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Overview of is one of the better lottery sites that isn’t a lottery agent, though several missteps hold it back from greatness.

It’s easy to dismiss as yet another mediocre lottery site that’s destined for obscurity. After all, it’s relatively new to the scene and hasn’t really proven itself quite like industry stalwarts, such as theLotter. That said, the company definitely shows a lot of potential. It’s a simple, no-nonsense lottery site that offers a decent number of lottery games, accepts a ton of payment methods, and provides a secure experience.

Some shortcomings hinder their otherwise promising service though. Some game types are lacking; bank payment is limited to only one bank; and despite the “no commissions” claims, they withhold a sizable percentage from the two highest prize categories of Powerball and Mega Millions. Still, if you are looking for a simple lottery site, is well worth a look—especially considering they are constantly improving their service.

Number of Lotteries: 20

Euromillions US Powerball Mega Millions EuroJackpot
SuperEnalotto German Lotto Lotto America Polish Lotto
Irish Lotto Australia Powerball Oz Lotto French Lotto
UK Lotto UK Thunderball Australia Saturday Lotto Australia Monday Lotto
Australia Wednesday Lotto Mega-Sena Canada Lotto 6/49 Austria Lotto Promotions and Bonuses

Various discounts

Surprise gift

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Bonuses, Promotions, and Games

Trust and Security

Experience (Interface and Ease of Use)

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Customer Support

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Score: 4.5
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Registration is hassle-free with

You can create an account and start playing in less than 5 minutes--it's that easy! Unlike some lottery sites where creating an account feels like a chore,'s is pretty short. No need to fill up a long registration form! One caveat: players from 20 countries--which include Australia, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and more--are prohibited from creating an account. While it's normal for lottery sites to block countries where online lottery is banned, some of the countries excluded by Australia--allow online lottery. This one is puzzling!

Bonuses, Promotions, and Games
3.0 offers a pretty decent collection of regular lottery games. They lack some game types though.

Currently, there are over 20 lottery games on tap. These range from popular ones like Powerball, Euromilions, and Mega Millions, to less known lotteries like the Polish Lotto or Saturday Lotto. One thing that I don’t like about though, is how limited their game types actually are. games

Some of the games offers.

Yes, 20 lotteries are nothing to scoff at, especially when there are websites that offer less than 10 games. That said, only offers regular lottery games. You won’t find syndicates or millionaire raffles here. If regular lotteries are all you’re after, they definitely deliver. But, if you want to be able to play in group play games or raffles too, it’s best to look elsewhere. That said, they now offer other game types that should scratch your itch for some variety.

Side Games

Before, lagged behind some of their competitors with regards to side games—but it seems the tables have turned. now offers more than 20 different scratch cards for you to enjoy. Interestingly, these are the same ones that sites like WinTrillions and LottoKings once offered (until recently, that is). Depending on the scratch card and the number of games you want to play, prices range from €0.50 to €22.50.

As for the prizes, don’t expect anything too substantial. You’ll still be better off winning at the lottery. For instance, the lowest amount you can win from their Cash Cuisine scratch card is a measly €0.50. Of course, winning the top prize is a different story. First prizes range from €1,000 to as high as €25,000. Still not as big as a second, third or even a fourth prize lottery win, but it’s not so bad.

If scratch cards aren’t your thing, has recently added other game types that might catch your fancy, such as Keno, Bingo, and a variety of virtual slots.


Thankfully, prices here are generally much more affordable.

A single draw, 3-line Euromillions entry, for example, only costs €9.00 (around $10.57). At theLotter, on the other hand, it will cost you $18.69, while at LottoKings it will cost you $18.00. only allows you to bet on lottery outcomes – they don’t purchase actual tickets for you – so this affordability isn’t surprising. Check out this quick rundown of some games’ prices:

Game Price (for 1 line, 1 draw)
Euromillions €3.00
Powerball €3.50
EuroJackpot €2.50
German Lotto €1.00
SuperEnalotto €2.50
OZ Lotto €1.75
French Lotto €2.75


Want to save on purchases? offers weekly promotions!

One of their promotions allows you to receive a surprise gift if you spend €5 or more on Sundays. You can also get a nearly 60% discount on Powerball, Mega Millions, Irish Lotto or EuroMillions subscriptions. Or, you can save up to 15% on 30 scratch cards! So, if you’re looking to save up,’s regular promotions can definitely help you out!

Trust and Security

As far as security goes, doesn’t differ much from other sites.

