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Thursday, May 24
Thursday, May 24
Thursday, May 24

Ukraine Megalot is one of Ukraine’s most popular lotteries. It’s a bi-weekly lottery that offers eight prize tiers and lump sum payouts. What makes it more enticing is the fact that jackpot rollovers are uncapped, so seeing huge prizes should come as a surprise. The odds are pretty decent as well. What else does Ukraine Megalot have on offer? Find out below as I take a deep dive!

About Ukraine Megalot

Ukraine Megalot Logo

Established way back in 2001, Ukraine Megalot is not only one of the country’s most popular lotteries—it is also proven to be one of its more simple yet exciting ones. Operated by Molodsportloto (or MSL, for short), Ukraine Megalot offers two multi-million prizes every draw—one for the jackpot winner, another for the second-tier win. Beyond that, the game utilizes an easy 6/42 plus 1/10 format that has remained the largely the same since its launch.

Some Quick Ukraine Megalot Facts

How Does Ukraine Megalot Work?

The Basics

Ukraine Megalot is a pretty straightforward lottery game—which should delight both newcomers and veterans alike. Players simply have to choose six main numbers from a number pool ranging 1 to 42, plus a bonus number—known as the Megaball—from a pool ranging from 0 to 9.

For an additional cost, Ukraine Megalot allows players to select more than one bonus number. You can choose up to a maximum of 10 bonus numbers. The advantage of ponying up more cash for more Megaball numbers is, of course, increased chances of winning the jackpot, as well as the 3rd, 5th and 7th prize categories.

Speaking of winning, players must match all six main numbers plus the Megaball to win the jackpot. Meanwhile, winning the 2nd prize tier—also known as the Megapriz—requires you to match just six of your main numbers—no need for the Megaball. The 3rd prize tier, on the other hand, requires you to match five main numbers along with the Megaball. Ukraine Megalot offers a total of eight prize tiers—where you only need to match at least three main numbers to win anything.

Meanwhile, if nobody wins the jackpot, a rollover will occur. For the uninitiated, this simply means that the jackpot will be added on top of the next draw’s prize fund, thereby increasing in value. Even better, unlike other lotteries, Ukraine Megalot’s rollovers are uncapped. In other words, jackpots can keep growing without limits until someone finally wins.

The Odds of Winning

As far as odds of winning go, your chances at Ukraine Megalot are pretty decent. There are games out there that offer better odds, but what you get here aren’t that bad, either. And, like I said before, you can also pay for more Megaball numbers to increase your chances of winning in some of the prize tiers. Check out the brief rundown below:

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning
6 + 1 1 in 52,457,860
6 1 in 5,828,651
5 + 1 1 in 242,860
5 1 in 26,984
4 + 1 1 in 5,551
4 1 in 616
3 + 1 1 in 367
3 1 in 40


So What Happens if You Win?

If you win the jackpot along with other players, it’s important to note that the prize will be equally split among everyone. Equally important is the fact that all prizes—including the jackpot—are paid out in lump sum form. So, no—you can’t choose to receive your money on an annual basis.

As for taxes, it used to be that deductions were pretty harsh on winners—so much so that they would be subjected to taxes multiple times. However, as of the latter half of 2015, a new legislation was passed that made tax deductions a bit easier to swallow.

Other important details winners should know:

The Biggest Ukraine Megalot Winners

Despite the fairly decent odds, it seems Ukraine Megalot hasn’t produced tons of jackpot winners like other lotteries have. Still, there have been quite a few. Sure, these wins may not be as big as Powerball wins, but they are still pretty impressive. Here are some of the biggest so far:

Jackpot Winners Date
UAH15,000,000 1 Oct. 8, 2014
UAH13,450,000 1 Apr. 22, 2017
UAH6,150,000 1 Feb. 18, 2017
UAH5,000,000 1 Apri. 26, 2017


Some Ukraine Megalot Fun Facts

Bottom Line on Ukraine Megalot

Ukraine Megalot Winner

Are YOU ready to be the next Megalot winner?

Ukraine Megalot may not be on the same level of international fame as Powerball or Mega Millions, but it is one of Ukraine’s biggest and most popular lotteries for a reason. Not only do you get the chance to win impressive prizes—thanks to uncapped rollovers—you also have eight ways to win (plus two days a week to play). And even if this isn’t a lottery like Eurojackpot—which was designed to produce as much winners as possible—you’re still looking at some fairly good odds (not to mention lump sum payouts).

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