Australia Saturday Lotto

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: June 11, 2019

Saturday Lotto Results

Draw Date: 08 Jun 2019

The Australia Saturday Lotto is a popular 6/45 lottery game in the Land Down Under. It offers large, tax-free prizes and uncapped rollovers. And just as its name implies, this game is only held every Saturday evening. But don’t let that discourage you! There are six ways to win and your odds of winning are quite good.

About Australia Saturday Lotto

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Launched in 1972 by the state of Victoria, and later handled by the Tattersalls Company, the Australia Saturday Lotto was one of the first lotteries in Australia that allowed players to pick their own numbers. Originally, the guess range was 1-40 with one bonus number drawn. In 1985, the guess range was expanded to 45 numbers and a second bonus number was added. This change brought with it new prize tiers and made the game more exciting.

Quick Australia Saturday Lotto Facts

  • Easy Mechanics: Playing the Australia Saturday Lotto is easy as it utilizes a 6/45 lotto matrix.
  • Big Minimum Jackpot: All Australia Saturday Lotto jackpots start at a guaranteed minimum of AU$ 4 million.
  • Unlimited Rollovers: The game features uncapped rollovers so if nobody wins the jackpot, the prize money will stack onto the next draw. It will keep doing so until somebody wins.
  • Six Ways to Win: There are a total of six prize tiers you can win in.
  • Good Odds: Your odds of winning the Australia Saturday Lotto are pretty good—where
  • One Draw Per Week: As the name says, the Australia Saturday Lotto only holds draws every Saturday evening.
  • Tax-Free Payouts: All Australia Saturday Lotto prizes are 100% tax-free at the source so you get to take home bigger sums compared to some lotteries.
  • Prizes Paid in Cash: On top of tax-free prizes, Australia Saturday Lotto also pays out prizes in cold, hard cash (no annuity payouts here!).

How Does Australia Saturday Lotto Work?

The Basics

Australia Saturday Lotto is a once-a-week lottery game that operates on a 6/45 lotto matrix. This means that players must choose from 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-45. During the draw, two bonus numbers are also chosen along with the regular base numbers. The bonus numbers, however, are only used to determine secondary prize winners.

To win the jackpot, players must match all 6 numbers whereas, to win the second prize, you must match all 5 base numbers, along with 1 or 2 bonus numbers. Meanwhile, you can win the third prize by simply matching all 5 base numbers—no bonus numbers necessary. Players who match 4 base numbers wins the fourth prize, while those who match 3 base numbers, along with 1 or 2 bonus numbers, means you win the fifth prize. Finally, the sixth prize requires players to match 1 or 2 base numbers along with 2 bonus numbers.

Two of the most exciting features of the Australia Saturday Lotto are the big starting jackpots and uncapped rollovers. Grand prizes start at a guaranteed minimum of AU$4 million and can grow from one draw to the next if no winners are found.

The Odds of Winning

Australia Saturday Lotto offers good odds of winning where you have a 1 in 85 chance of winning any prize. Likewise, your odds of winning the jackpot is quite decent—especially compared with more popular lotteries (it’s important to manage your expectations though). Check out the table below for a full breakdown of the odds offered:

Numbers MatchedOdds of Winning
61 in 8,145,060
5 + Bonus Number1 in 678,755
51 in 36,689
41 in 733
3 + 1 or 2 Bonus Numbers1 in 297
1 or 2 + 2 Bonus Numbers1 in 144

So What Happens if You Win?

Like other Australian lotteries, the Australia Saturday Lotto offers tax-free prizes and cash payouts. Of course, if you play this lottery from another country using a lottery site, you might have to pay taxes depending on your country’s laws. On the bright side, you won’t be facing double tax deductions.

To claim your prize, the process differs depending on where you live:

  • Western Australia: Prizes of up to AU$500 can be claimed at any Lotterywest retailer, while prizes that exceed AU$500—excluding the jackpot—can be claimed at the payout center in Perth. Jackpot wins must be claimed at the Lotterywest headquarters in Perth.
  • South Australia: Prizes of up to AU$500 can be claimed at any SA Lotteries retailer. If the retailer has enough funds, prizes between AU$500 and AU$5,000 can be claimed. If you win more than AU$5,000 (including the jackpot), prizes must be claimed at the SA Lotteries headquarters. You can do so by post or in person.
  • New South Wales: Prizes of up to AU$1,000 can be claimed at any NSW Lotteries retailer. Meanwhile, if your winning go beyond AU$1,000 you must complete a prize claim form and send it to the customer service department of NSW Lotteries.
  • Queensland: Prizes of up to AU$1,500 can be claimed at any Golden Casket retailer. For prizes that go beyond AU$1,500, you must go directly to the Golden Casket Lottery headquarters in Brisbane to claim your winnings.
  • Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria: Prizes of up to AU$1,500 can be claimed at any Tatts retailer, while prizes that go beyond it must be claimed at the Tatts office in Melbourne by sending in a claim form.

How long you have to claim your prizes before it expires also depends on where you live:

  • Western Australia and South Australia: Winners have 1 year from the draw to claim prizes.
  • New South Wales: Winners have up to 6 years from the draw to claim prizes.
  • Queensland: Winners have up to 7 years from the draw to claim prizes.
  • Victoria and Tasmania: There are no time limits imposed.

The Biggest Australia Saturday Lotto Winners

Thanks to the good odds and uncapped jackpots, it’s no surprise that many have won big playing Australia Saturday Lotto. Here are the biggest winners so far:

Jackpot# of WinnersDraw Date
AU$111.97 million4Nov. 6, 2012
AUS70 million1Dec. 17, 2013
AU$19 million12Apr. 12, 2008
AU$15 million3Nov. 1996
AU$6 million1Jan. 21, 2009

Some Australia Saturday Lotto Fun Facts

  • All revenue from Australia Saturday Lotto go to a wide array of good causes and/or charitable organizations. Each state decides where to spend the money on—from public hospitals to sports organizations and more.
  • The Australia Saturday Lotto goes by different names depending on the state. In the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territories, Tasmania and Victoria, it goes by Tattslotto. In Queensland, it goes by Gold Lotto, while in South Australia it is called X Lotto. In New South Wales and Western Australia, it simply goes by Saturday Lotto.
  • Special draws are held every year called Superdraws where jackpots are larger than usual. They also offer a much bigger draw, which is held twice a year, called the Megadraw.

The Bottom Line on Australia Saturday Lotto

Though only held once a week, the Australia Saturday Lotto proves to be an exciting lottery game. The guaranteed minimum jackpot, tax-free prizes and cash payouts are definite crowd-pleasers, while the uncapped rollovers will satisfy serious lotto lovers. And with a 1 in 85 chance of winning any prize, it’s definitely a game that should be on your list. [/text]