Bmillions Review

My experience with Bmillions is mixed. They excel in certain areas but are lacking in others.

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Bmillions is a hybrid lottery site which means they both purchase tickets on your behalf and also allow you to bet on game outcomes without buying a ticket. I found that Bmillions offers a simple, easy-to-use hybrid service with some features that I really liked. If it weren’t for the various limitations of their service—such as the sole focus on syndicate games or the limited banking methods—I would have given them a higher rating. Of course, other lotto players might think otherwise. Bmillions is quite unique, after all. So let's dive in to some of the pros and cons.


By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: October 15, 2018
$ 345,000,000
Next Drawing
$ 654,000,000
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11 Lottery Games Offered


Bmillion syndicates sample

Bmillions is a good one-stop shop for group play online lottery.

Bmillions specializes in syndicates, which let you buy more lines by pooling money with other players. Any winnings will then be split according to your shares in the syndicate. The more shares you have, the bigger your cut of the prize. For lottery newbies and old hands alike, syndicates can be an affordable way to play more numbers and boost your chances.

At Bmillions, you can choose from 11 syndicates in all. There’s a good mix here: You get blockbusters like Euromillions alongside smaller games like Lotto Sweden.

Each Bmillions syndicate has a set number of shares, from 75 to 180 depending on the game. When all the shares in a syndicate have been bought, Bmillions starts a new one, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Check out the complete list below:

Offered Lottery Syndicates
US Powerball (52 lines)Mega Millions (60 lines)Euromillions (38 lines)
Euromillions UK (50 lines)EuroJackpot (68 lines)Oz Lotto (55 lines)
AU Powerball (69 lines)Lotto 6aus49 (37 lines)Lotto Sweden (65 lines)
UK Lotto (49 lines)Thunderball (69 lines)


Bmillions combo sample

Bmillions’ Combos deliver value-for-money game variety.

If you’re eyeing several syndicates, you can save money with Bmillions’ Combo packages. You have 7 Combos to choose from. Each Combo is a bundle of syndicates. (TheLotter offers a similar service.)

Your money can go a long way with this approach. For example:

  • You can pay €12.84 to buy 1 share of the Euromillions syndicate, valid for 1 draw.
  • Or you could pay €18.99 for 1 share in the Big 4 Combo, which gives you 1 share for Euromillions, Mega Millions, Powerball, and EuroJackpot, valid for all these lotteries’ draws for 1 week.

Naturally, Combo tickets cost a bit more than the individual syndicates. But it’s a small difference, which bodes well for players who’d like more variety with each purchase.

If you’d like to spread your risk (and your chances of winning!) around, Bmillions’ Combos help you do that without breaking the bank. Here’s what you can get with Bmillions’ Combos:

ComboIncluded GamesTotal LinesTotal Shares
Big 4Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, Euromillions80150
American DreamPowerball, Mega Millions40150
DeutschlandLotto 6aus49, Powerball, EuroJackpot30150
OZPackOz Lotto, AU Powerball, Powerball60150
Daily PackEl Gordo, BonoLoto, Mega Millions, Powerball, AU Powerball, EuroJackpot, Lotto 6aus4992150
Svenska PackLotto Sweden, EuroJackpot, Euromillions30150
British DeluxeEuromillions, Thunderball, UK Lotto, Powerball80150

Deposit and Withdrawal with Bmillions

Bmillions supports common payment methods, but not much more than those.

Bmillions currently supports credit and debit transactions via MasterCard or Visa, as well as Giropay, Sofort, and bank transfers. However, unlike some competing lottery sites, there’s not much support for newer systems like cryptocurrency.

Some methods are only available to players from certain locations. I can only use Visa, MasterCard, or bank transfers, for example. While credit and debit are common enough methods globally, players who want to use alternative methods will need to look elsewhere.

Is Bmillions Safe?

Bmillions protects you with bank-grade encryption.

Bmillions claims to secure player data using powerful 256-bit SSL encryption. I ran the site through Google’s Safe Browsing diagnostic tool, and those claims seem to hold up: Bmillions passes Google’s checks with flying colors.

