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By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: July 1, 2018

Looking to Upgrade to a Mansion? These Luxury Homes Blogs Can Help You Out!

The blogs in this list are not only great sources of inspiration, they can also help you land the luxury home of your dreams. Browse through a wide array of homes—from luxury apartments, to condos, and even celebrity mansions—and even discover luxury homes for sale. So, whether you are simply looking for home ideas to give to your architect, or are in the market to upgrade to a bigger, better home, you’ll find a blog to suit your needs.

Homes of the Rich Homes of the Rich logo

Read about: apartments, condos, mansions, mega homes   As the name of the website suggests, Homes of the Rich is all about homes that are befitting of the 1%. Here, you’ll find luxury apartments, condos, celebrity mansions, and other mega homes in and out of the U.S. and Canada. And yes, there are listings, too—complete pictures, descriptions, and locations.

Home Hunts

Home Hunts logo Read about: apartments, villas, chalets, chateau, vineyards   An award-winning property finder, Home Hunts helps those with money to spare find the best luxury properties across France, Geneva, Monaco, London, Miami and New York. In addition to luxury apartments, Home Hunts also features chalets, chateaus, villas, and even—get this—vineyards.

Luxury Homes

Luxury Homes Logo View: waterfront estates, mansions, mega homes, interiors   Luxury Homes is a no-nonsense Instagram page that is devoted to bringing you photos of the best luxury homes on the market—from breathtaking waterfront estates to mansions and more. In addition to frequently showcasing luxury home listings, they also feature interiors done by some of the best companies around.

Josh Sprague

josh sprague logo Read about: Edina homes, family homes, luxury homes, waterfront homes, townhomes, condos   Josh Sprague is a real estate agent in Edina, Minnesota, so if you are looking for a luxury home in that state, you might want to give his blog a visit. Josh features a wide array of homes—ranging from beautiful waterfront properties, to condos, to luxurious estates surrounded by lush greenery, and more.


Candysdirt logo Read about: luxury homes, interiors, landscape, editorials   Run by Candy Evans, a journalist turned real estate blogger, the award-winning CandysDirt blog offers up more than just luxury home listings, interior design articles and the like. Candy and her team also provides in-depth analyses on the Dallas real-estate market. This is truly, as the site puts it, for the “truly real-estate obsessed.”

Luxury Portfolio International

Luxury Portfolio International logo Read about: contemporary estates, luxury estates, waterfront homes, mansions, villas, interior design   Luxury Portfolio International showcases meaty featurettes on the hottest luxury property listings across the globe. Whether you’re interested in scoring a Bel-Air mansion or a breathtaking Spanish villa, this blog has got you covered. On top of that, they also feature in-depth articles on luxury interior design to complete the experience.

Born Rich

Born Rich Logo Read about: luxury estates, mansions, penthouses, beach houses, mega homes, interior design   Born Rich is luxury lifestyle blog that showcases the world’s most expensive luxury items–such as exotic cars, planes, and yachts. In addition, they also feature a handful of luxury homes, as well as some of the hottest luxury home design trends.

Luxury Defined

Luxury Defined Logo Read about: home tours, celebrity homes, architecture, market insights   Luxury Defined, the blog of Christie’s International Real Estate, features in-depth articles on architecture and celebrity homes. They also showcase luxury home tours and—best of all—offer real-estate market insights.


Luxuo Logo Read about: luxury apartments, penthouses, river homes, mansions, villas, interiors   Luxuo, a luxury lifestyle blog that covers topics on all things luxurious—from luxury cars to high fashion and more—is also a must-visit website for luxury home hunters and/or enthusiasts. They showcase a wide array of luxury properties—such as the unique Casa Wulf in Chile or a luxury penthouse on Fifth Avenue—as well as high end interiors and even luxury hotels.

Unique Living Property Blog

Unique Living Property blog Read about: luxury apartments, villas, plots, hotels   What’s great about Unique Living’s Property Blog is that it doesn’t just feature luxury properties across exotic destinations like the Balearics, Caribbean, Cyprus, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, you’re also getting a variety of fun lists, too. Ever wanted to discover experiences in Ibiza that aren’t clubbing? How about which luxury property features that your renters will love? Unique Living has got you covered.

Luxury Real Estate New Zealand

Luxury Real Estate New Zealand Logo Read about: luxury rental homes, apartments, waterfront homes, estates, lodges, mansions   If you’re interested in purchasing a luxury home in New Zealand, you might want to give Luxury Real Estate New Zealand a visit. You can search for property listings, find rentals, enquire about property tours, and—get this—they can even help you with migrating to New Zealand.

Pope Real Estate Limited

Pope Real Estate logo View: condos, lofts, city houses, interiors   Pope Real Estate Limited is a boutique real estate brokerage from Canada. While their website is certainly a must-visit for luxury home hunters, their Instagram page is for the absolute home enthusiast. They feature exquisite photographs of interiors, condos, lofts, and city houses in Toronto. It’s simply a visual delight.

Dwell Real Estate

Read about: condos, beach and city houses, ranch properties, golf and tennis properties   Dwell Real Estate offers numerous condos and houses, even ranch and golf and tennis properties, in and around the Sarasota area in the sunny state of Florida. They give a detailed description of each property and its amenities and supply images for a better idea of the estate’s aesthetics. If you’re looking for a place down south, then Dwell is a great place to start.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

Read about: luxury homes, townhouses, interiors Not only does Coldwell Banker Luxury feature a luxury house from anywhere around the world on a weekly basis, they also feature newly listed properties, elegant manors, inspirational interior designs, and travel and deluxe lifestyle tips. Their Instagram page is also showered with stunning houses and modern designs for a visual inspiration for your own.

Miami Luxury Homes

Read about: luxury condos and properties Another blog that focuses on listings down south, Miami Luxury Homes also offers market insights, newly available listings, and even the latest trends when it comes to luxury living. They also let you have a peek at exclusive communities complete with details and images for each house, as well as a map and street view of the property.

Dallas Luxury Realty

Read about: apartments, houses, condos, townhouses Don’t be fooled by their name- while Dallas Luxury Realty does only list houses and properties from the city, their blog is full of real estate delights from international cities, some with historically interesting factoids. They also give some tips on choosing a house, putting more value into a property, and when traveling abroad.

New Jersey Luxury Real State

Read about: luxury houses, condos, townhouses Run by a team lead by broker Anthony Verducci Jr., New Jersey Luxury Real Estate features a different property every few weeks, as with what you can expect with each house. The downside is that they have limited photos of the properties, so you’d have to rely on their description. That said, if you’re looking for a property in New Jersey, their blog is a good place to start.

Michael Maxwell

Read about: luxury houses, interiors, neighborhoods, themed resorts Michael Maxwell offers information about everything you need to know on luxury properties, and offers buy and sell services as well. They have a 7 step procedure to help buyers find the perfect properties, ranging from budget setting to getting the best possible price for it. You can also find the latest trends, tips, and market news within their blog section.

The Ridges

view: villas, luxury houses, club recreation Ridges is a property project in Pune India, which is 3 kilometers away from Chandni Chowk in Bavdhan West. While their listings are restricted to villas in this development, their blog is a goldmine for luxury lifestyle information and trends. They currently only have a handful of articles, though, as they only update every few months or so.

Nautilus Luxury Homes

Read about: custom luxury houses, home renovations, land acquisition Nautilus Luxury Homes strays away from the usual luxury home websites by offering custom houses with their design building and home renovation services. Their blog houses articles on remodeling trends, simple room improvements, and protective measures to keep your luxury property in top shape.


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