LottoKings vs. MultiLotto: The Battle of Lottery Sites

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: September 17, 2018

LottoKings vs. MultiLotto

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LottoKings has been in the online lottery business for years now and they’ve proven to be more than capable of providing exciting lotto experiences. With their relatively recent shift into lotto betting, the former (purely) lottery agent may just have to prove itself yet again. But with the likes of MultiLotto — a competent lotto betting site in its own right—just trailing closely behind, that might be easier said than done. Both lottery sites offer features you’ll definitely love, and some you’ll no doubt be disappointed about. The question is, which is one better? Let’s find out!

A Look at Both Companies

Back when they first debuted in 2007, LottoKings was known as CongaLotto. They became one of the more popular lottery sites back then and was able to pay out at least $1m to more than 260,000 players worldwide. In 2016, they changed their name to LottoKings, making several improvements to their service along the way. Recently, they decided to shift gears yet again and ditched their lottery agent identity to become more of a lotto betting site. LottoKings offers various lotteries, syndicates and some raffles. They are also duly licensed by the Curacao government.

MultiLotto, launched in 2012, is purely a lotto betting site backed by various gaming and internet angel investors. Although they are relatively newer compared to the competition, they already come close to what other sites offer. Not only do they offer a wide array of lottery games, they also offer group play options and system games. Like LottoKings, they hold a gambling license issued by the Curacao government.



The game selection is decent, including some raffles and syndicates.Game selection is varied, which includes system games, various syndicates, and even virtual casino.
LottoKings keeps your data secure.Utilizes SSL to help keep player data secure.
You don’t get charged a commission fee.Website comes in 16 languages, making it more accessible to more players.
If you’re unsatisfied, you can get a refund, no questions asked.MultiLotto helps you curb gambling addiction via various features.
LottoKings’ website can be easily used on mobile devices for on-the-go play.You can play lottery wherever you are thanks to a mobile-optimized website and app.
ConsWebsite comes in only 7 languages.Oddly, a good chunk of games offered cannot be played.
Lacks live support options.
You need to find and form a syndicate group of your own to participate in group play.

Winner: LottoKings


Number of Games Offered

On paper, MultiLotto beats LottoKings by a mile when it comes to the number of lottery games offered. Technically, if you’re using MultiLotto, you can choose between 61 lottery games. LottoKings, on the other hand, only has 19 games on offer. Make no mistake; that’s a decent number, but it definitely pales in comparison to MultiLotto’s offerings.

Check out a quick sample below:

Lottery GameLottoKingsMultiLotto
Australia – Powerball
Australia – Saturday Lotto
Austria – Lotto
Belgium – Lotto
Bitcoin Jackpot
Brazil – Mega-Sena
California – SuperLotto Plus
Canada – Lotto 649
Europe – EuroJackpot
Europe – EuroMillions
Finland – Lotto
France – Loto
Germany – Lotto
Ireland – Irish Lotto
Italy – SuperEnalotto
New York – Cash4Life
Spain – BonoLoto
Spain – La Primitiva
U.S. – Mega Millions
U.S. – New York Lotto
U.S. – Powerball

MultiLotto seems to be the clear winner, right? Well, not quite. The truth is, although their website shows 61 lottery games, you can only really play 20 of them. As for the rest, you can merely learn more about them. It’s odd.

Here’s the good news: MultiLotto also allows you to enter via a system game. Essentially, system games (or as other lottery sites call it, systematic entries) allow you to pick more numbers than usual in a single game panel. You’re still looking at the same 20 games though.

More good news: MultiLotto also offers syndicate games for all the 20 playable games. Meanwhile, LottoKings only offers 12 syndicates. Check out a quick comparison below:

Australia – Lotto
Bitcoin Jackpot
Brazil – Mega-Sena
California – SuperLotto Plus
Europe – Euro Club
Europe – Euro Combo
Europe – EuroJackpot
Europe – EuroJackpot Max
Europe – EuroMillions
Europe – EuroMillions 50
Europe – EuroMillions Max
Ireland – Irish Lotto
Italy – SuperEnaLotto
New York – Cash4Life
New York – Lotto
Power Combo
Spain – El Gordo
Spain – La Primitva
U.S – Florida Lotto
U.S. – Powerball
U.S. – Mega Millions
U.S. – Mega Millions Max

In this aspect, MultiLotto definitely beats LottoKings. However, there’s a caveat: If you want to play syndicates with MultiLotto, you have to find and form your own group first. LottoKings, on the other hand, automatically groups up players from around the world so you don’t have to go to the trouble of finding people to play with.

When it comes to millionaire raffles, there is no contest. LottoKings definitely reigns supreme because MultiLotto doesn’t offer any at all. Currently, LottoKings only offers 3 raffles, but that will change once raffles end and new ones begin. Here’s what they offer:

Millionaire RafflesLottoKingsMultiLotto
April’s Special Draw
Super Summer Draw
Loteria Nacional Thursday Draw

 While MultiLotto doesn’t have raffles, they do offer virtual casino games. You can play Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Casino Hold ‘em, and many more. These aren’t lotteries, but they do offer some much-needed dose of variety!

So, who wins this round? On paper, MultiLotto seems like the clear winner. However, a huge chunk of the games listed on their website isn’t playable at all! So, it’s a tie as far as game offerings are concerned.

Winner: Both

Ticket Prices

When it comes to ticket prices, both sites have really affordable offerings. However, while LottoKings clearly has the cheaper rates for two of the biggest lotteries around—Mega Millions and Powerball – MultiLotto manages to offer better deals when it comes to other games. It’s a close match, but MultiLotto wins by a hair.

