This Week in Lottery: Mega Millions Changes, Latest Wins and More

By Nicholas Christensen
Last Updated: August 16, 2018
[h2 display=”The Latest Powerball Numbers” menu=”Powerball Numbers”] Time to check your tickets—the latest Powerball winning numbers drawn last Wednesday are in! The latest numbers are 8-10-21-23-25, with 22 as the Powerball and 3 as the Power Play number. The jackpot that’s up for grabs is $66 million. [h2 display=”Two Win $1M in Powerball” menu=”2 Win $1M in Powerball”] Two second-prize winners for the September 16, 2017 Powerball are now confirmed—Kelly Buckley and Anthony Shepard, both Fayetteville residents. Buckley, a teacher, says that a portion of her prize will go to a college trust fund, while Shepard would continue his job as a concrete layer. They are splitting the $1 million second-tier prize which, after taxes, amounts to $670,000 for each of them. [h2 display=”Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada Out of Jail” menu=”Alleged Sex Offender Out”] Last week a former Powerball winner was charged with sexually assaulting a minor and was arrested—but this week, Pedro Quezada is out of jail. During a detention hearing Monday, a judge decided that Quezada could be released so long as he is waring an electronic monitoring bracelet and would not be allowed to leave his home. He was, however, permitted to go out only to visit his lawyer and financial adviser. If found guilty of all charges, the 49-year old Quezada could be facing prison time of up to 40 years—not to mention he would have to be registered as a sex offender. [h2 display=”The Latest Mega Millions Numbers” menu=”Mega Millions Numbers”] A $15 million prize is up for grabs at Mega Millions! The latest winning numbers drawn last Tuesday night were 01-10-57-66-75, with 4 as the Mega Ball, and another 4 as the Megaplier. If you have tickets lying around, you might want to double check those numbers! [h2 display=”Two Win $1M in Mega Millions” menu=”2 Win $1M in Mega Millions”] While no one has yet to come forward to make a jackpot claim for the September 26, 2017 Mega Millions draw last Tuesday, 2 players did manage to win $1 million. Even if no one claims the top prize, it’s still a good thing—now a rollover will occur! This Friday’s jackpot will now be valued at $20 million as a result. [h2 display=”Mega Millions Changes, New Game Introduced” menu=”Changes to Mega Millions Soon”] Starting October 28, 2017, several changes are going to be introduced to the Mega Millions formula. For starters, tickets will now cost $2 each, instead of $1. Next, players will now have to choose five numbers from a guess range of 1-70, plus a Mega Ball number from a guess range of 1-25. Currently, the format is 5/70 and 1/15. This means that your odds of winning the jackpot will now be much longer, but the odds of winning a second-tier prize will improve. Meanwhile, a new game called Lotto America will be introduced to fill the $1 per ticket void being left by Mega Millions. This new game won’t offer jackpots as big as Mega Millions—or Powerball, for that matter—but you can be sure your odds will be much better. Lotto America will begin its sales November 12, 2017, just two weeks after the revamped Mega Millions starts its run. [h2 display=”Current Euromillions Draw Set to Break Records” menu=”Euromillions Jackpot Soars”] This Friday, September 29, 2017, Britain is sure to go on a lottery ticket-buying frenzy as the current Euromillions jackpot is currently pegged at an estimated £155 million—the second-largest jackpot offered in the game’s history. The huge jackpot will not only make the winners happy, it will also help raise millions for the National Lottery Good Causes. Have you purchased a Euromillions ticket yet?

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