However, Bmillions doesn’t give clear information about their licensing and regulatory status. There’s nothing on the site to indicate that Bmillions is directly regulated by a relevant gambling commission or similar licensing body. This isn’t an automatic red flag, but you should still keep it in mind.

Bmillions’ Customer Service

Bmillions offers 24/7 email and phone support, but more options would’ve been better.

Bmillions has a barebones FAQ section, so don’t expect to find detailed help here. The FAQ only covers 7 questions, and answers are far from thorough. Maybe Bmillions just doesn’t get a lot of questions, but a more detailed FAQ would’ve been better for users who need to do DIY troubleshooting.

As for direct assistance, Bmillions has shown signs of improvement here. After a rough few months, I’ve started seeing faster responses. There’s also been an uptick in the quality of responses to standard support questions.

Bmillions is one of the few lottery sites with 24/7 assistance, so this improvement is great. You can reach their customer support team via email or phone. However, a live chat option would’ve been a good way to round out those options, especially for users who want urgent assistance without having to use the phone.

Bmillions’ Additional Features

Lottery Education Materials

Bmillions assumes you know your way around online lotteries.

Bmillions doesn’t provide many materials to get newbies up to speed on online lotteries, the details of individual games, or prize breakdowns.

You can check out a page on Lottery Strategies for some tips on maximizing your chances. However, you won’t find much more beyond that.

Ease of Use

Bmillions delivers a simple, convenient playing experience, especially for European players.

Bmillions keeps its website simple and intuitive. The homepage highlights the latest lottery results and upcoming draws, so you’ll never get lost. The clean, uncluttered design means all that information is never underwhelming. Adding draw countdown timers is a nice touch, too.

You can jump straight to a ticket purchase from any point in the site. That’s thanks to the dropdown menu, which has buttons to take you directly to a game’s page. The same pane lets you glance at results by hovering on the “Results” tab.

Bmillions’ website works well on mobile phones, so you can keep playing on the go. However, there’s no native mobile app.

Bmilions site
Bmillions’ site is quite easy to use–though more language options would have been better.

Bmillions has also been expanding its language offerings.

Initially, you could only get the Bmillions site in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish, and Swedish. Over time, though, they’ve bumped that up to 8 in all, adding Čeština, Portuguese, Suomi, and Norsk Bokmål. Non-English speaking players, especially from various parts of Europe, won’t have problems here.

Of course, Europe isn’t the only continent that plays online lottery. Let’s hope Bmillions adds language support for players from Asia, Africa, and more.

How Bmillions Works

Setting Up an Account

Bmillions sign-up and registration form

Creating a Bmillions account takes less than a minute.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on the “Sign up” button on the upper right corner of Bmillions’ site.
  2. Fill out the registration form with your first and last names; your country; your mobile number; your email; and your preferred password.
  3. Click on the green “Sign up” button once you’re done.
  4. Start playing!


Bmillions has a simple playing process, with some tweaks to fit its hybrid model.

First, here’s how you play through individual syndicates:

  1. Sign in to your Bmillions account.
  2. Choose a lottery game.
  3. Pick how many shares you want to buy.
  4. Pick how many draws you want to participate in.
  5. Choose whether you want to subscribe or not.
  6. Click the “Add to Cart” button.
  7. Review your order. If you need to change something, you can do it here.
  8. Click on the “Checkout” button if you’re satisfied with your order.
  9. Purchase your ticket/s (if you haven’t deposited funds yet, you need to do so first)
  10. Wait to see if you win!

For Combos, you can use similar steps to participate in multiple games at once:

  1. Sign in and pick your preferred Combo.
  2. Choose how many shares you want to buy.
  3. Choose whether to subscribe to lottery game updates.
  4. Purchase your Combo shares.
  5. Wait for the results!

Bmillions works on a hybrid model, so you can either bet on a lottery game’s outcome or participate directly in the game (through a ticket purchase). Unlike other hybrid websites (like Lotto247), Bmillions doesn’t ask you to take any special steps.

Instead, the hybrid model applies automatically:

  • For games with jackpots worth up to €50 million, you’re simply betting on the game results
  • For games with jackpots over €50 million, a Bmillions agent buys tickets on your behalf


Bmillions promises quick and easy claims for your winnings.

