes to and from the website, they use 256-bit Comodo SSL encryption. They are also licensed and regulated by the Curacao government, so you can be sure they adhere to e-gaming standards. Google Safe Browsing also notes that no unsafe content is found on their website. They don’t register on Norton SafeWeb and Webutations though.

LottoPalace’s Customer Support

LottoPalace’s customer support is nothing spectacular—just adequate.

Don’t get me wrong—their FAQs does a pretty good job of explaining the basics, but it feels like its lacking. It’s not as in-depth as other lottery sites. If you need to contact them, you can only do so via live chat and email.

I tried reaching them through live chat support and, to say the least, I wasn’t 100% impressed. For starters, the live chat window seems to be permanently stuck in the German language option. I tried changing switching from English to German and back to see if it will affect the live chat window, but that didn’t change anything.

Thankfully, the live chat agent understands English. The agent that assisted me was helpful, to a certain degree. At first, when asked if jackpot winners would have to travel far to claim their prizes, she simply copied what was written on their FAQs.

In the first place, I was asking that very question because their FAQs weren’t exactly all that clear. I needed someone to explain the details to me—not parrot an FAQ answer. She did give me clear, concise answers after a few minutes though.

Other Features

Lottery Education Materials

LottoPalace’s education materials are severely lacking.

For starters, unlike other lottery sites, they don’t provide information about each lottery game they offer. If you wanted to learn more about US Powerball, for instance, you’re pretty much on your own.

They don’t explain each individual game mechanics, the different prize tiers, and the like. Sure, they do provide lotto strategies, but that’s not enough.

Ease of Use

For the most part, using LottoPalace’s website is a cinch.

I really like how simple their website design is and how it is devoid of obtrusive ads. I also liked how they provide a few samples of all the game types they offer right on the front page.

In addition to allowing quick access to the games, these also make it easy for players to get a good sense of what’s on tap without having to rummage through LottoPalace’s entire selection.

LottoPalace Website
You can only choose between 2 languages, but at least their website is simple and easy to use.

On the other hand, what I didn’t like about their website is how limited the language options are. As of this writing, LottoPalace only lets players switch between 2 languages: English and German.

Sure, players can always turn to Google Translate, but an official translation straight from the source is always going to be more accurate.

How LottoPalace Works

Setting Up an Account

Creating an account at LottoPalace is as easy as pie.

Here’s how:

LottoPalace Registration

  1. Click on the yellow “Sign Up” button located at the upper right corner of their website.
  2. Complete the registration form by providing your first and last names, email, password, country, phone number and date of birth.
  3. Confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.
  4. Click on the big, yellow “Sign Up” button.
  5. Start playing!

Alternatively, you can also sign up using your Facebook credentials—you need only click on the blue “Continue with Facebook” button in the registration form to sign up.

It’s much faster, especially if you are already logged into Facebook on your computer or mobile device.


Playing at LottoPalace is equally simple—especially if you are familiar with online lottery sites.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your LottoPalace account.
  2. Choose from any of the games they offer.
  3. Choose how many lines you want to play.
  4. Pick your numbers. You can also choose to have it randomly picked for you by their system.
  5. Choose how many draws you wish to participate in. You can also subscribe if you want.
  6. Click on the yellow “Submit” button.
  7. Confirm your purchase order.
  8. Click on the yellow “Buy Now” button.
  9. Wait to see if you win!


LottoPalace makes it easy for winners to claim their winnings—regardless how much you win.

Since LottoPalace is not a lottery agent, you don’t really need to appear in person if you win the jackpot. Whether it’s a small win or the jackpot, LottoPalace credits all winnings to your account.

That said, there are different rules depending on how much you win—though they don’t seem to openly divulge this information. Still, this is one of the better “side-effects” of them not being a lottery agent service.

Alternatives to LottoPalace

If lotto betting isn’t to your liking, there are tons of lottery agents out there that offer much better services. Here are the top 3:

theLotter Review

Choose from a plethora of games.

theLotter is king when it comes to single play games. They have 53 lotteries on tap—which includes the most lucrative lotteries around, plus some relatively obscure ones as well.

They accept more than twenty payment methods.

Players can choose to use any of the 29 accepted deposit methods, and 7 withdrawal methods.

They support more languages.

theLotter currently supports 14 languages, which include English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and more.

WinTrillions Review

They offer a wide variety of game types.

On top of the 20 single play games they offer, WinTrillions also has 14 syndicates, several millionaire raffles and some raffle syndicates.

Like theLotter, they have robust banking methods.

They accept over 32 different payment methods so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have Visa or MasterCard.

You can switch between 10 different languages.

International players can rest easy; WinTrillions lets you switch between various languages easily if you don’t understand English that well. They have Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Parsi, and Polish.

LottoKings Review

Of the 3, they have the most affordable ticket prices.

LottoKings is known as one of the most affordable lottery agents around. One Powerball ticket, for instance, costs only $3.50, whereas it would cost double or triple elsewhere.

They also make it easy for winners to get their prizes.

Jackpot winners don’t have to travel far—you can claim prizes at the nearest LottoKings office. You can also choose to be issued a check instead. Of course, you can still claim prizes the traditional way if you want.

They don’t provide ticket scans.

Though LottoKings is a lottery agent, they don’t scan the tickets they purchase on a player’s behalf. They do provide purchase invoices though.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t have a problem with lotto betting, LottoPalace is well worth a look.