They offer Thawte SSL encryption, though they don’t really advertise it. One scan using Norton SafeWeb, however, confirms this fact – not to mention how is pretty safe overall. Unlike other lottery sites though, they don’t make use of Return Path to curb spam mail.

Beyond that, it’s interesting to note that is licensed and/or regulated by 3 different entities. They are both licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, for starters. Meanwhile, they are licensed as a remote bookmaker by the Irish National Excise License Office. So, if you have doubts about their legitimacy, these should ease your fears.

Experience (Interface and Ease of Use)

Lottery Education Materials

As far lottery education goes, provides ample materials.

While not as comprehensive as other sites, they do a good job of introducing players to each lottery game. Each page contains bite-sized information about each game – from how to play to the odds of winning, and more. Their FAQ section, meanwhile, also provides snippets of information about scams. Ultimately,’s attempt at educating players is good – though more depth is definitely welcome.

Ease of Use’s website is one of the simplest ones I’ve encountered.

It looks and feels just like any other lottery site; the latest lottery jackpots are displayed front and center, while menus let you access more games and the results page. However, because they only offer regular lottery games, the website feels a lot more lighter and streamlined as a result. It also helps that the design is minimalistic to the point that it doesn’t really get in your way. There are no annoying ads, either – which is always a plus. Overall, you’re getting a simple and very easy to use lottery site here.

Player Protection

One of the more interesting features that offers is player protection controls.

With this, players can manually set a maximum daily spend limit at any time. You can either set daily, weekly or monthly limits for deposits or wagers – your choice. If you want to further nip the possibility of gambling addiction in the bud, you can also temporarily suspend your account for a predetermined period. Finally, also verifies each player’s age on sign-up to keep minors at bay.

Playing How to Play

Much like any other lottery site, playing at is pretty straightforward – though options are a bit limited here.

  1. Login to your free account.
  2. Choose from their selection of lottery games – click on the “Play” button when you’ve chosen one.
  3. Pick your numbers. You can choose to do so manually or via the Quick Pick option.
  4. Choose between a single purchase, or a continuous subscription.
  5. Click on the “Continue” button.

That’s all there is to it! Take note that you can also manually choose how many draws you participate in. You can choose to participate in a single draw, multiple draws or you can take part in every draw via subscriptions. And, if you subscribe, you also have the benefit of changing your numbers or cancelling your subscription at any time.


It’s easy to find out if you’ve won, and it’s even easier to receive your winnings – for the most part, anyway.

You can either get a notification email of your big win, or you can check the results page or your account. Unlike more popular lottery sites, though, there is no SMS alert feature here, so you better keep a close watch on your email or the website when you are on the go. As for receiving your winnings, deposits all prizes directly to your account. That said, take note that for jackpots, you will have to get in touch with their Customer Support team first before you can receive your prize. This is so because the payment method differs for larger wins compared to smaller prizes. It’s not a big deal, to be honest.

What is a big deal, however, is that’s Terms and Conditions state that, for the higher prize categories of Powerball and Mega Millions, 39.6% of your winnings will be withheld by the company. This is contrary to their claims of not taking any commissions from winnings. To be fair, they don’t do this for other games – just the ones I mentioned. Still, 39.6%  is pretty huge, considering you still need to abide by your local tax laws.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

One thing I liked about is the sheer number of payment methods they accept.

Currently, they accept a total of 32 payment methods – ranging from popular credit cards to a wide array of alternative payment methods.


Here is a quick sampling of the payment methods accepts for deposits:

Visa MasterCard Skrill
NETeller Abaqoos Astro
DineroMail EPS
Giropay Halcash Lobanet
Sofort Sporopay WebMoney


Something to take note of: recently added the option to pay using bank transfers. Unfortunately, it seems this feature is still in its infancy. It seems that you can only deposit if you have an account with Barclays Bank. It’s still better than nothing though.


As for the accepted withdrawal methods, doesn’t really specify beyond Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and NETeller. They do mention that there are other “independent payment methods” available, but you would have to actually reach the point where you can withdraw some money to know what those are. Of course, you can ask their customer support as well.

Customer Support

Live Support

Phone Support
Yes’s support is pretty good – you get a helpful knowledgebase and various ways to get in touch with the company’s support team.

The website’s FAQs are packed with a ton of information about their service. These should be more than enough to fill you in, but you can contact them directly if you need assistance. can be reached via email, phone, live chat, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and their very active social media accounts. Both phone and live chat channels aren’t available 24/7 though – you can contact them between 6:00GMT and 22:00GMT.

Bottom Line for

Overall: 3.2

Good, a solid choice.
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