Check out a quick price comparison below:

Lottery GamesLottoKingsMultiLotto
Mega Millions$3.501 line, 1 draw€3.00 (or $3.59) 1 line, 1 draw
Powerball$3.501 line, 1 draw€3.50 (or $4.19)1 line, 1 draw
Euromillions$6.001 line, 1 draw€3.50 (or $4.19)1 line, 1 draw
SuperEnalotto$3.501 line, 1 draw€1.50 (or $1.80)1 line, 1 draw
EuroJackpot$6.501 line, 1 draw€2.00 (or $2.40)1 line, 1 draw
La Primitiva$3.501 line, 1 draw€2.50 (or $2.99)1 line, 1 draw
El Gordo$6.001 line, 1 draw€2.50 (or $2.99)1 line, 1 draw

Winner: MultiLotto


Bonuses and Perks

MultiLotto demolishes LottoKings in the bonuses and perks department. They offer several bonuses that should make even the most frugal of lotto players take notice. On top of a 12-month subscription discount, they also offer deposit bonuses, free tickets, cash back bonuses, and a unique trial subscription that gives you heavily discounted tickets during the first month.

LottoKings doesn’t offer any cool bonuses, so don’t hold your breath if you were hoping for VIP loyalty programs or multi-draw discounts. The closest thing they offer is a “Triple Satisfaction Guarantee.” Essentially, this is a refund policy which guarantees that they will refund your money, no question asked, in case you:

  1. Do not win any prizes in the first 30 days.
  2. Are not satisfied with their service.
  3. Don’t feel their website or service is up to standards.

Winner: MultiLotto


Ease of Use

Both LottoKings and MultiLotto websites are quite easy to use. Functionally, both work in a similar fashion. Both provide at-a-glance views of the latest jackpots right on the frontpage. Both allow you to pick your own numbers easily. Both allow you to pick how many draws you wish to participate in. And so on.

Basically, both are your garden variety lottery sites. But I feel LottoKings’ website is just slightly easier to use than MultiLotto’s. For starters, their front page is more user-friendly—especially for beginners. While it takes a few clicks to find out how MultiLotto works, LottoKings gives you several need-to-know information immediately. They give you a brief overview of how it works, how their services can benefit you, and more right on the front page.

LottoKings vs MultiLotto ease of use homepage

Beyond that, LottoKings also provides quick purchase options for some of their games, which you can access on the navigation menu. If you’re in a particular hurry, you can buy 5 tickets for Mega Millions in just a few clicks. MultiLotto does not have this feature.

lottokings vs multilotto ease of use quick purchase

MultiLotto has a slight edge because of their mobile app though. But LottoKings’ mobile-optimized website is pretty good, so it’s not that big of a deal.

lottokings vs multilotto ease of use mobile app

What could turn the tide is MultiLotto’s language options. Currently, they have 16 different languages on their repertoire, while LottoKings only allows you to switch between 7. In that sense, MultiLotto is clearly the more globally accessible one.

Then again, initiating a syndicate game at MultiLotto—wherein you must find and form a group of your own—is a chore compared to the automated process offered by LottoKings.

Winner: LottoKings


Claiming Prizes

LottoKings credits all winnings to player accounts if they are below $600. If your winnings go beyond this threshold, it will be handled on a case by case basis. However, if you’ve won much larger prizes—such as jackpots — LottoKings will send you the original copy of the lottery ticket itself. They say that you will be responsible for contacting the lottery operator, and for claiming your winnings.

On the other hand, MultiLotto claims that they credit all winnings to player accounts, but don’t elaborate beyond that. They don’t really make it clear if large jackpots will be immediately credited to you as well or paid out a different way. But since they are purely a lotto betting site, I’m inclined to believe that all winnings are indeed automatically transferred to player accounts.

So which lottery site has the better prize claiming process? Neither. It’s easy to claim your winnings at LottoKings and MultiLotto!

Winner: Both


When it comes to banking options, LottoKings and MultiLotto accept a near-identical amount of payment methods. The former accepts 13 options, while the latter accepts 12. LottoKings accepts more credit/debit cards, while MultiLotto seems to accept more online wallets.

Check out a quick comparison checklist below:

Payment MethodsLottoKingsMultiLotto
Visa Debit
Visa Electron
MasterCard Debit
American Express
Diners Club International
Bank Transfer

It’s a very close match, but this round goes to LottoKings. Not only do they have one more accepted payment method than MultiLotto, they also accept more globally popular credit and debit cards than MultiLotto.

Winner: LottoKings



LottoKings secures its website via 256-bit GoDaddy SSL encryption, while MultiLotto utilizes a DigiCert SSL. In short, both lottery sites have taken important steps to secure data that goes to and from their website. This means your personal information is more or less under lock and key. Both are also licensed and regulated by the Curacao government.

LottoKings vs MultiLotto security ssl


Winner: Both

Customer Support

LottoKings destroys MultiLotto when it comes to customer support. Not only do they scatter a ton of informational tidbits throughout their website, their FAQs are quite meaty as well. More importantly, it’s far easier to contact with LottoKings’ support agents due to the presence of phone and live chat support in addition to an online support form.

MultiLotto’s FAQ does a good job, but the fact that email is the only available means of support they offer is worrisome. Live support options are always better.

Winner: LottoKings


The Ultimate Winner: LottoKings

It was an incredibly close battle all throughout, but in the end LottoKings came out on top. They may have been outclassed by MultiLotto in several areas, but because they offered more user-friendly features and much better customer support, it became clear that many lotto players will enjoy playing at LottoKings more.


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