Whether you play individual syndicates or Combos, any winnings will automatically be credited to your account.

The big exceptions to this rule are jackpots and similar high-tier prizes:

  • For games with jackpots worth up to €50 million, you need to submit a claim form to get jackpot winnings or the second-tier prize. The money will be credited to your account within 30 days of submitting the form.
  • For games with jackpots over €50 million, any prizes above $600 must be collected personally. Bmillions will send you the original ticket via courier. This can be an expensive process if the lottery you won is based in another country. Once you get there, though, Bmillions will help you collect your winnings.

Alternatives to Bmillions

If you’re itching to play regular lottery games—not just syndicates—then these three sites are some of the best around:

theLotter Review

Choose from a wide variety of games.

theLotter has an impressive array of regular lotto games. They have a continuously growing range of lotteries — currently, you have 51 options! On top of that, theLotter also offers 23 syndicates and some millionaire raffles.

Payment options galore!

Currently, theLotter accepts a whopping 28 banking methods for depositing funds into your account. You can also choose from 7 withdrawal options.

Purely a lotto agent.

theLotter is one of the best lotto agents around. This means that they purchase actual lottery tickets on your behalf; keep these safe in a vault; and also provide you a scanned copy.

WinTrillions Review

Offers an impressive selection of games.

You can choose from 19 regular lottery games to play—plus 13 group play games and several raffles.

Accepts a variety of banking options.

Players from around the globe will easily find a payment option that works for them—WinTrillions accepts 32 different banking methods.

Only accepts multi-draw purchases.

WinTrillions doesn’t accept purchases for single draws. Instead, you would have to enter into multiple draws. Unfortunately, this spells higher prices for you.

LottoKings Review

Choose from various games, including syndicates!

There are a total of 19 lottery games on offer here, along with a few syndicates and raffles.

Prize claiming made simple.

You don’t have to travel far to collect your winnings if you don’t want to. You can simply authorize LottoKings to collect prizes on your behalf—including jackpots. Once they get your winnings, you can request to have a check sent to you. Alternatively, you can claim your prize at the nearest LottoKings office.

No ticket scanning services.

While LottoKings is a lotto agent, they don’t scan tickets and send you the copies. Instead, they will send you purchase invoices to serve as your proof of ownership.

The Bottom Line – Should You Use Bmillions?

Yes, if you like group play, variety, and value.

If you like syndicates, Bmillions might be the lottery site for you. Bmillions’ syndicates cover a good spread of lotteries, from popular games like Euromillions and Powerball to smaller games like Lotto Sweden. If you’re looking for a good bargain, Bmillions’ Combos stretch your money further while boosting your chances of winning. Plus, their zero-commission policy means you won’t have to suffer deductions from your winnings.

Bmillions’ simple, mobile-optimized website delivers a pleasant user experience, too. Registration is a breeze, and you can easily make a purchase from any page on the site.

Bmillions have also shown promising signs of improvement in terms of customer support. The past few months have been rough, and the comments from disgruntled users were enough to spook anyone. But Bmillions now seems to have re-committed to improving their customer service — a great turnaround, especially since they’re one of a few lottery sites with 24/7 customer support.

If you love group play strategies for online lottery, Bmillions is a solid option. They don’t offer as many games, payment methods, or even language options as other websites, but their focus on the group play niche makes for an easy, straightforward playing process.

About the Company

Bmillions is a relatively new hybrid lottery site that puts a strong focus on group play games. They offer syndicate games featuring some of the most popular lotteries around, like the US Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions and more.

27 Comments on Product Bmillions

  1. I to have tried to cancel my account through my bank,but they keep taking money off me, what do I do next ?

  2. If you just paid once they don’t continuous take the money every week do they ??? I didn’t subscribe to anything just made a one off payment wish I had read these reviews now

    1. No, they don’t continuously charge you. The main issue seems to be stemming from the money-back guarantee–which, based on what others have said, they are refusing to honor.

  3. Buenas tardes.

    estoy leyendo todos los comentarios y me estoy asustando,puesto que me iba registrar en Bmilions, pero despues de lo leido ya no me atrevo a registrarme, puesto que no me gustaría perder mi dinero, despues de lo leido, repito ya no me atrevo a registrarme, gracias por los comentarios.

