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Written by Nicholas Christensen
Last Update: June 26, 2018
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2.1 / 5

Health Lottery offers an interesting philanthropic proposition, but ultimately fails due to numerous limitations.

It’s not every day that you get to play lottery while giving something back to society. The lottery isn’t exactly associated with charity, after all. And yet, that’s what Health Lottery does. They offer one, affordable game, for which a portion of the funds go to health-related causes. It’s interesting and noble, but it isn’t for lottery lovers.

Beyond the very limited lottery selection, the biggest possible jackpot you can win here is capped at £100,000. You can win prizes below that, but never beyond it. Meanwhile, players have to manually set up a syndicate if they want to play in groups – which means you can’t just join one immediately on their site. Still interested? Only residents of Great Britain are allowed here. That said, whether you are a resident or not, I would advise you to look elsewhere.

Number of Lotteries: 1

Health Lottery

Health Lottery Promotions and Bonuses

Limited-time discounts and bonuses

Special raffles

Overall 2.1/5

Registration 2.0/5

Bonuses, Promotions, and Games 1.5/5

Trust and Security 4.0/5

Experience (Interface and Ease of Use) 2.5/5

Payment/Withdrawal Options 1.0/5

Customer Support 2.0/5

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Registration 2.0

Health Lottery Registration Form

For the most part, creating an account with Health Lottery is easy--but there is one big caveat.

It works just like most lottery sites, though you do have to provide a bit more information than just your email and preferred password. That's not the big issue though. Health Lottery is exclusive to UK players, which means every other player in the world won't have access. You could, in theory, use a VPN but how far that will get you is anyone's guess. Plus, it's not really ideal to find workarounds just to gain full access to Health Lottery's site. It's not like they offer the best lottery around.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Games 1.5

Regular Lottery Game

If you were hoping to play in some of the biggest and most lucrative lotteries around – like US Powerball or Mega Millions – then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Health Lottery only has its one lottery game on offer, which costs £1 per entry and offers a jackpot prize of up to £100,000. Another important thing to note is that for every £1 spent on their site, 20 pence goes to local health-related causes.


Surprisingly, Health Lottery offers a group play option for its lottery game.

Unfortunately, unlike other lottery sites where all you’d need to do is choose how many shares you want to purchase, you need to set up almost everything here by yourself. Basically, you become a syndicate manager. Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

  • First, you need to download an agreement form.
  • Then, you need to pick your team. It can be anyone – be it family, friends, or colleagues. Your choice.
  • Pick your numbers and decide on how many draws.
  • Have everyone in your team, including yourself, sign the agreement form.
  • Submit your entry.

You can also get a syndicate pack if you want more help in getting started. On top of all the need-to-know information about their syndicate play, the pack also contains a poster to aid you in recruiting members to your syndicate, some playcards, and – amusingly – a fridge magnet.

Instant Win Games

Health Lottery Instant Win Games Sample

A small sampling of their Instant Win games.

Beyond their singular lottery game, Health Lottery also provides interactive, instant win games.

These are small video games that you can play to win some real money. Each game has a different theme, a different goal, and different cash prizes. Each entry costs £1, and the highest prize you can win is £10,000 – though most games offer less maximum prize thresholds.


Another thing that surprised me was that Health Lottery offers a bunch of promotions.

More than that, the promotions they offer are pretty varied – and don’t feel like run-of-the-mill lottery discounts or freebies (though there are promos like that as well). For instance, they are currently running a promo that requires you to share a selfie holding your Health Lottery ticket for the chance to win a brand new iPad Pro. They also run special raffles wherein lucky online players can win cash prizes, vouchers, gadgets and more.

Trust and Security 4.0

Health Lottery may have tons of limitations, but they are at least a safe and legitimate lottery site.

For starters, they employ Starfield Class 2 SSL to ensure that data going to and from their site are encrypted. Beyond that, they are also licensed and regulated by the UK’s Gambling Commission. This alone tells you that they abide by the strictest of gaming standards, so you don’t have to worry about it being a scam.

Experience (Interface and Ease of Use) 2.5

Lottery Education Materials

Health Lottery manages to provide adequate education about its lottery game.

You can find a lot of information about their game, their raffles, and other aspects of their service peppered throughout their entire website. Honestly, I would be surprised if they botched this up, seeing as how they only have one lottery game to educate players about. That said, there doesn’t seem to be a glossary section – though it’s not really needed here.

Ease of Use

Health Lottery Website

Health Lottery's website is fun, colorful and easy to use.

Health Lottery’s site is pretty straight forward and easy to use.  

On top of its user-friendliness, Health Lottery’s site is clean and the aesthetic they went with is quite lively. I liked its use of different colors and images – making it seem more “fun” than other lottery sites. There’s nothing new about it though – if you’ve used a lottery site before, this should feel familiar in no time. Of course, your enjoyment depends on whether you can access their website or not.


Since Health Lottery only has one lotto game on tap, you don’t have to keep up with various game rules. It’s easy, too.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Health Lottery account.
  2. Click on the “Play” link on the navigation menu.
  3. Decide how many lines you want to play.
  4. For each line, choose five numbers from a pool of 1 to 50. You can also have your numbers automatically chosen for you via the Quick Pick option.
  5. Decide whether you which draws you want to participate in.
  6. Decide if you want to play continuously. You can choose to do so up to 8 weeks.
  7. Add a promo code if you have one.
  8. Click on the orange “Play Now” button.
  9. Wait to see if you win!


Winning and claiming prizes works just like any other lottery site – though there are some variances when it comes to the latter.

During drawing, 5 numbers plus a bonus ball will be drawn. Results will be broadcasted very Tuesday to Saturday. Much like most lotteries, your prize depends on how many balls match the numbers you have chosen. 5 balls, for instance, will net you the jackpot. The fewer balls you match, the smaller the prizes become.

If you win, Health Lottery will contact you via email. Meanwhile, if you win a large prize (or the jackpot), you will have to call Health Lottery yourself so they can help you make arrangements for collecting your prize. Depending on where or how you bought your ticket/s, there are also different mechanics that you need to keep in mind when claiming your winnings:

  • Online Players & Direct Debit Players: If you win less than £2,000, Health Lottery will transfer your prize into your account. But, if you win £2,000 or more, you will have to call them so their team can guide on what to do next.
  • Retail Players: If you purchased your tickets from one of Health Lottery’s retailers, you can claim winnings of up to £50 from them. However, for prizes up to £250, you would have to claim your prizes from a participating Post Office. Finally, if you’ve won more than £250, you need to call Health Lottery so they can assist you and provide further guidance.

Payment/Withdrawal Options 1.0

It’s not immediately clear what banking methods Health Lottery accepts.

From rummaging through their website, what’s apparent is that they accept bank transfers and debit cards. But, exactly what banks or debit cards (or even credit, if any) are accepted aren’t really discussed. Perhaps registered members can see the options available, but since I don’t have a Great Britain address nor a Great Britain bank account, it’s difficult for me to confirm that. In any case, information like this should be displayed upfront so interested players can immediately see if the payment method they use regularly is accepted or not.

Customer Support 2.0

Live Support

Phone Support

Health Lottery’s FAQ is pretty meaty, though their contact options are a bit limited.

For the most part, their FAQ manages to go through nearly all aspects of their service in detail (save from their accepted payment methods). However, if you run into a problem that self-help measures cannot solve, you can only get in touch with Health Lottery via phone or email. There’s no live chat option and their agents are only available during regular UK business hours.

Bottom Line for Health Lottery Overall: 2.1

Fine, but look for alternatives.
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