Top Wealth Management Blogs

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: September 25, 2018

Looking for ways to secure a better financial future? These wealth management blogs have got you covered!

As a lottery winner, there is nothing wrong with indulging yourself with the finer things in life, but it is also smart to save up and invest. The wealth management blogs in our list give you a pretty good idea on how to handle a large amount of money. They provide investment strategies, stock guides, retirement plan management tutorials, and a whole lot more!

Daniel Zajac

Read about: stock investment tips and strategies

If you are interested in investing your winnings for greater returns in the future, Daniel Zajac has plenty of articles about stocks investment, management, and everything in between. The blog contains investment strategies, stock tidbits and terminologies, and even retirement plan management tips. Daniel Zajac has a degree on finance and has been working in the industry ever since, so you can put your trust in his financially knowledgeable hands.

I Am 1 Percent

Read about: credit and personal financial management, real estate processes, smart spending

Don’t be fooled by the name—I Am 1 Percent is not restricted to the top 1 percent earners. It is a financial blog for those who want to become part of that elite group, or at least close to it. It is a goldmine of information and strategies specifically concerning credit cards, stocks, real estate, business management, and they even offer tips on how to spend money wisely. It also has a specific section for the wealthier members of the population, discussing rich people mentality, habits, and financial products.

The Big Picture

Read about: financial news and data, investment strategies, property trends

Where better to get financial advice and tips from a person who founded and runs a financial planning and asset management firm? The Big Picture is founded by Barry Ritholtz, who also founded and is currently the Chief Investment Officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management. It contains news about the business and financial world, investment tidbits, and other financial data and research.

Dash of Insight

Read about: everything about investments

If you’re risk appetite is huge, and you want to invest your winnings in the stock market, then Dash of Insight is worthy of your attention. It contains the latest about the US economy, stock charts and analysis, some political analysis that will have effects on the market, and tips in trading and investing stocks.

Gen Y Planning

Read about: tax, estate, and retirement planning, insurance, investments

As their name suggests, Gen Y Planning specializes on providing financial planning tips to millennials. That said, they can still be a good source for any age range. It mainly contains sound financial advice on spending your earnings, planning your retirement in advance, and many other strategies for making the most of your fortunate financial situation. The blog creator, Sophia Bera, has been quoted multiple times in financial magazines like Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, and many others.

Wealth Pilgrim

Read about: business venture discussion, investment and retirement guides

Wealth Pilgrim offers a variety of informational articles about personal finance. The goal of their website is to make readers confident in their finances no matter what the situation is. You can read guides for trading individual stocks, strategies on buying funds, possible business ventures with minimal supervision required, and acquiring insurance.

Sizemore Insights

Read about: cryptocurrency, stock investment tips, 401k investing

Bitcoins are all the rage these days, but not everyone knows how to invest in it. If you want to get in on the cryptocurrency action, don’t miss out on Sizemore Insights. The blog offers in-depth information and helpful strategies on cryptocurrency trading, which should help get you started. Beyond that, they also have articles on traditional stock investment. It also has best stock pick recaps, finance book reviews, and the latest news about companies listed in the stock market.

Your Smart Money Moves

Read about: smart purchases, insurance, healthcare, current tax effects, business and stock strategies

While others choose to focus on investments, Your Smart Money takes on the whole spectrum of elements making up the world of finance. Aside from stocks and Bitcoin investments, you can read about spending money wisely; retirement planning guides; alternatives to investing; common mistakes committed in various financial situations; discussing money matters with the family; tax scams; tax troubleshooting; and many, many others.

Workable Wealth

Read about: financial strategies, property acquisition advice

Workable Wealth strays away from the technicalities of finance management and, instead, focuses on various issues on a personal level. Targeted towards Gen X and Y readers, you can find simpler topics like finding insurance; tips on saving up; finding the right financial planner; creating and reaching financial goals; choosing the best credit card; buying houses, and discussing finances with a spouse or partner.

Guru Investor

Read about: everything about stock investments

True to its name, Guru Investor is blog containing the thoughts, suggestions, and opinions of some experts in the field. They share different investing strategies, insights and analysis about stock movement, success stories, updates, news, and the current issues about trading, investing, and the stock market itself. Their articles do not use heavy technical terms and are actually easy to understand—even if you are not yet well-versed in investment jargon.

Financially Wise Women

Watch about: general financial tips for women

If your eyes are tired from reading walls of texts and prefer videos instead, then Financially Wise Women should be right up your alley. While there are some blog entries for those who still prefer written text, it has become more of a place to view video compilations dealing with personal finance tips and strategies specifically aimed at younger women. It was created by Brittney Castro, a Certified Financial Planner whose clients are mainly composed of professional women and couples.

Family Office Exchange

Read about: family wealth and business management

If you plan to spend your winnings on building a business which your whole family can manage, Family Office Exchange has a lot of entries that can prove to be useful. The blog mostly talks about various business strategies and how to involve the whole family when it comes to money matters. You can also find some financial security-related entries—which is an especially important topic in today’s digital world.

AEPG Wealth Strategies

Read about: investment commentaries, company 401k news, insurance and healthcare discussions

AEPG Wealth Strategies has good reads on different financial elements like investments insights and healthcare and insurance analysis. On top of that, you can also get up to date about the most current finance news as well as trends that can impact your finances. Their topics lean more on the technical side, so you may want to read up first on basic topics before perusing their blog.

Machen McChesney

Read about: everything about taxes

If you want to familiarize yourself with taxes, Machen McChesney has got you covered. A vast majority of articles in their blog talk about taxes and everything there is to know about them, as well as ways to handle them intelligently. It also contains analysis of the new tax laws and its implementation, and some tips for dealing with the IRS.

Darrow Wealth Management

Read about: general financial and investment topics

For those who have a lot in their pockets but have no idea at all about finances, Darrow Wealth Management’s blog is a great place to start. It covers basic topics like finance terms, investment processes, money management, and other subjects crucial for financial literacy.

The White Coat Investor

Read about: basic financial concepts, insurance, inspiration stories

The White Coat Investor offers almost a thousand posts all about managing finances, all categorized according to how simple or advanced the topic is. They have a whole variety of subjects covered, such as budgeting, investing, getting insurance, assets, loans, financial planning, and many others. They also offer an online course for financial planning for $399, so that you can make decisions and plans yourself and won’t need to hire a financial advisor.

Financial Samurai

Read about: strategies for financial independence

Financial Samurai was created due to the 2009 financial crisis and aims to help readers achieve financial independence through investing, real estate, retirement planning, career strategies, money philosophy, and more. They also have some recommended financial products which the writers themselves use, such as a free wealth management tool and even car insurance providers.

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