  4. I have already been ripped off by Lotto palace. Again every company that takes my money, I never get anything back

      1. Hi Werner,

        Unfortunately, the only way to cancel your account with them is by sending them a message through their support channels.

  5. Yes their head office is Bulgaria or America and going under the name profit ninja,I’m starting to think that my money has gone altogether,I will be seeing trading standards tomorrow at my council office,let’s get the ball rolling and they better give Patrick his money too on here,I feel sorry for him,he going through same as me with all this round in circles business.i will update everyone on here if trading standards can get my money back off these dreadful people.

    1. I have also contacted my banks fraud department and they are investigating them to try and get my money back.
      No matter how many threats I send Bmillions they don’t think they will be affected by the authorities investigating them. Fingers crossed they will get what they deserve.
      I have also contacted TV’s WatchDog, then the whole country will know about them. I’d be grateful if everyone contacted Trading Standards and WatchDog. The more that do the better chance of bringing them down.
      I’ve even demanded some Mega Jackpots they promised I would win. Worth a try…

      1. Hello Patrick I have received my money back,it is only a temporary payment until they find out what is going on with this company,I also reported them to action fraud and the police will more likely get involved but for now you are doing the right thing by contacting your bank,give the date of the transaction and they will refer you to your debit card dispute company,simply tell them what has gone wrong then they will put the money in for you that you requested until all investigations are done,good luck Patrick and I hope you get your money soon,this ain’t over yet,I have requested compensation also and a full response as to what steps action fraud,my bank and the police are going to take in this matter now,good day Patrick.

        1. Hey mate I won 10,000 on a scratch card last week only for them to tell me there was a malfunction and they are gonna void my wins! So now I get nothing! I had 10,000 instantly in my bmillions account when I won then they told me they are gonna void my wins so now 9 days later they deleted my b millions account and won’t pay me my win

      2. Can anyone one tell me there email address I need the terms and conditions witch I can not get need it for a dispute so if anyone can help me would much appreciate it thanks

        1. Hi Angela,

          You can find their email (as well as a phone number) in their Contact page. Just scroll to the bottom of the site and look for the Contact link in the bottom of the About list. Hope that helps and that you get your issue resolved! 🙂

  6. It is still going on unfortunately,I have had numerous emails from them again about sending my identification documents in when I have already done this,then they keep asking for a reason why I want the refund and how much for,if my money is not in next week I am going to take action against these awful people,I have insisted many times for them to refund my account and I’m still having problems getting my money back.

    1. I agree totally with the above comments. Don’t waste anymore time on them. Take action, report them, contact the media, contact Trading Standards and Inland Revenue.
      They are a fraudulent company who have no other agenda than to steal your money to fill theirs.
      Do not take any notice of any good review. They no doubt wrote it themselves.
      Be aware they are also Profit Ninja as well.

      1. I totally agree with you Patrick,3 weeks in and I still ain’t had my £151.00,they keep going round in circles asking for documentation again,I said I have already sent them the documentation many times and they keep saying that senior management will get back to them with a decision,I am going to trading standards or even a solicitor this week,in total it has been 23 emails sent to them and no refund given,I would not even rate this company.

    2. There is another way to try and get you money back from them and that is to contact your bank or credit card company fraud department. They will probably tell you to write to them explaining what has happened. Include as much information as possible like the threat they made to damage your credit score (the one I put in below) and also include there advert about no risk guarantee as follows.
      This is their advert:

      Step-By-Step Instructions
      Step 1 – Registration

      First of all, you will have to open a new account. Don’t worry; it’s not at all complicated and is completed in just a few minutes. That is where all payments will flow and where you can later also withdraw your earnings. As has already been explained in the journal, you only need to click briefly through a couple of questions.

      Simply click on this link in order to register.

      Step 2 – The Deposit

      A window will now open in which you can make your first deposit. There you can choose how much money you would like to deposit. It is important that you know this: you are depositing the money with Bmillions, one of the largest Lottery brands. All payments are absolutely safe and disbursements are also processed as quickly as possible.