For starters, LottoPalace gets game variety right. Not only do you get a decent number of single and group play games, you can also play in several interactive games and scratch cards if you want a change of pace.

Plus, who wouldn’t like an easy prize claiming process where all you have to do is wait for the winnings to be credited to your account? More than that, they also don’t take commissions from your winnings—just applicable bank transfer costs.

LottoPalace’s mistake is that, by accepting only a handful of payment methods and offering only 2 language options, they are making it a bit difficult for some people to use their website.

On top of that, their support options aren’t all that impressive. Decent, sure—but quite lacking in some areas. It’s a shame, really, because their website is, for the most part, a breeze to use.

That said, if you can get past their shortcomings, there’s no harm in checking out LottoPalace.

About LottoPalace

LottoPalace is a licensed lotto betting site that is operated by Altair Entertainment N.V., and is regulated by the Curacao government. Unlike lottery agent services, LottoPalace does not purchase tickets on a player’s behalf—they simply allow players to bet on the outcome of official games.

2 Comments on Product LottoPalace


    On the 20th of February 2018, I was searching for a reputable lottery agent that buy’s tickets on behalf of customers which enable such customers to participate in big

    lotteries in other countries. I came across your firm ( LottoPalace) on the internet which appeared to provide such service.

    I initiated a chat on the website to inquire if indeed they provided the service I was looking for and I was informed they did.

    I followed the procedure on the website by registering my details (Name, phone number, Debit Card details) etc.. and deposited funds that I could conveniently afford to

    purchase my tickets (€110) or thereabouts.

    During my purchase, I received a phone call from Mr. Ben Robinson stating that there was a better and cost-effective way to purchase the tickets which would be to

    purchase a Combo 3 bundle that would cost €390.00 Euro that would last for 12 weeks a cost I had not planned for.

    He further explained that this was a group ticket also known as a syndicate ticket which would increase my chances of winning. He also stated that the Combo 3 bundle

    would run 10 draws per week for 12 weeks being 3 months. I asked him to send me an email with the details for me to consider he said he would send it while I was on the

    phone which he did. His statement made sense and I proceeded to arrange the funds and deposited it on the Lottopalace site to purchase the bundle as he insisted I had to

    be quick so that he could get the tickets in.

    Once the funds were sent to the site, he issued 10 active group tickets for the first week of which I could view all numbers on all the tickets. (Tickets listed above) He

    also persuaded me to purchase a scratch card bundle costing €700 Euros of which I stated clearly that I could not afford as it was way over my budget neither do I play

    scratch cards or gamble with money of that size.

    He insisted that the said scratch card bundle had guaranteed winnings that would cover the overall cost of both my lottery tickets and the scratch card. I told him that I

    did not have such funds at my disposal and that the only way I could possibly come up with such funds was if I was to take out an overdraft in form of a loan from my

    Bank. He insisted that I should get the loan as he assures me that I would be able to repay it via the guaranteed winnings in the shortest time possible.

    He called me several times asking if I had gotten the loan. I finally got the loan on Friday the 23rd of February and sent the funds to him via the lottoPalace website as

    requested by Mr. Robinson and the scratched bundle was then purchased but not played as he indicated he would instruct me when to play it.

    On Monday the 27th of Feb 2018 I noticed there were no new active tickets for the week added to my ticket queue. I contacted him and expressed my concerns stating that I

    needed to be able to view my tickets prior to the draw as I would like to verify my lottery winnings myself.

    Mr. Ben Robinson stated that there was a software upgrade on the site which prevented the tickets from being visual to all their customers however he claimed he could see

    all 10 tickets for the week from his side and that I should not worry that if there were any winnings after the draw, the winnings would be credited to my account.

    I insisted that he either published the tickets on the site or send me scanned copies since if I did not have copies of the tickets prior to the lottery results, there is

    no way of knowing for sure if I had won or not. He then replied I have to trust him.

    This, in my opinion, is absurd as there is nowhere on the planet you go and pay for a lottery ticket and you are told the ticket will be given to you after the draw and I

    should trust the agent. I expressed my dissatisfaction with his suggestion but he claimed it was 5 pm and he had to go home.

    To this end, I feel cheated and duped I, therefore, demanded a full refund of the cost of the 11 weeks unused tickets that were not provided including the € 700 Euros

    that was cunningly obtained by deception for the un-played scratch card which is still sitting on my account on their website untouched. I expected to receive the refund

    within 3 working days as a result of his misrepresentation, breach of your contractual duties and trust.
    But I did not.

    The whole picture has the hallmarks of a Lottery Scam and I informed them that unless a refund was made within 3 working days from the date of my email, I will be forced

    to explore all options available to me which start from reporting this case to the police as well as escalating the matter to a number of governing bodies that

    investigates internet malpractices such as obtaining money by deception and misrepresentation otherwise known as fraud. I will also consider posting my reviews on all my

    networks across the internet warning others of my awful experience with your firm and to Beware.

    They never did respond to my email. I am still pursuing this matter relentlessly.

    1. Hi John,

      Sorry to hear about your troubles with Lotto Palace. Just a few things that should be noted:

      • We are not, in any way, part of Lotto Palace, nor do we work for them. I assume you are copy/pasting your message and posting in as much websites as possible for visibility, but just had to clear that up. 🙂
      • Lotto Palace is a lotto betting site only, which means they don’t purchase tickets on your behalf. You’re simply betting on a game’s outcome. That said, it is weird that he didn’t just say that to you.

      Hope you get your issues resolved!

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