      You have to make up your own mind about how much you can or want to deposit. You are, in principle, investing money. The more you deposit, the more you will earn. We recommend a deposit of 100 euros, so that you will already be doubling your money within the very first day! The higher your deposit, the more money you can deploy as well.

      Step 3 – The Choice of Ticket

      Now comes the most important point – choosing the right ticket.

      In our test, we have done exactly what Richard told us to do. We have only chosen tickets that have promised us an immediate return of at least 65%. That’s all you have to do.

      To Repeat: If you are not satisfied, then you will immediately receive your deposit paid back to you in full by Bmillions. You have nothing to lose!

      Hopefully if everyone does that it will bring Bmillions down along with their parent company Profit Ninja.
      Your bank / credit card company will investigate and return your money to you.

      1. Yes I am going to contact fraud department at my bank today,I believe that Bmillions is a scam,they are not responding at all to my emails and it is like they have disappeared,thanks for your advice patrick

  7. Yes I have heard comments on here,I am having same problem,they said they are waiting for senior management to sort it out but what they don’t realise is that people won’t deposit like this and have nothing in return,they claim you can win all this money but it turns out that I deposited £150.00,they gave me 0.36p back,what a con that is considering a lot of my numbers come up and they never paid me,it’s apparently groups and syndicates,well I ain’t going to budge until I get my money back and they have stopped answering my emails,scammers.

  8. I took the plunge on Christmas Day, unfortunately before I read any reviews about BMillions.
    I was suckered in with their “Winners Reviews” claiming thousands over night and hundreds of thousands in a week.
    I also thought I would try them because they offered a guarantee of your money back if you were not happy and kept on mentioning I should have a go as no risk because of guarantee.
    Boxing Day arrived but none of the wins of thousands overnight were in my account. I immediately contacted them and asked for my Guaranteed refund they had promised.
    They replied with a threat to ruin my credit report and any chances of credit in the future and they also threatened to contact my bank as well…

    “We have received your refund request from our support department.
    Upon examination however, we have found your purchase to be valid and confirmed by matching your IP Address and credit card details.
    Should you be determined in your efforts to get a refund for a valid purchase you made, we will issue your refund.
    However as per our procedure in these cases our legal department will be in contact with your bank or credit card company and alert them about this behavior which may prove problematic for your credit rating and standing with your institution.
    We would also very much like to understand the nature of your refund request, and try to address your concerns. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.”

    Then they wrote

    If you do wish to proceed with the refund request, please provide us with the following documents:
    Photo identification
    Proof of address
    Credit cards (if you used one)
    Please take a photo of the above 3 documents, alongside the following statement, filled out and signed by you:
    ✦ I hereby confirm all details provided by me are correct
    ✦ I confirm making a purchase from Product Purchased: ______________________
    ✦ I hereby request a refund for the said product
    Postal Code:
    Date of Birth: MM / DD / YYYY
    Sincerely yours,
    1. Photo identification
    2. Proof of address
    3. Credit cards (if you used one)
    ✦ I hereby confirm all details provided by me are correct
    ✦ I confirm making a purchase from Product Purchased: ______________________
    ✦ I hereby request a refund for the said product
    Postal Code:
    Date of Birth: MM / DD / YYYY
    Telephone: “

    I told them that if they do contact anyone to ruin my credit score they would find themselves in court.
    I gave them the copies they asked for and signed the form but changed parts of it mentioning their promises of big wins and guarantee of full refund and no risk.

    Then after 3 weeks of them saying they were waiting for management to update them. They asked again why I wanted a refund and then sent me the threat again and it has been going around in that circle since.
    In the next few days I am contacting WatchDog and Trades Description.
    I’ve told them I want my refund in full and also I want one of the big wins they promised I would get as compensation for their threats and wasting my time.
    I’ve said that I insist on the guaranteed refund whether or not. The big win they promised I’ve told them would stop me from going to WatchDog and Trades Description.

    No doubt about it they are a SCAM COMPANY.

    1. Yes I went through same thing,I had them threats exactly the way you put them about me insisting on a refund to fill out forms and I’d but never got my money back,I will be taking legal action against them if my money ain’t in this week.

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